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Where does the time go?

August 12th 2011 7:06 pm
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Holy cow! It's been a year since my last diary entry! Can you believe it? I'm 5 today!!! I showed up in the birthday stroll this time too! There's 405 kitties in the birthday stroll so I just wanted to wish all the birthday kitties today a happy birthday! Thank you to all that sent me rosies and celebrated my birthday with me today! My KGM Hazel Lucy was able to send me a rosie from the bridge too. Love you KGM Hazel Lucy! Miss you too!


Maintaining that birthday stroll must be awfully hard!

August 12th 2010 6:57 pm
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Cuz most of my family never makes it to the birthday stroll. We get the emails, the 5 paw vote and the treats but yet our little furry faces rarely make it to the stroll. That's pretty sad!!!

I'm a birthday kitty today...I turned 4 but yet no one knows it. There's 350 other kitties that made it to the stroll though. Happy Birthday to all the birthday kitties out there. Hope you enjoyed your day and your time in the birthday stroll. Let me know how that feels since I'm not one of the chosen ones today.


Can you believe it???

August 12th 2009 4:03 pm
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I'm 3 today! Holy cat! Where did the years go? Time is flying!!! Just wanted to put a big meow out and wish all the kitties having a birthday today a very Happy Birthday. There's 324 of us registered on the site as celebrating our birthdays today. So how do you supposed I'm celebrating my day? A power nap about 18 hours long! Gotta make sure I'm fully rested so I can bug mom and keep her awake all night long even though I know she has to get up earlier than the crack of dawn. Why do I do this...cuz I can. MOL!

Happy Birthday every cat!!!


Can you believe it?

August 12th 2008 3:30 pm
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I'm 2 today! This last year absolutely flew. Where did the time go? Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to all 273 of us birthday kitties today. Hope everyone is having a great birthday!!!


Annual Vet Visit

January 25th 2008 1:11 pm
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Do you believe it? It's been a year already since my last visit to the vet. Time sure is flying!!! The vet called and left a message on the machine yesterday saying I was due for shots. So mom called and made an appointment for today since it's her day off.

I was a very displeased young man when mom put me in that things on wheels. I cried and cried, but it was useless. We went anyway. You can't blame a guy for trying, right?

Well, when we got to the vet, mom weighed me. I weighed 15.2 pounds. Last year in January, I weighed 4 pounds. So, I've gained a few! I'm not fat! I'm big boned!!! I am taller than the rest of the furbutts so I'm entitled to be a little heavier than some of them! Does it really matter that I'm only a year and a half old? The vet didn't seem to be concerned, so why is mom concerned? She's such a worry wort!

Well, after all the poking and jabbing and sticking things in "unmentionable" places, everything came out normal or negative. So that's a good thing. It means I won't have to go back again for another year unless something changes!

So we go home and I thought I was going to get extra treats for being such a good boy. Boy, was I mistaken! My extra treats consisted of mom squirting that cold ear cleaner on cotton balls and digging in my ears. That was so not a treat...more like a trick if you ask me. It must be Halloween again! I'm starting to hate that holiday!!!

Well, that's my news. Exciting, huh? On that note, I think I need a snack and then a nap. I think I've earned it! There better be treats in my near future! If not, she's going to get it in her sleep! You've been warned, Mom!!!


My Toy Is Back!!!

November 26th 2007 5:07 pm
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We must have been really good this year! Mommie put my favorite toy back out for us to play with (or more like in). I'm not quite sure who likes it more, but it sure is a crowd pleaser amongst us furbutts. Even the dog likes it. She never used to so I think we're rubbing off on her. Mom says my toy isn't a toy at all! She yells at us all the time when we start playing with it. If it's not a toy and she doesn't want us to play with it, then why did she put it back out? Can you guess what I'm talking about?

Mom calls it her Christmas tree. I'm sure she means "our" Christmas tree. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to wrestle around under neath it and jump up into it? It drives mom absolutely nuts! I don't think I've ever seen her move that fast when she hears the rustling sound it makes when we're playing in it. She yells pretty loud too.

