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The Writings of the Divine Miss P.

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There's Just No Pleasing Them!

March 22nd 2014 2:11 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Why did I have to end up here in a house full of whiners? Yesterday it was mother. Today it's my stinky bros. Good grief!

Sully and Kovo were complaining non-stop 'cause they couldn't change their New Year's pages. When I put my beautiful birthday page up they were absolutely howling 'cause they didn't want pieces of my BD page showing up on theirs. Well, now I've got us all new pages. We're all in sync and generic and everything. Now those stinky boys are whining 'cause their pages look too girly. WELL THAT"S JUST TOO BAD SULLIVAN AND KOVO!! DEAL WITH IT.

Little, stinky ingrates! Grrrrrrrrr....

BTW, when are these new owners gonna be revealed? I want my old Catster back!!!!

Later kitties!


Good Boy? Bad Girl?

March 21st 2014 3:10 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother continues to be ever so cruel to me. She's horrid! Absolutely horrid!

Kovo and I had the barfies today. I've been shedding like crazy this month and mother can't seem to keep up with my coiffure. Good grief! I have to do all the work around here myself. She is soooo useless! As a result, I've been hurling the hairballs more than usual. Oh my. Kovo did a plain upchuck. No hair involved.

Here is where the injustice occurred. I hacked up my slimey hairball on the carpet. When I did I was greeted by mother with that whiny "Oh Pan-sy!" exclamation and a stink eye. Well ex-CUSE me, mother. A little later she heard Kovo making those "I'm-gonna-barf-and-I'm-gonna-do-it-right-now" sounds. Well, mother turned around just as Kovo let go. When he was finished she praised him to the sky. "What a good boy" says she. What? No whining? No stink eye? Of course not. That scheming little mama's boy barfed directly into the plastic trough of his turbo scratcher. Mother had it all cleaned up in seconds. The carpet I had graced with my hairball was still wet from the cleaner mother used.

This is all just so NOT RIGHT!

Later kitties! Gonna go pout some more.


Birthday Girl

March 17th 2014 1:38 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I celebrated my 16th birthday this past Saturday. I'm 16 years old and ever so sweet! Oh my yes.

I was completely floored by mother. She actually remembered it was my special day and had my favourite breakfast ready and waiting for me on Saturday morning. Lately she's been forgetting these special occasions. Oh, how I love my Wellness Chicken & Herring. Yummy yum yum! I think I love it almost as much as I love ME!

I want to send out BIG THANK YOUs to all my pals who helped celebrate this landmark BD with me:

- Angel Hazel Lucy & Hazel Mazel, for the green birthday hat *giggles*
- Ashlynne & Beepers, and Angels Lola, Scooter & SooLing, for the sparkly BD diamond
- Big Daddy B, for the yummy nasty-thyroid-germ-free BD cake *SWOON*
- Boogers, my bestest bestie, for the pretty BD balloons *SMOOCH*
- Cody, for the beautiful emerald green BD emerald *giggles*
- Dakota and his entire earthly and angel doggie and kitty family, for the big BD hugz
- Murray, for the BD Spam (no doubt tainted with nasty thyroid germs) *giggles*
- Keisha and handsome Sylvester, for the red heart and pawsome BD pic
- Sawyer & family, for the BD cheese. Would you cut the cheese for me, Sawyer? *giggles*
- Minuette & Penelope, for the pretty BD lucky shamrock
- Dusty the Puppycat and his doggie and kitty sibs, for the beautiful emerald and cool BD pic
- Newman the Brat, for the big BD hugz and smackaroos. Oh my.
- Mugsy, for the BD greetings comment on my main pic
- Teebo, Callie, Rose & the little ones, for the tasty sushi roll
- PJ, for the yummy sushi

You're the best!

Later kitties!


DDP Again!

March 13th 2014 1:22 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I'm a DDP again today! That's TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Thanks so much, HQ! I may be wrong. I highly doubt it but I don't think *Ashlynne* has ever been a DDP two days running. You have to be very, very beautiful for that to happen. Oh my yes.

