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Fido the sweetie cat!

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I smell not-so-familiar cat smells!

October 17th 2009 6:30 pm
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Ooooooooo my pawrents are FINALLY back from visiting *MONTE AND FAMILY* ! OMC!! I smell all these smells on their fur and am wondering, is that why they were gone for so long???!!!

Although the weather was terrible (a LOT of rain and bad drivers), my pawrents left at 6am and returned home at 8:40pm.

My mom and dad had so much fun!! Mom loved playing with all Auntie's babies and was happy to finally meet Cannoli, Monte and Truffles! Truffles was a bit shy but mom did get to meet everyone :)

They came home with goodies from Auntie and my brothers!! Let's see... There's a big bag of... Biscotti's!!! Guess who picked them out :) Mmmmmmm mom is munching on a few while doing my diary MOL!!! Auntie Barb also gave mom a yummy Yankee Candle "Spiced Pumpkin", "Winter candy Apple" anti-bacterial hand soap from B&BW, a nice big fridge tablet from PetSmart where 50% of the proceeds to go charities, Halloween sockies (mom usually wears WHITE socks, but the colored ones in mom's drawer are from Auntie over the years MOL), and then WE all got goodies!!!

We got a HUGE bag of goodies: Auntie's famous catnip pillows, mousies, glitter balls, feather toy, 2 Fancy Feast appetizers, PARTY MIx!!!!!, a cute black cat that mom will put up for Halloween, and...

THINGS FROM VEGAS!!!! YES!!!! While Auntie and Rob went to Vegas back in Sept they had bought us and mommy/daddy something too!! Mom gotta pretty rainbow key chain that says Las Vegas, Daddy got a green masculine key chain, and WE got TWO Vegas Tees!!!!

One is dark blue with 2 bears dressed up at Las Vegas (Elvis bear!) and the other is a white T-shirt with the American flag on it saying "Las Vegas".

OMC!! We are so spoiled!!! :) Mom unfortunately won't be able to post pics until late tomorrow as she has an appointment w/ the home guy and then when she gets back from there, she has to TAKE pics :) Bummer, we can't play with our toys until pics... Oh well :)

They also went to Tony Lukes in Philly! Everyone had the Roast Beef sandwich (dad had the Parmesan platter) and the famous bacon/ranch/fries!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm Dad was happy to go there as he LOVED the fries last time!!!

Mom LOVED meeting everyone, but for some reason, she took a liking to Snowmitts (not a surprise), Biscotti and Monte!! Cannoli was having fun playing with mom too but I think Monte and Biscotti liked mom the most :)

Thank you Auntie and Unkie and my fellow furry cousins for a fantastic day!!!


My bro in law...

October 15th 2009 6:23 pm
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I'm glad Harry's feeling a bit better, although I have this sneaky feeling he isn't telling ANYONE what he may or may not have digested while he decided to go for a stroll, aka missing :)

His pawrents had a doozey of a day!! Tire issues, no vet visit, but it ended well as I'm told they got pizza. Mom was jealous of that as she hasn't had pizza in a while...

*sigh* My bro in law Harry sure likes to keep his pawrents on their toes :)


Momma loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

October 11th 2009 2:44 pm
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Just sayin' :) I've been a bit more friendlier with meowmy and even Daddy noticed this change!

Mom never minds if I sit on her or near her, but dad on the other hand, will move me after a while 'cause I'm making him too "hot".

Allie keeps meowing about these birdies! Ooooooo they sound so fun!! I get excited too if I see birdies but often Boogs and Hondo shove me over to the side and then there goes the birdies :(

They are big and fat and seriously, not cool dudes!!! Our Hondo condo will go by a BIG window in our future home so here's hoping I too can see birdies come May!


Limited time on Catster...

October 7th 2009 3:35 pm
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Hondo summed it up so as he said, I, along w/ my brothers are copying his diary to help keep friends informed about our where abouts:

Just as a reminder to some Tom's.... ALLIE IS MINE!! ALL MINE! PAWS OFF!!! I may not be in communication with her much for a few more days but PAWS OFF!!! :)

"Sorry we haven't been around much as mom is working w/ lenders and it's a bit more complicated than we expected. NO ONE ever talks about this stuff so they had no clue!

