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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

Showdown in the dining room...with all 3 cats!!!

October 4th 2007 7:19 pm
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When Mommy and Daddy first brought home Kiki, I did not like her. That was well over two years ago, and I still don't much like her! But today while I was in my sunporch office getting some sun and sleep, Kiki came to see me out there with an urgent matter to discuss. I told her to have a seat, but not in my chair! Apparently, she has been observing some disturbing activity inside the house!

That little scruffy thing they call Catsy...she used to only stay in her room all day, even though her door was open. But lately, she's been using our water fountain! She's been sleeping on the rug Kiki and I use when we don't feel well! Also, Kiki told me that this cat does not show the proper respect to the Lord and Lady of the Manor. (That is me and Kiki!) She just lays there, hissing at Kiki, who is only trying to sneak past without being noticed!

I told Kiki to pull herself together, and that I would purrsonally handle this little matter myself. I wish Kiki could be trusted to deal with these things on her own, as I am busy sleeping, but she can't help it if she's just a girl. A sweet, pushover of a girl.

So tonight, I absolutely insisted that Mommy let me in the house, even though I knew that some new cat was on our rug! Mommy decided to go ahead and let me in, reasoning that if the scruffy one was really afraid of me, she would go back upstairs where she belongs. That is what I thought too! I thought she would see me getting closer and closer! (Well, she can't run, but she can walk fast.)

But Kiki was right. She just stays right where she is...roaring her little roar. She even took a swing at me! My feelings were very hurt, so Mommy was hugging me and giving me treats! Not now...MOM! I need to look tough, not like a big Momma's boy! Geesh!

Time for Plan B. I jumped up on the dining room chair and then the table (I rarely do this) and called an emergency meeting with Kiki. We both paced all around the table top, fretting about what to do. I said to Kiki, "Maybe if we both stand together, she will get scared and run away!" So we both kept pacing and pacing. The scruffy one just looked at us as if we were nuts. Then she closed her eyes, and kind of looked like she was sleeping!

Then, she got up! Goody! She is going away! It worked! But not so fast. She was getting up to move closer to the table, so then she was laying down in the hallway. "This is UNACCEPTABLE!" I meowed.

I got down, and I was going to just give her a piece of my paw. But as soon as I would get close, Mommy would gently nudge me to move on. Finally, I gave up and went back on my porch office to come up with a new strategy. I will have to sleep on it tonight, and come up with a better plan for tomorrow!


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