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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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Help Needed Please

April 30th 2011 12:11 pm
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Hi everyone. I feel like I havent gotten to write in my diary in FOREVER (mommy and that stupid work thing sure impact MY life). Anyway, I need your help, there is a woofer (Parris) in need (yeah I know a woofer, lowest level of species but hey I am feeling all caring today...shut up Nuk!).

Parris is the woofer of a good friends of mommy's (Scott and Katie). They are two people mommy met at her health club when she first started. That was 120 lbs ago for anyone keeping track. They convinced her to come try a group class called "Sin Bin" it was a Sunday morning tradition at the club. A butt kicking to get rid of all the weekend sin calories.

Anycat, recently Scott and Katie started a catering business, and when they couldn't come up with a name, mommy suggested Sinbin BBQ and they went with it. In addition to catering they make and sell AMAZING BBQ sauce (mommy uses it EVERY day on her chicken) and I have tried some myself, goooood stuff (although could use a little catnip in it).

Today their woofer Parris went in for surgery to remove a blockage in her intestine, when they opened her up they found out it is a lot worse, and she needs a specialist. The only way they can pay for it is with selling 461 bottles of sauce.

When I heard that I thought that is nothing for the kitties who got Muppie all better, brought Aldo to his new home and make miracles every day.

So here it is, I need 461 bottles bought. Who has their meowmy's credit cards ready?

The site to buy is And you tell them Chester sent you!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all!!!!!!!!

PS if you can share this with your friends I would be soo grateful.

Wonder if sinbin sauce makes brusselballs taste any better?


Happy Mommy's Day

May 9th 2010 7:38 am
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My mommy wrote in her blog and used a great poem from Mrs Ima Manxster! Hope you will share it with your mommies.



Me and my Auntie Kaye!!!

April 10th 2010 5:24 am
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*runs in all excited* Punky just told me and I had to share, someone put the picture of me and my Auntie Kaye (that is Mrs Pooh's mommy to most of you) in the friends gallery. She was giving me a super big smooshing hug. I love that picture.

While I'm here, has anyone seen my mommy??????????? She seems to be losted again, and she isn't with Auntie Kaye or Mrs Punky's mommy so I am a little worried. Getting losted alone is scary, I know, I dided that once!!!

Anyway, if you see her could you send her home please.


Chester Jaye Chesseford, The first.


Awww crap........

February 10th 2010 8:34 am
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Seybah was just watching mommy type on her facebook and came running to tell me the news, the losted mommies are scheming again. And there are lots of them talking this time about their plan. HIDE YOUR MOMMIES!!!!!!! Sit on them. Lock them in a crate. Do something. If they get together the world will come undone again!!!!!!!!!

Pooh, dude, heads up, it sounds like your house is at the vortex of this madness!!!!!!!!


What? I cant talk to my friends?

January 21st 2010 3:08 pm
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Dear Mr. Ted,

I was very sad today when I got your email that instant messenger is going away on Catster. Is it the fanciest thing every...NO. But it works. I can talk to my friends when I need to. I can tell Biscuity about the games I am playing. Or I can talk to my best bro Nuk about the things Chunk-a-thunk is doing. Are you REALLY going to take that away. I need to talk to my friends *sigh*.

*sigh* This is worse than fleas!

Your friend,

PS.....friends, I do have AIM (it is a free aol instant messenger you can get at If you want to catch me and my sistercats there our IM is chesterwinnanmom


For once Winnie is right..........we need to help!

December 31st 2009 7:57 am
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I hate saying these words, but *stuttering* Winn...iiieee....iiisss...sss..mmmmaarrr....ttttttt

Here is what she just said..........

"Here is whaht my sistercat put in her diary, please help...

"I am FURRY mad and need your help......

*mumbling and grumbling under her breath*...stupid twofers, don't know how to treat a cat, they should get put in a cage.....*sigh*


I am furry mad and need your help. Here is the story. Miss Terry (who lives in Mousiapolis too) is trying to help rescue a sweet little blind kitty, Eve. Eve has never had a life outside a shelter. And as usual the catster mommies are all making sure Evey gets to her new mommy and is taken care of. It's a great story so far huh!!! Well yesterday it went wrong.

