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A Big Day for Me!

December 6th 2008 7:49 pm
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Letter to all Catsters...
Last night, while Mom was at work, Wilson J told us that I had won my category in the World's Coolest Cat Photo Contest! The sleeping cat category. Mom could hardly wait to get home to tell me. That was in the wee hours of this morning as Mom was on the late shift. We were very surprised as there were plenty of really good pictures. Many of which we thought were better than mine. But, we think, all of our friends helped me win. So we want to thank all of you very much. And we also voted for all of our friends in all of the categories while we still could.
We think all of the kitties and photos are winners. We wish the organizers could make all the entries run like a slide show as there are so many to look at, it is impossible to click on all of them and then keep changing pages. We are all special animals with wonderful people who appreciate us.
I want to thank all of the kitties who emailed me, sent me presents, voted for me and cheered me on. My Mom doesn't have a good memory so we won't even try to name you all. We really admire the humans and kitties that do that and even provide links! Wow!
Also, I just have to say this. Mom made a new main photo for me in honour of my photo winning the contest. I HATE IT! It makes me look so fat. Please understand, that what looks like a big fat belly, is just loose skin.
Love you all,




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