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Gimme Gimme Gimme

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Just For Now, Dude...

April 21st 2014 6:01 pm
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Save me a good seat at the bar, Rufus dude. **slips on dark shades to try to hide the bloodshot eyes and onslaught of tears**



Pink Slipped

January 18th 2014 7:49 am
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WHAT THE LITTER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Mombo told us last night what is happening with Catster and Dogster. Who had this brilliant idea to shut down the community?!?!?!?

I'm no genius, but if you ask me SM indemnifies exactly everything that is wrong with this country. Got a community that likes to rally, and work together, and support each other? BREAK 'EM UP! There's a "better" way to make more money!

My mombo has been crying a lot since she found out. I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN ANYONE MAKES MY MOMBO CRY ANYTHING OTHER THAN TEARS OF SHEER JOY!!!! And these are NOT happy tears!

We've met some of our very best friends here. Ambro joined our family because of Catster! And I can tell you now, this community carried my mombo through some very difficult times. There was a time when Catster (and us kidz) were all the happiness in her life.

**sigh** I know a lot of our humans are working together to come up with a solution. But most importantly, we want to stay in touch with you. If you or your human is on that Facebook site, my mommy is Sue Lyn Maves Ashley. If you would like to stay in touch via email or some other way, please PM us.

Oh, and by the way, N-utro IS bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Time is Flyin'!

August 5th 2013 5:36 pm
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Holy Moly!!!

I can NOT believe it has been almost two years since my last diary entry!!! **gives Mombo the evilest stink eye EVER**

A lot has happened, and nuthin' has happened, you know? But two years?!?!?

Things are pretty good. We like it (mostly) in JAW-JUH. Except it's hot! HOT!!!! and people tawwwwwlk funny. MOL

Mombo and Yo Paulie added a new Ugly Kitty to the mix a while back. This thing is ginormous!! It's name is Sadie, and mostly it hangs out with Geely. Which is good because it's tongue is constantly hanging out and that gives me the creeps.

We also have some kitties that mombo rescued from outside. A mama and her kittens. Mombo found a home for one of the kittens right away, but we still have the mama and the two boy kittens. It's been a year now! Mombo can't find homes for them, and we can't keep them, so mombo has been getting very frustrated about that.

I've also had some mysterious illness for a couple of months now. I'm fine for a few days, and then I get all pukey. The v-e-t and his vampire minions have run all kinds of tests but haven't figured out why I'm so puke-alicious (as Ele' says). I go back tomorrow for more poking and prodding; hopefully they get this figured out, because I'm pretty sure I've lost some muss-culls. If you have a little POP to spare, it would be greatly appreciated.

We sure do miss everyone here. Mombo stays in touch with a lot of your pawrents on some other FB site, but not everyone. We miss our friends and the good old days of Catster!

Anyway, hope all of you have been having a pawsome summer!!!



September 22nd 2011 7:41 pm
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Hey yuh-awl!!

Mombo says we're supposed to tawlk like that now, since we live in Jaw-Juh. Mombo doesn't tawlk like that. Yo Paulie doesn't really tawlk like that eeether, but sometimes when he's on the tellyphone he does what mombo calls "slipping into it", and then when he gits off the tellyphone and keeps tawlking we cain't understand a wurd he's sayin' and we look at him like he's gawt three possums on his haid.

**looks around to see if mombo is within ear shot**

Okay, between you and me, I can't keep that up. I don't know if mombo really expects me to talk like that, but I'm telling feels like my jaw is getting stretched out of shape when I Do! MOL

Ele' is very excited because she says that some of you still remember us. That IS pawsome!!!! I think Ele' has been a little blue lately, because she really misses everyone here. We all do.

Hope everyone is doing great! It's almost Fall. You know what that means: Vroooom!!!!! **head out to garage to tune up his motorcycle**


Why I Am...Well, The Way I Am

December 16th 2010 10:35 am
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Hey everyone!! **waves**

Sorry we've been MIA. Mombo has been super busy with work stuff, plus she's had uber issues with the typy. But we wanted to check in and say hello to all of our friends!

