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The life of Boogers!

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Thanks to everyone who came to my pawwwty!!!!

September 1st 2006 7:23 pm
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WOW! What a day!!! Not only did I get my Super Stroller buttons, and a key chain from my bestie friend *ROCKYANN*, but I received a Rosette from my friend *TOULOUSE*! Thank you again!!!

Then at 9PM EST, I held my furrrst Super Stoller pawty in honor of the Humane Society furrr all their good deeds over the years...

I'd like to pawsonally thank (in no pawticular order):
Rocky Ann, Tobey, Colleen, Sabrina, Cleo, Eve, Simba, Violet, Monkey (blue), Calvin, Toulouse, and Samoa furrr showing up to my pawty!! I hope I didn't furrrget anyone!!

We also celebrated Toulouse's Meowmy's birthday and did a toast in honor of Dusty, aka SS of the week who couldn't be there!!!

((head bonks))

PS Lucky Boo! Got your message! We missed you but that's totally fine!! Next time!!!

PPS Just got a BEAUTIFUL Rosette from my good pal *MONKEY (Blue)* Thank you MEOWY MUCH!!!


I sponsored a cat!!!!!!!

September 2nd 2006 12:04 am
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I'm apawrt of a group called "Best Friends Animal Society" on Catster, and our group members are busy sponsoring a cat that is dear to us... So we just sponsored my new friend *ROCKY* No, it's not my pal *ROCKYANN* but she was the inspurrration behind my selection. Had it not been furrr her, I would have NEVER of know about *BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY*

We plan on donating and sponsoring a new cat each month, and hope to eventually sponsor all 70+ cats no matter HOW long it takes!!!


Monkey's words of wisdom...

September 2nd 2006 11:15 pm
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So I got a group mail in reguards to one of my friends. Man, that is one smart cat! He wrote in his diary about ways furrr cats to enjoy and get the most out of strollin'. So I'd like to give a shout out to him, and please read his diary!


Also did you all check out my other friend's site? *SIMBA* She added a few of her home videos and she's such a talented writer!

Monday, if the weather behaves, I'm going to go on my furstest and longest stroll ever... AND during the day time! WOOT!

Also, I hope my pal *COLLEEN* feels better as during her Super Star Cat Audition, she fell ill...

I think my girlfriend *OREO* is our new lead singer in our group!!! :: crosses paws :: And check out her display pic! Yup, I did that furrr her!! :: wink wink ::

Every cat have a safe weekend/holdiay! MEOW!


MOL!! I about died watching my friend's slide show!!!

September 3rd 2006 12:55 am
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MOL! OH MY!! Please visit my friend *SAMOA'S* page and view her video! MOL!!!


Gotta have friends!!!

September 4th 2006 1:12 am
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So I had the nicest lil' chat with my pal *SIMBA* and cat oh cat, can she type fast! She has lightning paws!

I'd also like to paw out that my friend *COLLEEN* is Diary of the Day AGAIN, 3rd time in a week! ConCats!!!

And, last, but not least... Check out the new digs my pal *ROCKYANN* is sportin! That girl is going to live furrrever as she's so in shape with all her stroller rides!! Stroll on girlfriend! MOL

AND! I just received the mostest, beautiful Rosette too from Ms. Rocky Ann!!! Gosh, I'm blushing! Can you all see?? =)


Raining Cats and Dogs! =(

September 5th 2006 12:25 am
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Gosh, just when it finally cooled down, and when I had a longgggg weekend with my pawrents, the Rain Man had to do his thing and pour on my day:(

So no stroll. And I'm on a non strollin' streak and that's NOT a good thing... Look at my belly :: points :: I need excersise! I miss my colbolt stoller:( We have it semi pimped but I can't show my digs off!!

My meowmy saw how sad I was so she and dad drove to PetSmart only to be disapointed.. One, we didn't find our friend Skeezix a Bday gift there, and two, the toys my mom wanted to get me weren't there!!! So, they drove home, broke the news to me, and then we went online... So here are a few pics of my new toys that'll be here this week!!!

I've seen *THIS* on a LOT of cat's pages and since I love to be brushed, I thought this would be good furrr when my pawrents are at work!

And then furrr excersise I got *THIS*

And now there's talk that my meowmy might order *THIS* for excerise furrr us all as we LOVE the tunnel in our scratching post!!! We're still looking into that though. Apawrently, my pawrents only saw these TINY tunnels that were about 2 feet long... I want something large to play with my brothers!!! Plus it's more excersise... Thanks *MONKEY BLUE* furrr helping us find sites!!



September 5th 2006 6:53 pm
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WOOPIE! Guess what came in the mail when my meowmy got off of work! A pawkage furrr me, Fido, and Hondo from our friend *COLLEEN* !!! Unfortunetly, Hondo was MIA again, and wasn't in the picture (I swear I have a brother who's grey and named Hondo!). So check out my pictures of our gifts! Thank you meowmy much Colleen!! And we even got a picture of her:) Don't worry Baily, I know she's spoken furrr!!

And speaking of Colleen.. She's Diary of the Day AGAIN!! GO COLLEEN!!!


Meowmy NOoooooooooooooooo!!!!

September 6th 2006 10:42 pm
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::sniff sniff:: My mom just got back from taking the dog furrr her last "walk" of the night... I know I broke my meowmy's heart, but I couldn't help but give her the sad eyes...

See, it's late right? Well, daddy is at work and meowmy can't take us all furrr a walk this late... As I type this, the weather is nice and brisk... But I got really jealous when I saw Snooper (my sister) get her final walk of the night... So much that I walked up to them as they were leaving and "squeaked" and pawed at my meowmy... I wish I could have come =(

I miss my stroller... Really I do!!! Words cannot express how much I miss it:( I sleep in it, sit in it, but the darn thing won't MOVE!!! I hope the weather is better soon!! ::Sniff, sniff:: WAHHHHHHHH I want a STROLLER RIDE!!!!


New stuff furrr my wall of cats and my 'ride!!!

September 7th 2006 5:49 pm
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MEOWY MEOW MEOW! So when my mom got home from work, she came in all excited saying "BOOGERS! FIDO! HONDO! GUESS WHAT!" and I ran up to her (after a head scratch of course) and she showed me this large envelope from my pal *EVE*.

Now what could it be?? I frantically opened it up w/ my handy claw (I'm right pawded), and inside was this pawsome card and also a license plate furrr my stroller that reads: The Great Outdoors, and her purrrty picture!! MEOW! We're starting to add pics of my friends (the ones who have sent me one)!!!

So far I have Oreo, Colleen and now Eve on it!!! SWEET!

So many thanks to her furrr this unexpected card:) I'm going to have my meowmy take an updated pic of my ride this week so check that out Saturday!!!

((head bonks))
PS! She didn't have ANY TREATS! So I sent her a bunch, and you all should too!!


Mystery pawkage from PurpleMoon???

September 8th 2006 1:27 am
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So a little birdy told me that my pal *SKEEZIX* received a pawkage from a place called PurpleMoon... But he doesn't know who sent him the gift? Now why on earth would Skeezix be getting a gift from someone...

Could it be:
A) It was his lucky day?
B) Why shouldn't he get pressies? He's so deserving of gifts!
C) His Bday is September 16th!!!
D) His pals Boogers, Hondo, and Fido wanted to help pimp his ride??

Hmmm, dom dom dommmmmmmmmmmmm, let the plot thicken... What is the correct answer???

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