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It's all about me, did I mention, me?

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Reflections on turning the Big 10

April 26th 2012 6:55 am
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Dear Diary:

It's been a tough road leading up to the big 10 for me. I lost my beloved brother Toonces last May and I miss him so. I grieved so until my pawrents were frightened for me. I still sometimes walk around and call for him as I always did. We do have that stinky rat dog Snooki but times have not changed and I loathe her more every day. She is such the attention hound and tries to monopolize my Meowmie!

On the positive side, I am still very active and always into mischief as normal! I still enjoy destruction and chew on any shoe I can get to--the more expensive, of course, the tastier they are. I still adore eating plastic bags and Meowmie has to stay after me so I don't get them. I am healthy and happy, but I have had a lot of adjusting to do having never, ever been alone in my life! When they take that stinking dog somewhere I am totally alone. I don't like that so much. I need an audience for my diva tasks all the time. I heard my pawrents say they are considering adopting a kitty. I have mixed feelings. :) My attention pool is already deleted from that stinky rat dog Snooki. I can't take much more. :)

I run and play just like I did as a kitten. I still fetch and play and love Party Mix! I feel great and of course, I still look beautiful. My family has struggled on losing our boy Toonces so I haven't been very active on Catster but I will be. Keep us in your prayers--Toonces was the glue of our family and our big sweet boy. I sure do miss him. And if you'd like a stinky rat dog, let me know and possibly I can smuggle her stinky butt out to you somewhere. :) You'd help a girl out a lot if you took her.





Dear God, please hold Toonces in your hands and ease his- pain...

May 8th 2011 10:49 am
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Dear Diary:

Today has been horrible. There is nothing in this world that I love more than my brofur Toonces. He is the sweetest boy ever and he's been with me every day of my life since I was a tiny kitten.

Three weeks ago we went to the v-e-t. I did better than Toonces, I only peed in my carrier. Toonces growled at the vet which is a bit unusual with our vet, but he did well and the vet was astounded how good Toonces shape is considering his age.

It went suddenly different Friday. He had difficulty walking, and seemed to struggle just to get up. Literally overnight, he looked gaunt and bony and struggling. The vet said he weighed 12 pounds, down 2 from three weeks before. Just examining his spine and hips he could feel clicks and it was obvious he was hurting Toonces. He said he could take blood but it would be highly painful and he recommended against it. He thinks Toonces' old body just is worn down, discs in his spine gone and causing hip displaysia. They gave pain meds for him.

Yesterday, Meowmie and Daddy took him out in the sunshine, as he never really lost that street cat mentality. The yard is fenced and he can't run, so he walked a little and laid down and basked with the sunshine on his face. I sat at the door and never moved, being sure he was okay. The dog (snooki) sat with him and then licked his face. yuk! But she is concerned and sticking beside him.

He has a great appetite and eating well, so he's getting all his favorites and LOTS of treats, but it has to be brought to him. Today, he has been far worse in barely being able to move.

I do not know how to live without my brofur. I ask for your prayers for all of us, especially Toonces. I don't want him to suffer but I don't want him to leave us. We all love him so. He's been meowmy's baby for 17 years, way before Daddy, me, and that rat dog stinky Snooki got here.

God, please hold Toonces in your loving hands and ease his pain.



My worst nightmare has come to BE!

March 21st 2011 12:13 pm
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Dear Diary:

I have not been vigilant about posting. My staff continues to be inadequate, but they have sunk to a new LOW.

Two weeks ago, they brought home this little ugly thing. I had no idea what it was, as I've been with Meowmy and Daddy since I was just a few weeks old. I consulted with Toonces and he told me what it was.

A DOG! A dog! What in the world? I am the diva! I am the queen girl baby! Not a girl dog at that!!! WHAT??

This little thing is black and white and I do NOT like her. She's something called a Chihuahua and she wants to sit with Meowmy ALL the time. She is such the suck-up. I mean, really! You don't have to work THAT hard to get the love and snacks. Trust me, I know.

She continually sits with my Meowmy and sleeps right next to her. I do NOT like her at all. I heard them say she came from a rescue group and was taken from a hoarder/breeder situation, whatever THAT means. Her name there was Snooki and that's what they call her. I call her Stinky and Smelly and Irritating.

