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November 3rd 2006 10:18 am
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A big gray cat came up on MY DECK and stared at me through the glass door. How dare he come onto MY TERRITORY to chase MY BIRDS! I was so indignant! My tail fluffed out to three times its normal size and began thumping! I ran up to the door and started banging on it with my paws to tell him to get lost. Aside from catster friends, I don't want any visitors here at the Cat Mahal! (I do allow the humans to occasionally invite other humans, provided they behave well and show me proper deference.) He just kept sitting and staring at me and wouldn't go away until my human came and chased him away for me. There is some advantage to humans being so big!


October 28th 2006 9:32 am
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What a distressing experience!

Humans have such strange and dangerous bathing habits. Imagine actually choosing to immerse yourself in water! When one of my humans does this, I feel it's best for me to stay close and supervise in case of any trouble. (I've trained them so carefully--I certainly wouldn't want to lose one!)

This morning I was sitting on the side of the tub observing a human while she (meowgh) immersed herself. Occasionally she moved her toes up for me to sniff, so I could see that she was still okay (or maybe she thought I would be entertained by something so silly?). Suddenly I felt something strange on my tail and turned my head to look. The tip of my tail had dropped down into the water! It felt so strange!

I didn't immediately know what to do. I felt anxious, so naturally my tail started thumping up and down--going in and out of the water! I couldn't stop it! Finally I gathered my wits together and jumped off the side of the tub. My tail was so wet! I had to run around and around the house to make it dry off.

I'll have to be more careful next time.


October 20th 2006 10:19 am
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It's been raining a lot here. That's good, because it means one of the humans stays in and doesn't go outside to "work" in the "garden." I would definitely advise any indoor kitties like me not to encourage their humans to keep gardens. Yes, they do provide them with exercise, but on the other hand, it means they are outside instead of inside attending to our needs and (especially) wants. There's also the danger that they could get lost. If they get too far from the Home Territory, they might not know enough to find their way back. (I never worry about this when they leave by car because I know the car will bring them back.)

I always meow to my human through the screen door to make sure she comes in after she's been out there too long.


October 14th 2006 4:14 pm
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I love it when my human plays the violin! No, she doesn't play very well. I don't have to worry that she's going to go off on a tour somewhere and leave me unattended. But those high squeaky notes sound just like me!

When she starts playing, I run into the room and start purring and rolling around on the floor. I'm so happy! I hope she keeps squeaking a lot. :)


October 4th 2006 7:52 pm
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Phoebe, Lucky, and Sprinkles have all given me beautiful rosettes! They're so sweet! I'll have to give them lots of treats. I just love all my friends on Catster! This is so much fun!

Today the humans found my green sparkle ball. It was lost for a long time--it had been hiding under the loveseat in the living room. If only the lazy humans swept under the loveseat more often, they would have found it a lot sooner! I have to get them to do more sweeping in other places, too. I'm still missing the blue sparkle ball and the pink catnip mousie.


September 30th 2006 5:39 pm
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Today I got stuck in the linen closet for half an hour! I went in to check it out and make sure that everything was in order while one of my humans was folding towels to put inside. I'm sure she saw me go in--but I guess she forgot I was there and closed the door when she was finished. I was trapped! It was dark! I couldn't find the way out!

I thought she would remember and come right back, but she didn't (humans are sometimes slow that way). So after a while I started calling to remind her that I was waiting--I wanted her to come back and OPEN THE DOOR! But the TV was on so she didn't hear me (humans don't hear very well either). I called LOUDER. Finally she heard me and came upstairs and let me out. I ran as fast as I could!


September 24th 2006 6:36 pm
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What a scare!

There is a metal chain hanging down from a green glass thing on the computer table. While I'm lying on the table watching one of my humans type, I like to bat the chain back and forth and take a few bites. Why not? It's usually fun--but not today. Today I got quite excited doing this and and bit down hard on the end of the chain. Suddenly a bright light came on! Right in my face! I was shocked! I leaped off the table and ran away as fast as I could! Then I hid under the bedspread. My heart was thumping; my tail was thumping; I didn't know what had happened.

Maybe I won't bite that chain anymore.


September 15th 2006 6:48 pm
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I think I want to talk about the vacuum cleaner today. I don't mean the big vacuum cleaner. I don't like it--it's big and noisy, but, as my friend Phoebe has pointed out, it only runs around making noise when its tail is attached to the wall. And it always has a human with it to watch it while it is doing this, so I don't have to worry too much that it might eat me (surely my humans would immediately snatch THEIR BEAUTIFUL, SPECIAL PRINCESS from its nasty mouth?!).

The one I'm worried about is small, about my size. It's round, and it doesn't have a tail. It just comes out sometimes in a very sneaky way and runs around by itself making noise. Sometimes it goes around in circles, and sometimes it runs across the kitchen from side to side. I watch it from a distance and it doesn't seem to pay any attention to me.

I'm not sure exactly why it's here. The humans call it by name--Roomba. It ignores them when they call, but so do I, sometimes.

Who is it? What is it, really? Is it the kitten of the big vacuum cleaner? (But the big one never feeds it, or grooms it, the way my cat mama did for me.) Why is it here? Do they intend it to be my sister, or something?

I don't want a noisy sister. Not in my palace!

I thought about biting it, but maybe I'd better just stay away.


September 4th 2006 12:43 pm
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Run run run to the east side of the house! Run run run to the west side of the house! Run upstairs! Run downstairs! Don't let the humans catch me when I pass them by--not a chance; they're too slow! They can't even brush my tail! Zoom, zoom! Run, run!

Time for a nap.


August 27th 2006 9:59 pm
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All my sparkle toys have gotten lost. I know I put them somewhere safe, but it was such a good safe place that I don't remember where it is. I meowed to the humans to look, but they couldn't find them either, even after they moved all the furniture. They went to buy me some more, but the store was out of sparkle toys (horrors!), so they bought me some other stuff. I don't care for the crinkle balls--crinkles are simply _not_ sparkles (what _were_ they thinking!)--but--I've got a new catnip mousie here at the Cat Mahal! Meow! It's black and white and pink, just like moi!

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