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Big Meanie!

June 3rd 2006 10:20 am
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I was so happy today when my Mum stayed at home and didn't go to her 'work' thing. We went into the back garden behind our flat and I got to play in the grass and climb a lovely kitten sized tree put there just for me. We stayed out for quite a while, but Mum took me inside before I really wanted to. Then we just sort of hung out for the rest of the day and napped in front of the fan and stuff. It was pretty hot today so I only had so much energy for biting and such.

Then this evening Auntie Evrim calls and says we are going to visit the vet. I thought, 'Vet... sounds like a bath. I don't really like baths, but they're okay and it IS really hot out.' Mum put me in my harness again *sigh* and we met Auntie Evrim and Uncle Ali and went for a car ride. Talk about cool! Everything outside was moving so quickly. It was very exciting. We got to the vet and there was this pretty white cat there, but she didn't seem to like me much. The vet turned out to be a lady, not a bath, and she cooed and fussed over me a bit. Mum kept distracting her though, asking questions about vaccination passports and such, but I managed to make myself known on the vet lady's lap. Then we went into the back room and she weighed me. I weigh 900 grams! Almost a whole kilo. Mum and Auntie Evrim were impressed. I was so proud, I started strutting around this metal table they put me on and then things went all pear shaped!

The big meanie poked me in the side with a needle! I showed her just how angry I was by lashing my tail, but OH the INDIGNITY! They put some smelly stuff on the back of my head and then left it there. Mum says it's to get rid of any parasites, but it's stinky! I don't like it.

If this is how things turn out when Mum stays home, perhaps being left alone most days isn't so bad. I liked the playing and attention, but really, was the poking and the smelly stuff REALLY necessary?


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