I have successfully beaten up on her so I think she knows who the boss is. If they think I will go easily into the night on this one....HA! I scoff! I scoff! Toonces might roll over to keep the snacks coming, but I will not go quietly.

I will keep you updated but for now, this is disgusting. Toonces seems to just ignore her but she is working my LAST nerve. Little hiney kisser! Humph!


A dejected and irritated Ashley


Being Eight is Great!

April 25th 2010 7:24 pm
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Dear Diary:

Wow! How did I get to be 8 so fast! It seems like yesterday I was a wee kit. Meowmie says you'd think I'd have slowed down a little. Naah. I still tear up everything I can and chew on shoes if they are left in my way, I still hide my toys to drop in her or daddy's face in the middle of the night, and I still get my way all the time! Let's face it, I'm beautiful AND bad to the bone at the same time! My girlie looks have gotten me out of many a scrape. :) Even when I am bad, which is, let's face it, a lot, I always come around and love and give kisses on demand to get myself out of trouble. I can't help it, I'm a loving little girlie orange!

Our parents have had a lot of family demands, so we haven't been posting a lot but we have been reading and keeping up as we could, so things should settle where Toonces and I can be more active. We love our Catster family and thankful to have all of you as friends. You are ALWAYS in our hearts.

Now, I'm preparing for lots of tuna cake and snacks and toys. Let the party start!! Woo hoooo!!



I am so upset!

December 20th 2009 12:12 pm
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We've had a really tough time recently with meowmy having a really rough knee surgery. Then, we noticed we weren't getting any Catster emails on our groups.

For some reason, our emails are not coming through. I saw a message that our emails were bouncing back. I can't figure why, since we've used the same email for years. I am so distressed!!

Toonces and I are very sad!!

Sad meows,



Happy birthday to my favorite kitty--me! MOL!

April 25th 2009 6:02 pm
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I can't believe another year has gone by, and I'm now 7! Somehow, I still can't get a boyfriend but yet, I get prettier. It makes no sense. I am somewhat self-centered, yet loving.

I am thankful for all my Catster friends, who are always a source of joy. I have loved Catster since I came here, it's always fun and interesting. I adore my meowmie most of all, with Daddy and of course my brother Toonces close behind. It's just meowmie puts up with my mess. I wake her up over and over during the night, I bother her, I tear things up, I act out...and yet, she adores me.

We are never as blessed as when we have the love of others. May we all revel in that joy and have many more years together with our families and here on Catster.

Loving hugs and licks!



Moving is for the birds!

December 10th 2008 10:09 am
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Dear Diary:

We MOVED! What the??? I was purrfectly content in the house I consider to be mine (and meowmy, daddy, and Toonces simply "occupy"), but all of a sudden, I wake up one day and I'm in a whole different place!

Meowmy loaded me in my pretty pink cat carrier and Toonces in his old one (hint: he will pee in the carrier so meowmy takes no chances!) and we got in the car. I HATE to ride in the car! It's so beneath me. We got out and there we were in this big scary place that was empty! Then, movers, cable people, painters, and everyone you can think of came in. In my house! The nerve! I do NOT like visitors.

To punish my pawrents, I hid for an entire day while meowmy walked around calling me and crying, thinking I had gotten out since Toonces and I are indoors kitties. Humph! Then I finally came out to kisses, hugs, and lots of treats. That'll teach them. Humans.

There has been lots to explore and tear up. I'm proud to say I have broken several things and chewed up a pillow, and tried to eat meowmy's wall pockets. I'm well on my way to success in this new location. Toonces has adapted well, he sleeps most of the time anyway, but I get lots of room to play. I like to run and slide down the hardwood floors in the hall. Sweet! It's like a kitty theme park.

Anyway, I'm settling in nicely so I'll not neglect my diary or my Catster friends. Ashley is back! MOL!




4 X 4 Tag game!!!

May 27th 2008 11:07 am
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I have been tagged by the wonderful Bruce ( 621456 )for the 4x4 game! There are four questions with four answers to, er, answer!
Here we go!

4 jobs that you've had.

1. Expert Wire Chewer - I am very good at this job. I love to chew wire, particularly expensive headphones.
2. Expert Shoe Chewer - meowmy loves nice shoes. They appeal to me also, they are quite tasty. I never, ever, chew the cheaper ones. Let them say Coach or Stuart Weitzmann, and I am on them like a cheap suit. I sneak into the closet to get them.
3. Expert fetcher - I will fetch anything I can drag back. I can do it for hours.
4. Ashley's Pest Control - let there be anything moving in the house, I will eat it, or just chew a leg off of it and let meowmy find it.