I'm curious though...why is the bottom row of branches not decorated like the rest of the tree. It looks kind of stupid if you ask me. Did she run out of ornaments or something? I don't get it! Mom says animal owners and parents of small kids fully understand her rationale, even if it does look stupid. Since we don't have small children in the house, I'm blaming the dog and that whip of a tail she has. One whack of the tail and things go flying. It has to be the dog's fault that we don't have decorations and ornaments to play with! It's can't be our fault, can it? We're all little angels in this house and it couldn't possibly be our fault. It's the dog!

So how many times do you think mom is going to straighten out the tree skirt? I'm not quite sure how it gets all rumpled up in a pile. But you know...if you rumple up the tree skirt in a pile just right, you can get the extra height and reach some of those ornaments that mom is trying to keep away from us! Of course I can't confirm nor deny that statement! A little birdy told me that!!!

Mom already had to perform maintenance on the tree and the tree topper. The tree has lights already on the tree and "someone" (I'm not telling you who) chewed off one of the lights and the entire bottom row of lights went out! Oops!!! So mom was a little perturbed with us. Then shortly after that, mom caught me batting something across the floor. It just happened to be one of the pretty red crystals from the tree topper. I have no idea how that got on the floor, but it was fun to play with while it lasted!

So mom is wondering if our tree will make it until Christmas this year. Supposedly the tree had to be taken down before Christmas several times in the last few years because a "bunch of somethings" got at it. Of course that happened before I joined the family so mom can't blame me! I really hope that my favorite toy doesn't disappear early. I'll be really upset if it does! So, any takers on how long it will last?

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Hope you get lots of presents and treats and get to spend the holidays with friends and loved ones!


It's Been One Year Already!!!

November 19th 2007 3:15 pm
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Can you believe it? It's been a year already since I found my furrever home!!! One year ago today, mom found me at Petsmart with one of my sisters. Mom said it was love at first sight. Me, well I was too interested in all the commotion that was going on around me. Yeah, of course there were people sticking their fingers in my cage and trying to scratch my head, but I've been down that road before. How was I to know that mom would actually adopt me? So, like all the others, I just blew her off. But then I noticed that she kept watching me and kept coming back. She even had to hold me a few times. Who knew that she'd be "the" one? Now I know she understands why I acted the way I did, but I know she doesn't hold it against me (anymore that is!).

The first thing she did to get "even" with me was to have my manhood removed. Well actually, she wasn't allowed to take me home until after the procedure. I guess that's a requirement for adoptions from the Humane Society. I still blame her anyway even if it wasn't her fault.

If that wasn't enough, the day after I came home mom stepped on me and broke my little leg in 2 places above the knee! I really don't think I deserved that. She claims it was an "accident". Yeah right accident!!! You keep telling yourself that!

Although I had a rocky start to my furrever home, I think I really do have the purrfect home. I have lots of playmates to keep me company, all kinds of toys around the house, all the food and water a kitty could ever want, and a human that adores me. Mom really does understand me. What more can a kitty hope for?

Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary here on Catster. Do you know what that means? C-A-K-E!!! I hope I'm getting the Catster cake on my page! I'll be looking for it first thing tomorrow morning! I hope Catster doesn't forget.

Can you believe it... a whole year has passed already! Time sure is flying!!! I hope the next year is just as exciting as this last one. Mom is gearing up to put up the Christmas tree in the next few weeks. That probably means more videos of me jumping into the tree. Hopefully the only difference from last year is that I won't have a cast up to my hip impeding my mission! If you got a chance to watch that video last year, you would've noticed that the cast really didn't stop me from doing anything. Can you imagine what I'll be like this year with all four of my legs functioning? X-Mas out. You've been warned!!! I hope mom is charging those camera batteries! I don't want her to miss a thing! So, stay posted...


My Ways of Showing Affection

September 22nd 2007 6:44 pm
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We all know that every kitty has their own unique personality. There's 11 of us kitties living within this household, so you can only imagine what goes on! There's usually alot of growling, hissing, chasing, fighting, etc. but yet mom loves each and every one of us and we love her. We each show her our affection in our own way. Mom finds our ways of showing affection adorable. I am a lover and whenever I'm around mom, I purr and purr and purr. There are 2 opportunities where I get to show mom my love for her. Here are my ways...

