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Day in the life of Hondo

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Out and about!

August 20th 2011 7:01 pm
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My newest comfy spot is on the dinning table. Yeah, you're right, I do leave a few of my precious gray hairs behind, but what can you do?

I've been keeping grandpaw on his toes as he spends a lot of time in the basement which is where he sleeps. So because we both share a geezer bond, (mom says this), I naturally want to be with him so I race downstairs before he shuts the door. Sometimes I am successful but most of the time, he's faster than me!

I know my catster page is showing my bday page from 3 months ago! Oh the shame...

Well, nap time awaits me!



July 9th 2011 12:06 am
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OMC!!! Do my green eyes deceive me?!?!

I see... SUSHI available in the gifts!!! I remember how they had this years ago! Ok, so it's been 3, but who's counting :)

Speaking of, mom wants her California Roll, sans avacado. But the good Sushi place is 10 min from here. Plus the parking lot is always busy!

Maybe mom will make her canned tuna/cucumber sushi roll sometime. Problem is, it doesn't "taste as good" as restaurants she says...

Also, a side note. I just realized I haven't done a diary since my 8th birthday 2 months ago!! My secretary is FIRED!! Always giving Boogie love... I might have to call Princess!!!


Back off! MY bday feast!

May 26th 2011 6:51 pm
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So I had a pawsome birthday and I'd like to thank all my friends for helping me celebrate turning 8!

I got a full helping of Fancy Feast Appetizers and wouldn't you know it?!?! ALL MY BROTHERS including the Ugly Kitty!

I posted a picture of them begging and TRYING to get my food! The raggies kept jumping on the condo and mom would push them off so I could eat.

Not easy being a geezer!


Today is my 8th Birthday AND Gotcha Day!!

May 25th 2011 7:28 am
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Meow!! Today there are 557 Catster's who celebrate their Birthday and I'm one of them :)

Yup! I'm getting up there in age, but fiesty as I was when I first came home :) 7 years ago, mom and dad brought me home!!! I'm their first cat as a married couple and mom's 1st EVER cat!

And wow! Look at all the gifts from friends and pawmails!! I better hide the HUGE cake Colleen gave me or Boogs might eat it all :)

Thank you friends!! Ok, time to celebrate!!!


Birthday Boy!

May 15th 2011 4:49 pm
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So May 25 is my 8th Birthday and my 7 year gotcha day!

Mom was able to take a picture of me in the spiffy hat Pansy sent us! Since my birthday was next, I get to strike a pose! Oh my, I'm handsome no?

Mom's back is still iffy, and she hopes to see a Chiropractor this week. She's never been to one but after 10 days and her not being 100% she's worried!

Nothing a lil' pink can't fix!


Don't step on me!

May 7th 2011 4:50 pm
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I was laying on the dinning table, and mom was looking outside. Where ever mom is, Boogie is close by. So Boogie sees mom looking outside towards our deck and naturally, he jumps up on the table to be closer to mom.


Resident Geezer, me, here! I was laying down and the fat cat Boogie steps on me! So I gave him a piece of my mind and nipped at his leg. He meowed like a baby, and I, Hondo, get in trouble 'cause Boogie is a momma's boy!


I WAS HERE FIRST! I get no respect! MOL


Ice Cream!

April 10th 2011 10:22 pm
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Perhaps it's because it was semi Pink? Mom was eating some Raspberry ice cream and she turned away for a second to pet Ethan. Next thing, I was licking her ice cream! What can I say? It was pink! Free reign!

Tiskers also had a nibble but he only licked the bowl when mom left to let Ethan out.

Perhaps we should blame Ethan? :)


Resident Geezer?

March 30th 2011 9:37 am
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Geeze, that's one of my new nick names. Sure, I've earned it, I'm the oldest and I try not to let the others intimidate me, although they do...

HOWEVER the condo in our eat in area of the kitchen? Lately I, HONDO!! Have been claiming that as MINE!! And my humans have noticed :)

That's right, I've earned it, I'm the resident geezer in da houseeeeeeeeee! Don't mess with me or my pink condo! :)


We're alive!

March 15th 2011 2:31 pm
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Sheesh! We really need a new secretary! When our newmies had gone wild and with my mild dehydration mom got her fur in a panic and was watching us like a hawk.

This of course resulted in our diaries to lack. Poor Fido, 2 months with no love. Tiskers a month of no diary love.


How come Boogie gets love no matter the family emergency?!?! He's so spoiled... Gets to shower with mom when ever he sounds stuffy... Gets picked up when he jumps on the dinning table in hopes to get lovies (which he gets). Yet I'm the one who makes their bed warm as I like laying on their bed. I'm the one who protects our pad!!

Hmph is the word in my family today!

I do believe my newmies are better... When I had a UTI 3 years ago, I peed outside the box. This time with runny newmies, pooed outside the box. And since my meds, nothing! :)

Mom just can't monitor our newmies all the time with our litter robot and all... Although dad said there's more hard newmies in the past day as he checked the robot's newmie collection. He said when I was really ill, there weren't many hard newmies...


Yack! Belly ache! VET!!!!!!!!!!!

March 3rd 2011 4:41 pm
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So I may be a divo but add party pooper to my list!

Ethan is 1 years old today but why would I let him have the spot light?

Last night I threw up and had my first of 4 bouts of runny poooos :( 3 more times today and mom was able to get me a Vet appointment even though he was booked :) I love my Vet Dr. Cather!

I'm 16 pounds and I had a tiny fever (half degree higher than normal 102.5). I had my LI Diagnostic profile done (blood work) and a fecal sample. All came back good. So no need for antibiotics!

I did get some Sub Q fluids as I was a bit dehydrated and I have 2ml 1x a day of Florentero Paste for my runny's. Oh and the vet embarrassed me.... I'm "gassy". MOL!!

Thanks for the purrrs on FB!

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