4 places you have lived.

1. My foster home with the humane society.
2. Meowmie's old house that was in the country.
3. Meowmie's new house that she got when she got Daddy!
4. That's all!

4 places where you have been.

1. My old foster home.
2. The Augusta Stallions game, where the group took me to find a forever meowmy (and I scored!).
3. The VET. Gag me with a spoon!
4. Home. I don't get out much. The stroller also. :)

4 places you'd rather be.

1. In the bedroom that I am not allowed in (guest) on the chair sleeping. I love it, since I know I'm not supposed to be in there.
2. On my boogie mat.
3. In meowmie's closet, eating shoes. :)
4. Making the bread in meowmie's lap. I love to do that, and I drool all over her. I'm sure it's sweet. :)

4 friends I tag. It's hard to choose just four, so I chose at random!

1. KC Sunshine (497628) . KC is Mittens sister, Toonces girlfriend, and my friend. KC is so pretty, she's an orangie girl like me!
2. Gleek (612925) - coolest cat ever!
3. Jefke (463026) - one of my besties, I just adore his sweetness!
4. Pooter's (294072) - one of the first friends I made on Catster and one of the sweetest girls ever! And a beautiful orangie!


Home improvements are fun!

April 19th 2008 3:36 pm
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Dear Diary:

My pawrents have been doing home improvements, and this fun thing called "painting". You take this big thing that looks like hair and dip into this stuff that looks like ice cream, and then put it on the wall. I figured, it can't be that hard, so when meowmie was "painting", I walked over and stuck my foot into the paint pan. Then she screamed my name LOUDLY, so, of course, I ran. The really fun thing about paint is when you get it on your paws, it makes this cooler thing called "pawprints" all over the hardwood floors! Way cool!

Anyway, after being caught and de-paw-painted, I decided to climb up this cool, tall thing called a "ladder". I then knocked the paint pan until the brush fell guessed it! On the hardwood floors! Score!

After a brief screaming of my name again, and a cleanup, it was back to painting. I figured since I have such an impressive tail, it would do a good job, so I rubbed against the wall, getting the paint in my tail, and left a nice print guessed it...ME on the wall. Score again!

I can truthfully say that painting is tiring. But, if I can help my pawrents, I think it's the least I can do. Oh, and that blue painters tape is cool to run with, except it does stick on your fur. I think I'll watch some HGTV to pick up some more tips.


Ashley the home improver


Valentine's was not painful after all!

February 17th 2008 12:46 pm
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Dear Diary:

You will NOT believe this. I got Valentine's messages and gifts from all over the place!

I lamented in my last diary entry that I had no one....*channeled Jordin Sparks voice* and my friend, Sab, stepped up first to say that he had no idea what a Valentine was, but he'd be glad to help me out. Sab is such a dear friend, and we exchanged gifts, too! I got some wicked "Northern" catnip that sends me rocking all through the house! I took one whiff and beat up on Toonces! MOL! I also got the sweetest card from him that I will always treasure. I am lucky to have Sab as a true friend!!

Garfield Morris, Sammy, Lucky, Gleek, Philip, Thomas T. Bombadil, M.P.R.S.*sent me sweet Rosettes and gifts. Garfield sent TONS! MOL! He must have used all his kitty allowance on these. I was so touched by all these gifts and the pawmails. Getting to know some of these wonderful kitties has been fabulous!

Leo, Jefke, Alfie, Muffin, Mittens and KC, all such sweet friends, made sure they remembered me too. Lancelot sent a star of friendship (oh, we look so much alike!). Aedan sent a wonderful special gift of concats for DOD, too!

I know I've forgotten someone, but I surely appreciate every single one of you delightful kitties. I felt so happy, and I thank Catster for making me a Diary of the Day (with my poor woeful story) on February 4. Pooter's even has someone she wants me to perhaps my luck is changing!!

Meows of love to all,

a happy and content Ashley

PS: I chewed meowmy's new shoes yesterday in honor of you all. She wasn't happy, but I know you all appreciate the gesture. Meowzers!

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