Opportunity #1: I have this fascination with mom's hair and her neck. When mom goes to sleep at night, I stick my front paws under her head and neck and knead her hair. Then I bury my nose as far under her neck as possible. My motor is running right next to her ear and mom says it's music to her ears. I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing, that I have a habit of digging my claws into mom's head and neck as I'm kneading and then mom literally head butts me lightly to get me to stop. Sorry mom...I'm not trying to hurt you!

Opportunity #2: Lap time (regardless of where it's at: when she's watching TV, on the computer, or taking care of business in the bathroom). Once in her lap, I put my front paws on her left shoulder and stand up. Then I lower my body so I'm literally sitting on her lap with my front paws on her shoulder. I bury my nose in her neck and hair again and purr. Mom wraps her arms around me and keeps giving me kisses. I love getting kisses! Every now and then I give mom kisses on the tip of her nose and follow up with an occasional love bite to the same location. Sorry mom!

So those are my unique ways of showing my affection. I am a very lovable kitty and I'm the only kitty in this house that shows affection like that. Do I sound adorable or what?!!!


Any Suggestions???

August 16th 2007 6:03 pm
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I just received a belated birthday rosette from Kirby. If you get a chance, read his diary today. He has a kitty sibling named Kody that has totally taken over the house and humans and basically kicked him to the curb.

Kirby can't even use the litterbox without being attacked. Life seems absolutely miserable for him and he doesn't deserve it! Us kitties in this house don't all get along, but Kirby's situation seems so much worse. Can any kitty offer any suggestions to help poor Kirby out? He needs some love!!! If you can offer a suggestion or two, I'd appreciate it and hopefully Kirby and his humans will too. I hope I'm not over-stepping any boundaries and hope I don't upset Kirby and his humans for asking for help on their behalf. They didn't ask us for help, but I felt compelled to try to help. We've never had a situation like that and wouldn't even know how to help.


Thank You's!!!

August 13th 2007 8:10 am
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I had a great birthday!!! I was one of 255 kitties that Catster acknowledged having a birthday yesterday! Woohoo!!! Happy Birthday to all those kitties!

Mommy got me lots of presents and I'm sharing them with my furbutt family (well actually I'm not...they just take them) and they're enjoying them too! Mom just took down the 4 cat cubes that were velcroed together in a row and collapsed them for awhile because I can't seem to stop trying to rip them to shreds. They're made of nylon and I found that my teeth will go right thru them. I really like how that feels and mom scolded me, but I kept doing it anyway. So, she took the cubes down saying that I ruined it for every kitty. I know she'll put them back up, it's just a matter of time. Maybe I'll go ruin something really nice which will prompt her to put the cubes back up. Sound like a plan? Of course it sounds like a plan, I'm just not sure it's the "right" plan. Come on, give me a break...I just turned 1 yesterday. I'm not supposed to have "all" the answers at this moment in time!!! On to more important things...

I wanted to take a moment or two and thank some very special kitties that have given me rosettes, stars, and birthday wishes on my birthday thread. Those special kitties would be my KGM Hazel Lucy, Mufasa, Stella, Tommy, Gimli, my KGB Dexter, my KGB Gordy, Princess Puddin’ Popp, Cali, Leo, and Joy.

A special Thank You goes out to my KGB Dexter for giving me a special birthday gift! He gave me zealies!!! My little jaw dropped to the floor when we got the email informing us of the gift! Isn't he so sweet and thoughtful? I think so and so does mommy. Thank you!!!

I can't forget to thank Catster for including me in the birthday stroll, the 5 paw rating and the yummy treats! Thank you Catster!!!

Thank You to Sophie for showing us how to hyperlink!!!

Thank you every kitty for making my birthday a happy one!!!

Purrs and headbutts,
Sunny (a kitten no longer - I'm a big boy now!!!)

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