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Big Head Cat Tales

some strange happenings

October 19th 2008 7:35 pm
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It has been a long time since I've written, but not a long time since my family has thought of me.
Some strange things have happened in the past couple of weeks that have really brought me to the forefront of those thoughts.
First, a friend who lives less than 1/2 mile away through the forest said she's been feeding a sweet black and white cat. My family later found out that cat is a female.
Second, my humans saw a black and white cat who had been hit by a car and was on the side of the road. They got out and looked at the poor kitty and realized it had a pink nosed and a bit longer fur.
Third, my best kitty friend who lives a few houses away, known only as "the black cat" meowed and came to snuggle with mama yesterday. This is the cat who supposedly fought with every cat she ever met except me. She also ALWAYS ran away when we were playing and the humans came home. My family has barely even seen her in the past 2 years, yet there she was meowing at mama while the dogs barked on the deck.
Last, a mailing from the local humane society came yesterday. In it was an article about a Pom who had disappeared but was microchipped. 2 YEARS later, the dog was turned in, the elderly owner was called and she came to pick up her dog!
Friends, I don't know how many of you ever check on me, but if you could purr for me I'd really appreciate it. Yes, my family still thinks I probably met my maker 2 years ago, but if there was ever a time they have hope I may still be in a warm loving home, this is it!


It seems like furever, but it's been a little over 1 year

August 18th 2007 10:09 pm
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It was a little over 1 year ago that my family saw me for the last time...August 13th, 2006 was just a regular day but my family didn't know when they said good night that it would be the last time.
Mama was trying so hard to make me an indoor cat, but those rotten dogs kept scaring me.
Not a day goes by that she doesn't think of me and even looks for me:(
The three new cats who live here are all indoors, but there is still room for me if I can ever return.
Please keep your kitties inside and safe and give them an extra hug tonight from my family.


Some potentially sad news...

March 6th 2007 9:31 pm
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Our next door neighbor talked to mama today and she said some people who live near us just cut down a BIG tree. It had an eagle's nest in it, and when they looked in it, there were lots of small cat and dog collars in it.
Mama is afraid to know if my special beaded necklace was in there...
Our neighbor has two indoor cats and is a good friend to us- I know she has looked for me lots- I used to visit her every day...


I'm so honored to be BOTD!

March 1st 2007 7:18 am
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Yesterday, mama was driving the kids to school and she saw the same tuxedo cat crossing the highway that she saw when Gizzie gave me my star. Now, to lots of people a mostly black cat crossing the road in front of them would be bad luck, but to mama it was GOOD! She took it as a sign that maybe I've survived and found a new family. She and the kids were all talking about me and that cat for quite a while yesterday.
Then last night she looked on the computer and saw that I"ve been chosen BOTD. Now she feels happy and sad. Happy that there are so many catsters still purring for me and my family, but sad that I'm not sitting on the computer desk...
Mama knows that she will see me again some day, and she wants to thank everyone for their love and support!


The wanderer

February 3rd 2007 11:15 pm
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Toddcat has some new music to celebrate what a happy go lucky cat he is/was. When I told the lady who'd been feeding him as a stray that he was missing, she just said he was probably off to find a new adventure. I like to think of him sauntering down the street with his little "hobo bag" filled with Temptations treats...much better than the alternative image that haunts me.
I do think that Todd is somewhere better- a cushy indoor life he always needed or playing with shrews at the bridge. I know I will see him again some day, but I'd still prefer sooner to later.
Thanks to all my cat friends who continue to be so loving and supportive-I know there must be cats with Toddcat's amazingly wonderful purrsonality all over!!


My tail of devotion for Toddcat

October 24th 2006 1:57 pm
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When our vet told me about the sweet cat that would be a great outdoor cat for us, I was not too excited.You had an abcess on your paw and a big missing patch of fur on your side and just looked a little rough. Oh well, maybe you would hunt...
You became the sweetest, gentlest and most devoted cat I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, but your time with us was far too short. I looked for you and visited with you several times each day, but I knew you wanted more. I was letting you come in when the dogs were out, but you were restless. Maybe you found someone who would let you be inside all the time or maybe you are waiting for me at the bridge...
Todd, you were my only cat who liked to be held like a baby, enjoyed affection so much you drooled and gave gentle love bites. You always came when I called your name and the only collar you would keep on was the handmade stretchy beaded one. If you are lost I will happily take you back whenever you return, but if you are truly gone I will still see you again some day, my wonderful boy!


Where is Toddcat??

August 20th 2006 9:56 pm
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Our special boy has been missing since Monday August 14th. We have looked all over our neighborhood, passed out 50 or so flyers to neighbors and listed him on several websites with no luck. We miss him so much and hope he has just wandered into a wonderful new home. He is microchipped and was wearing a collar with ID when he became lost, so we are hoping for the best while fearing the worst. Please keep Todd in your thoughts and prayers!


My toys

June 9th 2006 10:14 pm
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Well, Mom finally figured out why I don't like toys- the little guys out in the woods are much more fun. I was really having fun throwing a little shrew in the air when she looked out the window and saw me... so I had to throw it a few more times! Then I left it near her van. Maybe I'll find a new toy tomorrow- Mom says I can play all I want and she gave me some extra treats and chin scratches, too!!


Friends and Enemies

May 23rd 2006 4:46 pm
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I have lived with my new family for almost 2 months, and I have some new friends and enemies...
On the top of the friends list is my family... well, I'm not sure about the big guy who lives here, but I love my new Mama and kids. Even the little girl has really come around. And it helps that she almost always has treats for me!
I also have some kitty friends who are my neighbors- one is all black and one is black and white and they both like to share my food. I let them because I know Mom will always give me a refill . Both cats have homes on our street, but they must just like my food better!
On to the enemies- these dogs are not nice. They have their own fenced yard, but I just stay away from them. Mom says they are mostly herding or hunting dogs, but they're not supposed to herd or hunt me! I think if it came down to it, I could give them a nasty scratch on the nose.
My black cat friend and I have been getting the other enemies- the moles, so Mom says I am earning my keep. I am a good boy and love all the attention I've been getting- think I'll stay!!

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