Are you guys getting ready for Santy Claws? We've got our stockings hung and made up our wish lists.

One of the things that I asked Santy Claws to bring is lots of my food. I eat that Wysong Uretic food. It's really good stuff!!! As many of you know, I will furever have to eat special foods, because of the lifelong problems I will have after eating the tainted Not-To-Be-Named Brand of Food. Anyway, unlike a lot of the "special" foods, this Wysong stuff tastes sooooooo good!!! Nom nom nom! We all inhale it. And I'm asking Santy to bring some, cuz we don't have a lot of pet shops in our area, so mombo has to order it. She says that's ok though. She says she would drive all the way across the country to make sure she gets food that's good for us. MOL

Have any of you made up your wish lists for Santy? What are you wishing for?


(Left Blank Intentionally)

September 16th 2010 11:02 pm
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**Gimme studies the 4 page document that he printed out**

**Pops a Tums**

**Gimme starts to type, stops, looks at the document again**

Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.

**Pops a Tums**

**Gimme sets his eleventy gajillion toes and claws onto the typy in anticipation of typing.**

**Glances at document again**

**Pops a Tums**

**Wiggles his eleventy gajillion toes and claws on the typy keys**

**Looks up in thought**

**Looks at document again**

**Pops some Tums**

**Opens his mouth to say something to Ele' and Ambro, glances at document, quickly shuts his trap**

**Pops a Tums**

**Watches the spider crawling up the wall**

**Looks at the typy keyboard, at the document, back at the typy keyboard**

**Pops a Tums**

**Sighs heavily and logs off**


Jar-Ja on My Mind

July 22nd 2010 2:10 pm
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Hey everyone!! Holy moly, it seems like furever since we've been able to visit Catster!! I'd give mombo the ol' stink eye, but I'd have to agree that the reasoning is actually pretty good this time. MOL

As my daughter Molly meowed in her diary, we've moved to Jar-Ja. Now, we're not living in jars. It's a place on a map, and mombo pointed it out to me. The place we live inside of Jar-Ja is called Macon. I think I mentioned that in one of my other diaries. I expected this place to smell like, and be replete with bacon, but it's not. Mombo is quite happy about that.

The move up here was good for all of us furkids. We spent the day in our room when people showed up to load all of our stuff into a ginormous growly machine. Then that evening mombo loaded all of us into our pawsonal carriers - already treated with Feliway - and away we went. We were really good for mombo. We quietly talked to her a little bit, but for most of the 6hr drive we just chillaxed and slept. We were at the new house when we were all finally ready to get out and stretch our legs, so the timing of the trip was purrfect!! The only bad thing was that we had to wait so long to eat. Dang, I couldn't wait to get kibblies and snackies!!!

We spent the first week in the "downstairs". That's where our playroom is being set up, but there's other rooms, too. We didn't mind, until we ventured up the stairs and ran into a closed door. I don't like closed doors. And the doors here have round knobs instead of the easy-to-open levers, so I'm really having to practice with them. MOL Anyway, mombo kept going to the other side of this door, but we weren't allowed. Now, when Chelsea Louise's mom goes to the other side of the door, she goes to another country. I was a little worried that mombo was leaving the country, too. (Actually, she has been so upset with her movers that I'm kind-of surprised she didn't try to escape to another country, but that's another story) But we were finally allowed to go through the door this week, and dang!! There's a whole nuther house up here!!! Mombo says that this is the "real" part of the house. All I know is that it's where her office is, and the tellytube, and the main bedroom. I have never been so happy to sleep on mombo's head in all my life!!! Mombo says she was pretty happy for it, too.

