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FANKYU ALL fer yer Very Kind Burfday messages n gifts

November 7th 2010 4:28 pm
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Me wants to fank Yu All fer yer very kind Burfday messages , Rosies, stars, gifts n Purrs on mine 5th Burfday ..on dat Halloween date .. Me did gets lots ov ded gud treats an me getted a Seatbelt Harness fer goin fer me drives in de car. Ohh dis gunna be ded gud fun,,me LOVES goin fer drives ded much . .
Me is gunna try an fank yu all individually but wanted to say mine Fankyu,s here incase mum gets fuzzy ..Pssttt...she Fuzzy all de time but dont let on yer dids getted telled , ok grins ....
It bin a time fer Deep Finking too, Mum n mine dear Friends 1st Bridge anniversary was de same date as mine Burfday ..Me knows mum misses Aunty Beverly ded much ..anstill wishes she cud get one more phone call from Bev.. de one she waited fer ....but it never gunna come now ..We all finkin ov Aunty Beverly, Angel Cushag too ..Two Angels dat will be togever always .. Glad Tiggy is settled in , in his new Home wif Aunty Poppi . ..
Me mus gets mine Diary back up to scratch .. Alfie looks around...Ders cobwebs in all de corners an..OHh WAT Dat YU ? Sittin in dat back row ? Ohhh yes ..Smiles. Glad to see yu is still lookin after mine Diary room. ..Yes yes, me is Sorry me waked yer up will close de door on me way awt ..Ohh but it gud to see yu still sleeps on dat chair ....Bet yer wants me to Knock before me enters next time ..too ..grins . Ok my Friend, see yer next time Brush de litter up fer me ..Yu fink me cant see it ..Yu as ordered Pizza deliverys asnt yer ? me can see de boxes .. an ..Hmm dis box still as sum leftover Pizza in it ....grins ..ok ok me goin.. YES, me shut de door after me .. Alfie grins and smiles as he leaves His Diary room..and quietly closes the door ...checking he still has the key in his pocket for next time ...


a big thankyou

October 12th 2010 2:17 pm
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RemoveJennifer Wilvers Dupree Hello everyone,
Just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, for your kind words and support.
It has meant the world to me and I know it has meant the world to my mother. She enjoyed having each and every one of you as her friends, as well as, making contact with you on Facebook.
Yes, today is her Birthday. And again..., I thank you for your continued thoughtfulness and support. In honor of her and her birthday, today I have been out asking family and friends to help by sponsoring me with " Making Strides toward a World with more Birthdays" This very important to me as I am sure it is also important to many of you. If you too, would like to help by sponsoring me, so together we CAN make strides towards a world with more birthdays! (it doesn't have to be much, because EVERY bit counts) then please go to:
Click on "Find a Walker" (you'll have to scroll down the page a little)
Enter my first and last name
Adrianna Wahl
You are now on my personal page, from here
Click "Donate Now"
And from here you can just follow the prompts. I'ts very easy!
Thank you so much for your support in this.
I will be leaving moms Facebook page up, in case you ever want to talk to her. I know she would love to her from you. I cannot thank you enough for being such great friends to her.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I love you and miss you more than I can say. Tick, Harry, Puddin, Deer, Tini-Tiny and Maggie all wanted to say Happy birthday to you too! They miss dearly. We all do. You better be celebrating girl, because you deserve it! The biggest hugs and kisses from me to you.
See MoreThe American Cancer Society:
Enter a description of the campaign using this wrapper.


