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Obsidian, King of the House

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I made some new friends!

November 22nd 2011 10:12 pm
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You may not know this, but I'm up for adoption. As much as I've loved my current home and the humans who live there, I really don't much like my kitty siblings very much. Things were under control while Bear was alive to keep me under his paw but now that he's gone I think that I should be Primary Cat and under my rule I should also be the Only Cat. Seem's fair to me.

While Sarah & Pete can handle me most of the time and they can defend themselves, they are quite stressed and this bothers mom. Ceci can't defend herself at all against me and while I thoroughly enjoy trapping her in the bedroom and chasing her off our land, Mom is quite distressed by this. It seems that Ceci starting to nurse Sarah at 2 years old and me ripping fur out of her isn't a desirable situation. Who knew? I'm not really very happy either. I want humans all to myself and I've taken to growling at cats who come near when I'm basking in my glory on their laps. I'm not a bad kitty, I just think I should be the Only Kitty.

Mom has started to look for the perfect family to adopt me and make me the King Cat that I deserve to be. She's very picky about them, they have to love me and take good care of me and she's looking for a nice family that will play with me since I love to play! They also have to like snuggling with me and like having a soft purring lap kitty sitting on them. I play hard but I sure love my down time, too. Mom's promised that I'll be able to take my heated kitty bed with me and she'll even send my 8' tall cat tree if my new humans have room for it. If they don't they will need some kind of scratching setup for me as I love to scratch my tree!!! (but never furniture!)

Monday I went on a Meet & Greet and met the most adorable boys, William and Collin, and I loved them! William is the oldest and I would be his kitty. Oh Boy! He likes to pet me and tried to play with me, too, but I was a little nervous during the visit. It was my first car ride since I was a kitten and I've never been in any other house, either! Mom said I did a great job. I played Hide & Seek with Collin and snuggled on the sofa with William and his Mom reading all about myself on Catster and admiring my photos. I'm sure a beautiful cat!!! I could look at me forever!

Anyway, William's dad is allergic to certain cats so I was visiting to see if I was a cat he would react to. I hope I'm safe, but I'll understand if I'm not. They were really nice people, they have a great house, and I think I could like William's mom as much as mine, but I wouldn't want them to be sick because of me. Whatever the outcome, now I have two boys that will always be my friend, and maybe they will come visit me sometime!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Erika is catsitting us and I love that because I'll get her all to myself while the other cats are nervous! Yippee!!!


Benson needs a home

March 26th 2010 4:46 pm
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Please check out Benson. He's listed as one of my siblings though he's staying at a vet hospital in Lewiston, Idaho. He's a nice kitty that mom & Marion met yesterday. He's been living in a loving home and needs a new one.



Oh no! Comments are lost!

June 14th 2009 4:09 pm
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Hello all our dear furriends,
First we want to thank Edgar for bringing this problem to our attention. Thank goodness he assumed there was a glitch at headquarters instead of something worse!!

Mom likes the comment on diaries feature, but asked headquarters if there was a way to see comments left from the home page so that she didn't have to go back and look at our diary entries to find them. She loves catster, but this all can take a lot of time, I'm sure you know.

Headquarters wrote back telling mom to change her preferences so that our diary comments had to be approved by her. That way she would always get to read them. That sounded good, so mom did that. Suddenly we stopped getting comments! Since we haven't been getting very many pawmails either mom guessed that maybe our furiends were busy as well and weren't leaving any. But just in case, mom changed our preferences back to automatically posting a week or so ago.

Today Edgar wrote and told us that he'd tried to leave comments several times. Each time he'd gotten a message saying mom had to approve the comment, but the comment never ever appeared on our diary page. Oh no!! We never got those emails!! We want Edgar's comments and all of yours, too! We have nice furiends, we know you would never say anything that would hurt our feelings.

We sent another message to headquarters today. Of course we haven't heard back yet, but we did want to let our furiends know we love them all and we hope we didn't accidentally hurt your feelings. If you've figured out any good ways for managing those diary comments we'd like to know them!

Purrs, the Freuden Cats


Montoya is home!

May 22nd 2009 9:11 pm
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It's official! My buddy Montoya is home in Canada!!! Bear flew with him and Montoya was a good boy. Bear was very proud to be his guardian angel. Yippee!


Evil Scruffy!

May 14th 2009 12:51 pm
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So for some reason mom always feeds the neighbor cats when they come over. We've had pretty nice ones, like Flop2 who just eats and runs and hangs out with Pete. Flop1 was cool, too, but he never comes anymore. Scruffy started hanging out, he's sort of ragged looking and very shy. Mom started feeding him and at first it was all good, but I DON"T LIKE HIM! I don't know who started it, but he and I fight when he comes. I think Scruffy is too aggressive and he even scares Pete. Dad says mom can't feed him anymore, but I saw her sneak food out for him yesterday. She thinks he doesn't have a home. I just want him to GO AWAY!