Mom and dad are approved, FICO is good along w/ debt/credit ratio, just that they're working on closing costs (even though you won't know till THE closing) but for paper work and for the next step, we gotta come to an agreement.

Tomorrow dad will talk to Geoff the guy who is in charge of building our house. A friend spoke w/ Geoff today (he's at home, not working today) and he said that there's NO WAY the closing costs, even at a "What if" standpoint would be $20k. He said expect $7-8k TOPS which is great as mom and dad have $10k set aside for that. The issue is they're doing a VA loan which isn't an issue, but there seems to be more fine print and justification of funds vs. FHA. They have their down payment which, when using the VA 0% is kneaded so they get their $5k Earnest money back. But again, it's complicated. "


No costume for me :)

October 1st 2009 12:00 am
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Nope, I'm too thin to wear the costumes that my brothers wear, so instead, me, Porkers and Hondo are sportin' this Halloween bib :) It says,

"I'm so cute it's spooky"

:) Darn right I'm cute!!! Allie thinks I'm handsome!!! Mom has to make my background page but she says that'll have to wait a day. In the meantime I'll be sportin' my kick tail Pirate background Pansy made me :)

Of course, Tiski and Boogie have their new Halloween pages up *figures*


ID chipped

September 28th 2009 6:43 pm
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First off, I'm super glad my bro-in-law, aka my furrry white brother, is home safe after missing for almost 24 hours. Harry is ID chipped and just another reminder that it's important to have SOME sort of identification on you. All 6 of us are ID chipped and mom feels safer that way.

In the meantime, mom and dad went to the Olive Garden to enjoy the endless pasta and then got desert at Maggie Moos :) Mmmmmm

They also went to PetSmart as we got that free Royal Canin food from joining the featured group on Catster :) We got the hairball formula. The coupon took $4.99 off their bill, making it free :) Mom also got a few things and a special "mitt" brush for Mittens :) HE DOES NOT like to get brushed... He acts like he's dying MOL

Can't wait to try that! Amazing how the power of pur helped bring Harry back :) Keep purrin' for Calvin!



September 27th 2009 7:43 pm
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PURRRRING FOR *CALVIN* !!! AND PURRING FOR *HARRY* ! Harry is missing!!! He got out of the house and while the pawrents tried to coax him, he ran further.

He is the handsome dude of my wife Allie!!





September 26th 2009 4:09 pm
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It's true! I get into a mini funk when dad leaves for work... I mope and start talking to myself. Mom thinks I'm in search of missing daddy. I can't help it, I miss my daddy!!

Mom just posted on daddy's wall on FB saying I'm at it again, crying, looking for him.

I'm still chillaxin' with mom at night while dad finishes up this month on nights... While not the same, I will admit, she gives me more lovies than dad... Dad gets tired of petting me where as mom will keep petting me until I don't want anymore... That is a nice perk.

It's raining so it'll be a quiet night here... Mom is going to set up the lappy in the living room where we all will eventually settle next to her on the sofa. People must think mom's mobile uploads on FB will only ever consist of us sleeping... 'cause every time she gets bored, like clockwork, we're all sleeping next to her on the sofa, and she takes a picture of us sleeping.

I swear, we do more than sleep! REALLY!


Dad's getting jealous

September 22nd 2009 7:54 pm
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Lately I've taken a liking to mom... While dad is on nights, mom has been trying her darndest to make me like her more. It's not like I'm settling for mom, but maybe I didn't give her a proper chance...

While she plays with us while dad's gone, I'll often rest next to her on the sofa or on the backside/head rest area of the sofa--something I don't normally do!

Also when dad gets home around 7:30 am, you can find me on the bed with mom, Boogs, Tiski and Mittens :)

Dad is wondering what's going on!! He's a bit jealous I think :) I was even playing with mom earlier!! And that NEVER happens!!! Don't worry dad, you're still my no. 1 :)


Not at ALL impressed Boogie!

September 15th 2009 3:59 pm
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*POUTS, STOMPS PAW, MROW* Not impressed Boogie! You did a no. 1 on my blanket!!! AND IN HONDO'S PINK CRATE on the way to the Vet!! The crate has to be replaced as it's material and not that hard plastic...


Read Hondo's diary for the details... Boogie did an abridged version... Hondo spilled all.


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