BIG THANK YOUs again to:

- Buddie & the Gang, for the concatulatory pmail
- Angel Big Harry, in the Olde Furts Group, for the beautiful B&W DDP featuring the one and only moi
- Smiley Cassanova, for the concatulatory pmail
- Paisan & family for the lucky shamrock
- Friday & family, for the lovely red heart

Oh my.

Later kitties!


Paper Bags Rule!

March 12th 2014 1:51 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I'm a DDP today! Thanks HQ! Can't resist the old bags, can you? Er...that didn't sound right....Oh my...

BIG Thank Yous to:

- Buddy & the gang for the concatulatory pmail
- Angel Big Harry in the Old Furts Group for the beautiful DDP pic
- Angel Hazel Lucy and Mazel for the jaunty snowman
- Smiley Cassanova for the concatulatory pmail
- Friday & family for the pretty DDP pic they left for me over on FB
- Mac & family for the pretty red rose
- the oh so handsome Big Daddy B for the lovely red rose *SWOON*

Ooooooo, I hope we'll be getting info on the "new" Catster soon. AND it better be good news too.

Later kitties!


Warning! Warning!

March 11th 2014 3:08 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I suppose I should thank "Anonymous" for the big birthday cake I received today, so, THANKS, Anonymous!

Normally I would share this cake with all my pals because that's the kind of kitty I am - selfless, modest and always caring for others' needs and feelings. However, because I KNOW who this Anonymous is, I must issue a warning to you all: DO NOT take a bite of this cake. It is filled with nasty thyroid germs. Anonymous spreads them everywhere. He's infected my bestest bestie, Boogers, me, Toffy and who knows how many other poor kitties. Again, DO NOT TOUCH THAT CAKE!

Oh my. I must have a nap now. My Sweet 16 is ever so near and I must be at my most beautiful for my special day.

Later kitties!


Disappointed Reigns

March 6th 2014 1:53 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. A certain kitty, beautiful beyond compare, will be celebrating her Sweet 16 soon. For the first time in, like, forever, she won't have a gorgeous birthday page to complement her pulchritude and help celebrate this special occasion. Oh my. Such disappointment. Will Catster ever be the same again?

I can't believe the secret about Catster's new owner(s) has been kept so well for so long. Not a peep. No flood of rumours. Nothing. Oh my. FOR THE LOVE OF YEOWWW NIP WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL US WHAT"S GONNA HAPPEN WITH THIS SITE!!! Oh my. Excuse me. I got a little more emotional there than a proper lady such as myself should get. Ahem... So sorry...

Later kitties!


Happy Valentines Day!!!

February 14th 2014 12:42 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I want to wish all you handsome boys out there a very Happy Valentines Day and here's a very special Valentine's gift from me to you:



Later kitties!


Missed Opportunities

January 22nd 2014 3:37 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother was sooo cranky yesterday. She wouldn't even let us snuggle with her at bed time. She was a tossin' and a turnin' so much there was no way we could settle down in one place. She says she got maybe a couple hours sleep in total. Oh my.

Mother wasn't cranky about Catster or anything like that. She uses other words to describe her feelings in that department. A proper lady such as myself would never utter such things. Oh my no. Nope, mother was all cranky 'cause she had the mother of all toothaches. Again, she used other, naughty words to describe her tooth. This morning she realized she had an abscess so off to the dentist she went.

I think she's gonna be cranky again tonight 'cause the abscess never had a chance to pop on its own. The dentist had to slice and dice it at his office. All the anesthetic he used hasn't completely worn off yet...

Oh my. Mother got antibiotics that she has to take THREE times a day and some painkillers to take as required. OMC!!! THINK OF ALL THAT CHEEZ WHIZ SHE COULD BE HAVING EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! But you know what she says? She says, "I don't need Cheez Whiz to take my pills." HOLY CATNIP!! There is something seriously wrong with her. All that Cheez Whiz that could be.

Later kitties!


I Wish I Wish

January 21st 2014 3:08 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I wish John Vars, Ted Rheingold, and Steven Reading had founded Facebook and I wish Mark Zuckerberg had founded Dogster/Catster. That would mean FB would be shutting down on Mar. 3 and Dogster/Catster would keep rolling along. Mr Z. is the one with the magic touch. Oh my yes.

Later kitties!

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