Miss Jody, who lives in GA, went to pick Evey up and rescue her. Evey is 7 months old. When Miss Jody got to her she weighed 3lbs, she couldnt walk, she wasnt eating and they had spayed her the day before anyway. *grrrrrrrrrrrrr*. How could the twofers at the shelter do this to Evey.

Miss Jody immediately took Evey to the vet and they are trying to help her. All the mommies are trying to help too, they are trying to get Evey healthy and ok and to her new mommy and daddy and also to help her new mommy and daddy not worry. Which is furry hard.

But lets face it friends, twofers are NOT the smartest toys in the box, so unless we step in and help you know this wont happen. So here is what I need from you:

1. Purrs! Every kitty, every angel, even you smelly woofers need to get the Power of the Paw going. We have made miracles before!!!!

2. If you have any spare change and can help with costs it would go a long way. Originally Morgan the Pirates mommmy

was doing a raffle of morgan beds just to get Evey on a birdie to come to Mousiapolis. But now there are going to be major vet costs also. Please help if you can. We know it is a hard time of year but cant we make a new years miracle happen??????

I am not sure right now if I hate twofers for what they did to Evey, or love twofers for what the mommies are doing to try help her. But either way it us up the furrs to make it happen.

Winnie Bea!!!"


Hey, what about me?

December 5th 2009 10:07 pm
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Dear Mr. Petsmart,

Hello. My name is Chester Jaye Chessesford, the first. My friends call me Chessy and my little sister calls me Chessifer. I leave in Eagan, MN. I have a new sistercat Seybah and I have lots to teach her. Today when mommy went to your store to get me some food I told her to get Seybah and me some toys, especially Chanukah ones cause I need to teach Seybah about Chanukah cause we are Jewish and she has never been Jewish before.

I was VERY sad when mommy came home and said no Chanukah toys. There were lots and lots and lots of Christmas toys in your store, but nothing for me and Seybah for our holiday.

That doesn't seem like you are being very nice. Don't you like Jewish kitties???? I guess we will have to shop at Dave and Chuck's Pet Supply instead of your store. Which is probably better cause they sell Yeoowwwy and you dont.

So for all you Jewish kitties out there, don't bother going to Petsmart, they forgotted us!!!!!!

Chester Jaye Chesseford, the first!


I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me.......

November 24th 2009 8:27 pm
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Mommy says I growed a shadow, cause every time she sees me now there is a little gray blur chasing me. I keep telling her it is my baby sistercat but she still calls it my shadow.

I am really getting into this big brother thing, it is a LOT of fun. I have someone to play and wrestle with and be silly with. Mommy says I am a good boy cause I am so gentle with Seybah *whispers* I even let seybah think she can pin me to the floor and let her chew on me like she is winning!!!!

Oh and there is another good thing about being a big brothercat, I dont get in trouble as much any more. Mommy is so busy saying "Seybah...NO!; Seybah get down!; Seybah stop that" that she forgets to say "Chester...NO!".

How cool is that, more play and less trouble! Every brothercat should get a baby sistercat, heck I am thinking about trading Winnie in for another baby sistercat!


Can't a brothercat get any privacy?

November 16th 2009 5:05 pm
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*sigh* ok yeah I wanted a sistercat. And I have learned to share my treaties, and my food, and my mommy and my toys (even my williams) and I was ok with all that. But theline may have been crossed now.....she is taking over my tubby time, my sacred man time!

Mommy and I have a routine, when she goes in the bathroom I follow and jump in the tub. She turns the water on and I play and get a drink. It is MY time, for me. No sistercats. Man time.

But no more, now Seybah follows, jumps in my tub and chases my tail while I try to get my drink. How rude!!!!! Is there no where sacred when you have sistercats? Do they have to even follow me to the tub?


A Brothercat, Newmie, Needs Us

November 15th 2009 5:14 pm
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Have you seen the campaign the sistercats are up to? They are championing Sugar or Cookie Crumbs for head of their household. We cant let all the work Calvin did go down the drain. The brothercats must stand behind this little guy.

Please grab the button off my page and show your unity for Newman, for brothercats everywhere. We can NOT let the sistercats take over!!!!!!!

Chester....chaircat for NFHOH!!!!!

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