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October 15th 2010 7:48 pm
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Today my mom had a cold and slept late. I got so tired of waiting for her to get up and give me my morning treat! Breakfast time passed, then brunch time, and then it was almost lunch time. I couldn't wait any longer, so I went upstairs and jumped up on the bed and walked around her meowing. I went up to her head, and then down to her feet, and then up to her head again. She didn't smell like there was anything much really wrong with her, so I just kept meowing insistently until she got up to get my treat. Sometimes you have to take a firm paw with humans!


October 14th 2010 10:46 am
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My humans are well enough trained by now that I don't even have to fully meow out my orders--a brief squeaky "Ma-a-a-" will do. "Ma-a-a-"--open the basement door! "Ma-a-a"--Oh no! I can see the bottom of my food dish; fill it at once! "Ma-a-a"--come to my petting station!

I don't believe in wasting energy.


October 10th 2010 11:10 am
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I must say I really have my dad well trained now! Last night, before going to bed, he came into the computer room to turn off the light. I was napping on a chair, but as soon as I saw him I decided that I wanted some attention. So I jumped up and raced across the room to my petting station, the old wicker loveseat! He saw me and immediately sat down to pet me for a while instead of leaving and going to sleep himself. Of course, he didn't want to disappoint his special princess! That's what I call excellent service--good boy, dad!


October 3rd 2010 8:57 pm
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It's getting cold outside around my palace! Summer is over, I guess, and autumn is really here. Mom and dad took out the heavy quilt to put on their bed, and I gave it a thorough inspection to make sure it was ready for use. I also took care to give it a preliminary coating of cat hair to make it warmer. When I come in early to get my Morning Attention, I don't want them to pet me with cold hands! *giggles*


September 27th 2010 10:48 am
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Meow, I'm so excited! Dad just phoned mom and me from his art class. He finished his work early and had lots of extra time, so he used it to make me a cardboard scratching post of my own! He says it has lots of interesting protuberances, just like the one he wouldn't let me use, and he glued them firmly in place so I wouldn't just break them when I flopped down on them (I'm kind of plump *giggles*). I can't wait to see it! And smell it! And jump on it! And scratch it! *flips tail happily*


September 26th 2010 2:37 pm
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I really don't like it if my humans spend too much time sitting out on the deck instead of staying inside the house with me. Don't they know it's dangerous out there?! They don't always listen, but I keep telling them.

Today, while they were outside sitting under the umbrella, I came to the door and meowed at them severely, over and over. After a couple of minutes they paid attention and got up to come inside. (As Dad said, "There's the Muslim call to prayer, and then there's Athena's call to come in!" *giggles*) And right after they came in it started to rain--so, you see, it's a good thing they listened to me!


September 24th 2010 9:09 pm
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Dad was down in my basement playroom all afternoon doing something with cardboard cartons while I was upstairs napping. I could hear him, but I was too sleepy to investigate. Finally he came upstairs, and I decided to go down and look--and what did I find on the table? A beautiful, fancy new cardboard scratching post, with lots of cute protuberances on it to make it more interesting! Of course, I thought, a present for me--after all, the humans don't use scratching posts!I sniffed it all over, and was just about to begin using it when Dad came running downstairs.

*flips tail sulkily*

Turns out it wasn't a scratching post for me. It was a project for his sculpture class. Now it's put away in the closet where I can't reach it.

Meow, what a disappointment!


September 23rd 2010 12:56 pm
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What a nice afternoon I've had, sitting with mom and dad while they pet me and tell me over and over that I'm their sweet little princess! Of course I'm a little princess. Sweet, I don't know. . . . Catnip mousie doesn't think so. *giggles* Meow, well, mom and dad think so, and that's what counts!


September 18th 2010 8:00 pm
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Meow--dad vacuumed up one of my catnip mousies!

I think it was the dark blue one. He didn't see it because the carpet is dark green, and, let's face it, humans simply don't see as well as we do. What an awful sound the mousie made going into Mr. Vacuum! If you think Mr. Vacuum is noisy most of the time, you would have been amazed at how much louder he can get. I thought maybe my mousie would give Mr. Vacuum indigestion so he couldn't work any more, but no such luck. Dad just stopped him for a minute so he could run into the next room and apologize to me (you really don't think I'd be staying in the same room with Mr. Vacuum, do you?), and then he went right back to Mr. Vacuum again. Oh, well, I have dozens of mousies, so I guess I can't get too upset. Still, I wish dad would be more careful!


September 15th 2010 8:58 pm
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Today, dad let me help him with one of his art projects!

For his sculpture class, he's making some kind of low relief plaque, and he has to hold the raised pieces in place with little squares of mat board glued together. He didn't let me help with the gluing (he says rubber cement isn't good for kitties--I wonder why?), but after he cut out all the little squares, he let me test them by batting them around on the table with my paw to make sure they were sturdy enough for use. He said I did a really good job!

*lies on back and rolls happily from side to side*

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