Have a Look, Please Help us help Hannah and her Family

September 15th 2010 3:33 pm
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Hya,me is askin yers if yu wud be so kind as to have a look at dis link ..Most know Hannah an The Texas Wildbunch..Me is doin dis to help dem..Me Fanks yu So much fer yer kindness. Purrs n Smiles Alfie

‎2 Alfie pawtographed posters on offer..and .Alfie said he will Purrsonally seal the poster packaging with a Kitty Kiss..Choose one ,have a bid, help us help Teri...Helping Paw: Auction Item #44


Not gud

June 20th 2010 4:24 pm
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Mum is a bit sort ov blank lookin cos she dids read sumfin dat as her feelin very dismayed..disapointed and very sad n upset wif wat she dids see n read... She wont let me look cos she sed a werd GRAFFIC an me no likes dem not nice.
Mumsed Me cant EVER go look at sumfin she dids see cos it turned mum Sick an she No wants Me sick too.
Yu go see fer yerselfs .. ........
This belongs to HQ .....
avatar/dogatar/moarrawr sites all from HQ It NOT good...check it all out...Check out de site owners .......Not Gud
.Thought HQ were animal lovers too ?
Is our Plus money funding THIS ? We finked it was fundin Catster/dogster not some sick site

mum ded not happy abawts dis an is avin a big fink rites now..Mr Ted..WHY yu doin dis ?????


Things are looking brighter this morning . Alfie n Lyn

April 2nd 2010 3:28 am
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Ive just been searching for Air Travel and seen this...Hmmm Today things look brighter...maybe I can get up my Mountain ..and fly !! sAndBreaks/GettingThere/DG_4017239

If anyone has any advice re mobility scooters and air travel or even just mobility scooters Id be interested to hear your views . Or even about Traveling etc ..Thanks Alfie,s mum Lyn


Alfies mums Foot update

April 1st 2010 5:20 pm
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Mum wants me to post sumfin here fer all who have bin askin abawts her sed it be ok me n mum fanks yers all ded much too.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome n my foot ...

Ive had lots enquiring about how my Hospital appt went today I thought it best posted here save too many repeats...
I saw the Orthopedic Dr this morning...He pulled no punches and was very genuine..He took xrays today and we talked. His under Study was there and I was asked if it was ok for Him to look n learn .
The Dr did some movements with my foot (nearly got kicked too ..poor guy ) He said that no one really knows what is going on with my foot and this CRPS. as its so strange and not many cases are seen each year. He see,s maybe 1 case a year and in all his cases he said my foot /case was the worst by far he has seen. He told me he wont lie and make false promises either.I said I dont want lies etc..just his honest opinion ...which was not very good news.
There is No Cure.
.Im to go to 3 different hospitals , got to have more MRI and Scans, Im seeing a pain management Dr in Liverpool ,got to go somewhere else and be admitted for cortisone injections ,Physio is being arranged, Meds reviewed and may be altered to suit the stage im at. .His overall outlook wasnt good but he said he is going to do everything he can to help me cope with this CRPS. I know I may not regain use of foot but I will fighht it all the way..infact..Im GOING to beat this...and Ive given myself 6mths .( I know, Im dreaming but ,,,,,)..I will hear of all the appt dates by post and will take it from there.
Ive looked at mobility scooters and thought hard..I may get one for the "walking" in forests etc but not giving up ..I need to get up my Mountain..I need to find out if Im able to fly again and stuff like that...So much Ive taken for granted that I just cant do now.Walking the dogs , The cat shows , Shopping and walking round the shops in town..My world has been turned upside down ...but I will fight this.
Thanks for your Purrs and messages. Purrs Lyn n Alfie


Rest Peacefully my dear Friend...Diana

March 18th 2010 7:38 pm
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I wont do a full diary entry as by now the whole of Catster is aware of Theo,s MM, Diana ,s crossing . She and I met, I stayed with diana ,David and Theo in October 09.We talked of many things...including this day....I just want to say this diary that Theo and Alfie (Diana and i ) had a real friendship. My heart is breaking again..Debbie, Beverly and Diana will all be watching over us. Theo is safe. Theo,s pages will be safe. Untouched or altered.. The Great Meezer Voice is silent except in our Hearts. We will alwayshear Theo and his MM right inside our Hearts . Watch over us BeautifulAngels. tears falling..hearts hurting..Good Night My Friends Beautiful Angels lyn n alfie


