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My 10th Life

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Hmmm. I watched my fish get his water changed.

July 14th 2009 2:42 am
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Wow. That is alot of work for one little fishie. Mom had to capture some of his water. Clean it. Then she had to catch Bluebeard. He fought. She caught him. He went in the original water that mom had cleaned. Then mom cleaned his habitat. After all that, mom had 3 bottles of water and some stuff she called conditioner. It took all three bottles plus conditioner. Then Bluebeard and his original water were put back into the habitat. He was happppppy. Mom took him to the bedroom and fed him.Ahhh. The life of a fish.

I have my own fish!


I had a better day, today.

July 13th 2009 12:19 am
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I still have to write my thank you diary, and go thank all of my friends. Yesterday, I got heat sick. Mom had to put wet wash cloths on me. I would not let her put me in the sink. I recovered after it cooled off. Today, mom turned the a/c on earlier. So I did not get sick at all. Yesterday, Me, Missy and Buddy all got sick. Missy never gets sick, so that was weird. Everyone is ok. Mom checked Missy really good. She is fine. Buddy is a long hair, so he gets heat sick like me. I just like the attention!. MOL. Ok, another diary from me tomorrow. It is late and mom is trying to get dad's clothes dry for work in the morning.



If it was not for my friends, I would have forgot my own- Birthday!!!

July 10th 2009 10:21 am
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It's a good thing I have such great friends to remind me of my special day. And, today I turn 13!!! Mom says I don't look a day over 9!!! MOL. I am blessed with good health, great friends and a loving family.

I would like to thank the following friends for the gifts they have left for me:

Party Hat from Zack

Cupcake from Hooch

Cherry Drink from Texas Wild Bunch

Beach Ball from Guido

Lemonade drink from Kaci
and Mittens

I want to thank all my friends who thought of me, sent pmails and gifts. You are all pawsome!!!!!

Birthday Purrs,


Guess what I've been up to?

July 8th 2009 1:46 am
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I have been making the rounds, checking on and chatting with Hooch. He has two sick friends and we were checking on them as well, and then I went to see what Zack was up to. I told Zack that Ravie has a crushie on Fisher. Ravie is so going to kill me. She has to catch me first. MOL. Concatulations to Fela Kiti for being DDP. And, besides the heat here nothing is going on. Mom does not get on the puter til nite cuz the house is too hot.

Well, I have 5 other cats bugging me for computer time. I will meow with you all later.

Take care, my friends,


Hooch, Madi and Muppet!

July 1st 2009 11:05 pm
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Hooch, my buddy I am still mega purring for you. Please get well!!!

Madi- Still purring for you, I never gave up.

Muppet- I am still purring for you too, pretty girl.

For my friends listed above, my fur family and I are purring loudly for these pawsome kitties to get well.

We are praying for the families of Hooch, Madi, and Muppet. It has been difficult for everyone.

Purring with love,



July 1st 2009 10:30 am
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Purring and praying as loudly as we can for Hooch. Please God, make him well.

Paisan and family



July 1st 2009 1:12 am
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We are grabbing paws and kicking the mega purrs into overdrive.

We pray that Hooch is not ready for the bridge, that he wants to stay here with his family. We know he is very tired. We are purring hard so that he perks up and feels better. We are praying that his lab numbers are in good range. Hooch, if you only knew how truly you are loved, you would be amazed. We offer soothing and comforting prayers to your family, and are praying things turn around for you and you can come home.



One of our dear friends needs us!

June 29th 2009 9:48 pm
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Please, everyfur can you send mega-purrs to Hooch ? He really needs us now!!!!

Purrs and Mega Purrs,


I got stuffs to tell ya!!!

June 28th 2009 6:37 pm
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First! Ignore those pesky rumors...I am alive and well, going on 13. How do these things get started anyway? I am really, truly fine. No health problems, or anything. So, to my worried friends I am OK!!!!

Next, Ummmm. Ok, so I am forgetful but what can I say? Where am I? Oh yeah...Just playing with you guys...My mind is working too. It is my typist that will not cooperate!!! I would fire her, but I cant figure out the computer. I bet Sasha could tho.

I just wanted to say, and this will be weird, but when Emma left us..there was this heavy, heavy sadness in the house. When mom brought her home in her purrty box and opened it up, it was like sunshine poured in! Mom told her Hi Emma! I love you! Then, since Reno never had a permanent container, mom placed him in the purrty box with Emma. (they are both in plastic). Mom put tags on the lock with Reno and Emma's names. After that, it was like Emma and Reno were at peace. The mood of the house changed. I just wanted to share that with you. I dont understand, I just observe!

Everyone, please please please be careful this next week!!! All my beautiful black cat friends..please stay close to home, and my friendlies too. Don't go to strangers or neighbors you do not know. Stay in the house if you can, or the basement, or somewhere very safe, like the back seat of your mom's Mercedes Benz SUV. (giggles)

Please watch your backs you guys and watch out for each other!



How I spent my Friday nite.

June 26th 2009 9:12 pm
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Mom made me watch the Fast and the Furious. I did not want to. Race cars bore me. I like watching birds, not cars. So, I turned around so my back was to the TV. I still had to listen to it tho....yay mom.

(even if you cant hear me)

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