We have some big windows where we can watch squirrels and birds, and...vishus deer!!!! We do have vishus deer that come into our front yard at night to eat the pears that drop from the big tree. I'm going to have to order some repellent from Rocky and Tripper so that those deer don't try to break in and eat me if we ever run out of pears. And mombo is getting lots of bird feeders to set ut around the yard so that we'll have lots of birdies to eat. I mean watch.

It looks like a really nice neighborhood for strolling, too. So we're hoping that we can start doing that again when things settle down here. Mombo still has lots of unpacking to do (dang movers and their late growly machine!) and she's going to be real busy with work, too.

Oh, did I mention that Ele' has a HYOOGE crush on mombo's boyfriend?? MOL MOL MOL


On the Move

July 7th 2010 12:04 pm
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Holy moly!! You should see our house...mombo has been in a packing frenzy, cuz we're moving to Macon this weekend. I like the sound of sounds like bacon. MOL

Anyway, mombo says we may not have the intynet for a few days. Now I know we've MIA as it is, but we'll be completely offline beginning Saturday, other than on mombo's talky-typy...which I have a difficult time typing on with my ginormous toes. MOL

We do have a question for all of you Catsters: we need to find a v-e-t and a petsitter in the NW Macon area, and would be grateful for any suggestions that mombo can check into for us.

I ALSO WANT TO WISH A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED PHOEBE!!!! Today is her birthday, and she's chillaxin to cellybrate. **blows kissies to Phoebe**

And I want to apawlogize to everyone for our absence lately. We haven't been able to be active ib our groups, and we know we've missed birthdays, honors, and purr requests and we're so sorry. Between how busy mombo is with work and trying to get ready to move, we've had to sacrifice typy time. Hopefully things will get a little better once we're done with this move.


I'm Out of the Closet!!

June 11th 2010 1:28 pm
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Hey everyone! I want to thank all of you for the nice comments, pmails, and rosies. I'm doing much better today.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling well enough last night to come out of the closet. MOL Don't worry, Phoebe, you are the love of my life!! I got tired of being holed up in mombo's closet and I was feeling a little better. And I knew she was still worried about me when she went to sleepy-bye. So I got up on the bed to cuddlebug with her. Usually I sleep on mombo's head or at least on her pillow and squashed up against her head. But that entails lots of hair pulling and tossing and turning, and I wasn't feeling well enough for that. SO I curled up against her back. Mombo said she knew it was me and not Ele' cuz I didn't squeak. MOL She said she really wanted to turn over and hug on me, but she thought maybe I wouldn't be up for that and might get up and leave. So she kept still and so did I, and we slept like that all night.

And then this morning I was STARVING!! I woke up mombo with lots of kissies, and as soon as she got out of bed I started yelling at her to GIVE ME SNACKIES or SOMETHING!!! She laughed and said she knew I was feeling much better. And she gave me soft foodies for my breakfast instead of the usual kibblies cuz she thought my toofers and gums might be sore. Nom nom nom!!!

So thanks again everyone!!! Mombo and I both really appurrciate all of your good thoughts for me.


Woozy is as Woozy Does

June 10th 2010 7:58 pm
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Well, I'm home tonight. I got all of my toofers cleaned, and I got to keep all of them, too. Apawrently there's such as thing as toofer vampires...I thought it was bad enough that there are blood vampires and peepee vampires.

I did okay. I have a little bit of an infekshun, so I have to take some meddysins. Good riddance to mombo trying to give that to me...serves her right, I say! I also had something the doc called Ginger Invite Us. I know of some Gingers around Catster, but I don't think I've been invited to anything by any of them lately. So I don't know for certain who this Ginger was, or how he or she got in my mouth, but I think the doc got them out. **scratches head in complete confusion**

Anyway, I'm still really woozy. I just want to be left alone to try to rest this off, so I decided to set up camp in one of mombo's closets. She brought one of my beds in there for me, so I'm comfy. Mombo keeps checking on me, so I guess she's still worried.

I want to thank everyone for their purrs and comments. We all know how pawsome the POP is!!!!

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