Today he DARED to climb onto a deck chair and peer into the window at me while I was in my jungle bed in the window with the orchids! How DARE he! Of course I raised a huge ruckus and scared him away!! That's my private spot!! Yesterday he was near Pete on the deck and I don't know who was complaining, but when mom heard the yowls she opened the door and Pete ran inside.

If mom could catch him, she'd collar him with one of our tags and see if anyone called to say "hey! that's my cat you collared!" That's what she did with Flop1 but that didn't work out so well when Flop2 started showing up and mom thought he was the same cat! Embarrassing!

Anyway, I need some help! Anyone have a really big squirt gun I can borrow???


Sid in the Forest

April 19th 2009 7:37 pm
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My mommy loves me best. I know this because she made ME (yes Pete, ME) a wonderful kitty observation bed in a forest.

It all started because of the orchids. Mom keeps all her plants and flowers in our living room windows. We have six wonderful windows facing south and east. The deck wraps around them and it's the best spot in the house to see EVERYTHING. The only problem was the orchids. Mom put my bed on the orchid table but I wanted to be in the corner so that I could look out all the windows at once. The first time I knocked over mom's favorite orchid going over there, mom thought it was an accident, I left my Morgan bed too fast and well.... The second time mom knew there was a problem. Luckily those Christmas Cactus (why do they call them that when they bloom all the time????) caught the orchid both times and I didn't break off the tender blooming spikes or I would have been grounded instead of getting a new bed!

Yup, mom created a secret Sid nest. She moved the orchid table down a bit, bought two stools exactly the right height, and created a place for my Morgan bed right in the corner. I can see out both windows at the same time!! It can get a little breezy there, it's an old house, but my bed is super heated so I'm good! I can always get down and sleep on the sofa if I get cold. Then she surrounded my bed with a giant tree and the cactuses and spread out the orchids so they took the entire orchid table. It's like I'm in a rain forest without the rain! Dad made her move a stool for easier access so that I'm not tempted to jump in the middle of the orchids, not that THAT would ever happen.

This is so cool! I love my new spot and everyfur is jealous, but haha!, the Morgan bed is too hot for them!! This makes up for me not sleeping with mom because other cats are already on the bed, icky. I hope my pretty furiend, Chloe, gets to have her own special window in the forest bed, too. Wouldn't that be nice?? Her humans refuse to buy her a King-sized bed just so that she'll fit on the bed with them all. No fair! Just like my humans. No one ever thinks of us cats, that's fur sure, but for now I'm a purring boy. The view is wonderful!!

Purrs & loves,


I'm back home from Snoop Dogg's

April 10th 2009 8:31 am
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You might not know that Snoop Dogg's sisfurs, Popcorn & Feather have been holding a purr vigil for my brofur, Petie. I'm not sure that I had completely understood the devotion those girls have for Petes until I arrived at their house and almost every other word out of the mouths was "Petie did this...", "Isn't Pete so precious?", "Did you see Pete's snow pictures?". Yeesh! Those girls really like him! He's just a normal cat! Mom adopted him for ME to play with!

When Pete heard that Popcorn was forcing the kittens to sit at attention in the purr vigil, he immediately sent me over there to give the kittens someone to play with and to show the ladies that he was doing so much better that he didn't even need me around. Good move, Pete!

I had a great time! I think mom needs to adopt some kittens, though I've heard dad use the D-word if we get more cats. He was kind of mad about Pete, but look how well that turned out! Well, except while Pete is sick... Anyway, Popcorn is a LITTLE strict. She's not at all like Hazel Lucy who let the kittens play with crickets at Quinn & Sadie's wedding. She wants Petie to get better so much that she want everyone to take the purr vigil very seriously, like her. She thought I was roudy! But of course, Pete already knew that, that's why he sent me! MOL! Wilson J Scooter almost didn't let me go to Paris after I was playing on the wings of Air Scooter One on the way to his Whine Country Party. Bear was there... he caught me.... no problems.

I don't think she liked the cricket I'd been saving from the wedding, but Pancake sure did! She thought it was yummy! I don't think it was the one I winged into Hazel Lucy's hair...? Anyway, they were lots of fun though now Beignet has disappeared in the carrier. Mom tells me she thinks he's off being tutored, his mom is a school teacher, in fact she invited me to come to her eighth grade class and school those kids on how to really be roudy. That's not exactly what she said but I think that's what she meant.

Mom's glad I'm home. I weigh less than Sarah when I sit on her chest. I keep Pete occupied. I made mom laugh when I run around. Dad calls me Wild Man and thinks I'm out of control. I couldn't have knocked down the orchid this last time, I wasn't even there, I was at Snoop Dogg's so I have proof!! Plus mom likes it when she drives up and sees me deep in our very big yard and by the time she gets to the front door (not very long, she's driving a car) I'm sitting at the door like I've been there for hours :) heehee, like I said, I'm VERY fast!