De HOBO Lyn has landed

February 24th 2010 7:21 pm
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Hya, dids me wake yers ? yes ? oops...dats jus tuff innit ,grins..dis is MY diary room....mind yu, yer wudnt fink so de way dat Hobo Lyn tooked it over...She be sacked...grins...Me jus,,NO hobo, Yu go Hop it, dis is MY diaryroom an ME as de typy pressy fingy ..Ohh ok YU dus av it BUT ME Dictated every werd to yer...dusnt me,,,Every werd egcept de ones wif spellin misteakes in dem ...Dem spellin misteaks is Yers not mines...NO dont go sayin nuffin,,,No one is gunna believes Yu All knows a Kitty cant type ...grins...
Rite ok yer can av ago, but not fer long, me needs me cuddles.....
Hi ,,Hmmm ok Thanks Alfie....Hi Friends, this Hobo wants to let you all know Hobo Lyn made it back to UK in one piece...and is ok. The foot however isnt but thats a long story and Im falling asleep now...Just want to say Thankyou to Everyone involved in keeping me sane( or INsane ) during my longer than anticipated stay in USA . Im getting Referred to an Orthopedic Dr and a Physio Dr. at least I have a diagnosis now and know the long and short of it, Im under no Illusions..but Im going to fight for the foot all the way..With or Without a foot I will still have fun and my aim is to Ski , so there Left Foot...get cut off and see what you will be missing out on,,Sking Fun !
Thankyuou all again...I now Understand what Friendship means...and I know Ticks mum will enjoy not having Fump Fump Fump noises in the house..Thanks Jen..Kaye, Thanks to everyone...and for letting this Hobbling Hobo tag along at the weekend..BCR and Tiger Rescue in NC
Hugs n Purrs n Smiles , Hobo Lyn n Alfie


Huge Fankyu,s

February 17th 2010 8:37 pm
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Me an mum wants to say fankyu fer all yer Purrs n prayers,,Mum , de Hobo is ok, an is strong enuffs to get frew dis..Yers dus know dat dusnt yers . foot or no foot..mum de Hobo will be Up a Mountain ( mums fave place to be ) before too long..Smiles ..Purrs Alfie n Mum de Hobo


A Thankyou Message fom Mum, Hobo Lyn

February 17th 2010 11:41 am
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Me mum as sumfin she wanted to say ,,its fer so many friends dat me finked it be ested putted in me Diary so awa friends can see,s it wifawt Hobo lyn havin to types ferever...OK mum,,go an say yer Fankyu,s ..........Thanks Alfie...

Hi, Hobo Lyn here....I want to say THANKYOU to everyone, thankyou for your Purrs, postal gifts, cards etc.....I truely do appuriciate all your care and wishes,
My foot has been diagnosed now .I fully understand the possible outcome ( could loose my foot ), but Im not going to let that stop me fighting this.Im doing exactly what the Dr has told me...Its a long road but I wont give up without a huge fight. I know I will be needing my YELLOW crutches and orthopedic boot for a long time yet and have to learn to walk all over again...The meds will help me and the nerve blocker that was done today may (paws crossed ) last up to 2 weeks .I will need further injections inserted once back in UK,,,( I fly back to UK on Monday ,,arriving Tuesday morning )
I also know and understand that this Dr has done his very best to help me, giving the late stage for this treatment to be fully effective .( treatment should have been started when admitted to Penn hospital on 8th Jan ) but their focus was on the cut .The Dr told me today that when I twisted my ankle stepping off the moving walkway at the Airport on Christmas Day is probably the cause as that is all it takes and as I was walking as normal prior to that ankle twist he said it was his first thought.
I am a fighter and I will fight this battle with confidence ....Smiles. I am so greatful for all the help, care , phone calls, postal gifts, cards etc...
I cant thank Harry The Preacher and Tick,s mum enough...I Owe so many so many people have pulled together just to help me .HUGS .
Although this USA trip has been a big experience ,Hospitals, , drs, meds etc I still LOVE USA
I now also know I will NEVER take Penicillen ever again..I had no idea of how it was to affect me .
( I still think Toxic Coffee is the best cure !! )
What the future holds I dont know but with or without my foot I will still find that Smile each day.
Again, Thankyou ALL So Much .........your friendship is Treasured always....HUGS n Purrs , Alfie,s mum Hobo Lyn

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