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Squirrel's Adventures

Our Latest Mouse

March 24th 2008 8:57 am
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‘Twas the night after Easter
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except for a MOUSE!

Yep, we did it again! Brought Mommy a mouse. It was a small one, but it was slippery. We worked hard for a long time while Mom slept. When we were ready to let her play with it, we knocked over a big metal, folded up camp cot. That made a big boom. So, Mom got up to see what was going on and saw us run out of the spare bedroom. She went in and saw what we had knocked over and said, “Well at least you guys are alright!” Then she went to the bathroom. She didn’t even see the mouse we worked so hard to bring her. So, we brought it into her bedroom for her. When she came back to bed she was about to shut off the light when she saw us both looking at something in her closet. She came to see what was going on and finally spotted our mouse! She put on shoes, went and got a little mouse sized box and came to play mouse with us. The little mouse went behind all kinds of junk, so Mom was busy moving stuff out of the way, including us. Mom put down the box and expected she would have to find a way to guide the mouse into it, but the mouse was smart and went right in by itself. Then Mom went outside in her nightgown and released the mouse in the yard. At 4am, she didn’t think the neighbors would see her, plus it was dark outside. Then she came back in and gave us some Fancy Feast. She tried to go back to sleep but we were too excited and wouldn’t let her. So, she got up and gave us more Fancy Feast at 7:30am.




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