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I move in.....

My New Background.....It that cool or what??!!!!

June 11th 2009 5:07 pm
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How do you all like my new background. Many, many, thanks and kitty kisses to Miss Maria, meowmy of THE CLAW, Aggie and Maggie who made it for me, and put music on my page also.

She did my brother's Louie's page also - he has a WWII fighter pilot theme. My sisfurs Emma and Charmaine have "girly" pages......but they are Can't wait to see what she does for Pete and Buddy.

Stay Cool Yal'll......

And drop by often and vist Benny Grunchville!!!


New photos of me!!!

May 14th 2007 9:55 am
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Hi Ya'll....

I told my meowmy that she should add more photos of me to my page. The third photo is of me resting on top of the bookcase in our home. If you look close, you can see a cat-shaped photo frame. That is a photo of Maggie May, a cat my meowy lost in April, 2006 (dog attacked her). That's my big brother, Louis, on the left on top of another cabinet.

The other photo is of me "just chilling" on a rug. I had been playing with the little stuffed toy, and just got tired.

Catch you all later,



I move in......

April 17th 2007 9:44 am
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Hi everybody!

I thought it was about time I put something in my diary, since my big sister and brother (Emma and Louie) have diaries. Well, I was born on the property wher my person lives in her FEMA trailer.
Two of my littermates went to the Rainbow Bridge (cars got them), and my sister Tippy, adopted a nice family. Faye (who is now my mommy), petted and fed all of us, and I kept going up to her to get tummy rubs as well. Well, after losing my brother and sisters, I was pretty lonesome, and I noticed that (my now mommy), came out of her trailer twice a day with a big black cat that walked on a leash. I got to chat with him while he was walking, and he told me his person loved kitties, and was very good to he and his sister. Their food bowls were NEVER empty, their coats were brushed at least every other day, and they had a cabinet with nothing but cat food in it!! Sounded pretty good to one day when she opened the door to bring out the cat food, I just followed her back into the trailer. She petted, me and showed me where the food was. I filled up my tummy, and decided to take a nap. Emma and Louie came over to check me out, Louie remembred meeting me, and Emma was so nice, she groomed my ears (love that!), and I fell right to sleep.
Well, it was no problem to move from sleeping on the rug to sleeping on t he sofa, and then with my new person and kitty brother and sister. We had a cold winter in South Louisiana this year, and I sure enjoyed cuddling with my family. One REALLY cold and rainy day, when my mommy was leaving for work, she looked down at me and said "Benny, do you want to stay inside today?". I looked right up and her and said MEOW!!! Good thing she understands Cat, and knew I meant YES.... I had such a good time playing all day with Emma and Louie, and enjoying all the toy in their toy basket. When our mama came home, she took one look at the trailer, and said "I can see you all have had a good time!" There were toys all over, and in her bed. She just laughed, and petted and kissed all of us. That was when I knew I was a lucky cat, and owned a good person.

Will write more late, my paws are tired now.


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