I need to get a message to Popcorn & Feather: I've very carefully checked over Petie from head to toe (heehee, no that's not orange fur in my toes!) and he's better. Much better. His third eyelid comes up when mom gives him his drugs but you can't see it the rest of the time. Only a few more days of drugs and he'll be cured completely. Mom can stop after Sunday. And yes, he's just as handsome (gag!) as always. He's not losing fur as quickly like he was when he had a fever. He gets to go outside a bit though isn't fussing too much when mom takes and afternoon nap like she did the last two days (why is mom so tired? oh well, we like it). He sends his loves and kisses and begs Popcorn to please let everyone out of the purr vigil, he's fine. And mom promises to take a picture of her Bear & Pete portrait that Barbara made in its new frame. It's really wonderful. Mom says she's sorry it's taken her so long.

Gotta go, this is a long time for sitting still for a kitten. Beignet, pawmail me when you get home, I'm worried about you dude. Praline & Tabasco, you're pretty cute for girls. Tell your mom to put up some new pictures of you guys, though, you're WAY bigger than the photos! Of course, that was good for me, more kitten to wrassle!

Purrs and loves to all,


I was a good boy!

March 27th 2009 7:54 pm
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After reading Hazel Lucy's diary about proper furminating and digestive health, mom pulled out the dreaded tool and came after me. Sigh. Actually, I sort of like it, but I wouldn't want anyone to know that. She did my toenails, first, and I was very good, no towel this time. She told me Bear would have been proud, and that's good, because I've got Bear's body if you can think smaller. Same little belly sway, too, hehe!

Anyway, as usual, when mom combs me there is quite a bit of dandruff, big flakes, too. Anyone know what to do about that?? Pete and Bear never got it. Sarah has it, too, but mom always thought it was because she was full figured and bathing is harder. I don't have that much belly sway, but I don't groom nearly like Pete, the SuperGroomer, does. Who would?

My children are leaving tomorrow and that makes me sad. Mom is well now, so who will stay with me during the day? I like having my humans around, at least to look at them. Maybe my new furiend, Fisher, will come over and play with me. He's a little kitten, so he's probably got enough energy to keep up with me!

Purrs and loves, Sid


Mom loves me best!

March 13th 2009 9:24 am
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As I grow up I'm learning to be more of a lovey cat. This is good for mom, she likes lovey kitties, but good for me, too. Mom is soft and warm even if she doesn't pet me exactly right. I'm the only kitty who will snuggle up with mom, curling up right below her head to purr and nurse myself. Mom's surprised I haven't outgrown the nurse part yet... but I like it. I only do it when I'm on mom or dad. It makes me feel loved and safe. Plus, I have a very clean belly!

Mom wishes I would clean other parts of me as well. She says I have a stinky butt! What! If it's not stinky how could mom smell it??? Human noses are so inefficient. I'm not very good about full body groooming either. My loose fur just lives with my live furs. We're all happy that way, but mom doesn't think a young cat like me should have dandruff. Hmph.

So yesterday she trapped me in the bathroom and chased me around with the brush!! She's lost the furminator....hmmm.... (rolls his eyes up innocently) I wonder where it is?... but she still has the rubber brush and she attacked me with it. I had so much loose fur saved up that she had a big black ball of me. Hey, I want that back!!! Can't you see it's winter here??? Not that I'm so dumb as to go out in it like an orange kitty who shall remain nameless. I used to race out the door without looking, but this winter I've learned my lesson about that! So now I stand back from the door and peer out. If I see any white stuff, no way. If cold air hits my nose from 3 feet away, no way. Sometimes I'll go out for a few minutes, if its not too cold, and mom leaves the door closed but not latched. I push the door open and come in. If she's left it like that for Pete, sometimes I pry open the door so that Pete doesn't have to push it open, he's not as good at it as I am, though he's learning to throw his weight into it. If we work together we can get the door wide open! Fun!! Then I crawl in my heated bed and look out the window.

I've liked having mom home sick. Not that I want to stay with her all day, or even more than about 20 minutes, but I like having her around. Plus she does neato things like tie old shoelaces to the door knob, or the ribbon from her birthday present from Jolan's mom to the drawer pull. That way I always have a string to play with. Very fun, I love strings.

Purrs, McSidian


New favorite spot!

February 2nd 2009 8:21 am
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You'll never believe the cool spot I found! It's in the bedroom over mom's head. First I climb on the back of the bed and know off the draft keeper that's there. Then if I'm really in the mood, I knock the granite guardian cats off onto dad's head; they sit there to hold the blankie that keeps cold air from hitting mom's head. Then I smash my head at the blind until I get my head behind it. This takes lots of work because it's really close to the window and there is another fleece there to block drafts. Once I gets my head behind the blind, I climb up, hopefully flinging the fleece draft blocker down on top of mom. Then I sits behind the blind looking outside at the secret things behind the house. No other window has this view! It's the bestest window in the house. I don't know why mom keeps it all sealed up! Oooh, but it's a little cold, so after a couple minutes, I jump on mom's head and race away.

It's really fun when mom puts everything back because then I can come back and do it all again!!!

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