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White Christmas

December 15th 2009 4:31 pm
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WoW! Thank you to Elly, Jason, Emily, Angel Benny, & Angel Nikki for the wonderful Winter Wonderpurr Giftee!! It makes it feel a little more like winter in the OC.

And thank you to Catster HQ for the building a Howliday Snowman on my page!!

Mommy came home from her walk to find me sound asleep in my heated massage bed. Daddy (who worked from home today) left a note for her to see right when she came in. Mommy and Daddy are always leaving little notes to let each other know how CUTE I am!! Mol!


Have a Kitty Little Christmas!

December 14th 2009 10:39 pm
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That is what it said inside the cute Christmas card that Bellzy & Family sent to me & Mommy! Auntie Brenda also sent my Mommy a box of Christmas cuteness. She sent us 2 Ty Hello Kitty Angel Beanie Babies that are from the UK Collection. They are so pretty & plush & glittery in white & PINK!! Mommy will take a picture of them with me tomorrow. There was a box of Organic Peace Pasta & Parmesan. The pasta is peace symbols! A big dark chocolate bar (Mommy's fav sugar). 2 super colorful & cute Hello Kitty knee socks to keep Mommy's feeties warm. More chocolate and lots of assorted teas. And a beautiful sparkly thank you card. We had so much fun opening this package. Thank you so much Auntie Brenda, Bellzy and Family!!!

Also thank you to Sampy, Bail, Cam, Merl & Landy for the cute Greetings of Joy card! And thank you to Oly & Family for the cute Santa & reindeer card and bonks of love!

Catgratulations to all the Kitties who won in The Cat's Meow 12 Days of Catsmas!! Thank you to Skeezix and his Mommy for 12 Days of Fun.

Jingle Bellzzz, Jingle Bellzzzz, Amazon all the way.....


Merry Catmas

December 13th 2009 5:37 pm
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I got 2 really cute Christmas cards in the mail yesterday. Because it was raining so hard, Mommy didn't go and get the mail till today. Both cards featured cats getting into trouble for the holidays. Mol!

Thank you to Teebo & Callie for the cute card and picture. Thank you to Andre, N'Bikay & Gnomey for the cute card and catgrats to Andre for winning of the of the Cat's Meows 12 Days of Catsmas giveaways!!

Today it was sometimes cloudy and sometimes sunny and I was happy to be able to catch a nap in the sun again. We haven't had so much rain in a long time!

Thank you to Elise for hanging a Christmas Stocking Rosette on my page! Thank you to Kaci Sunshine for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page!


The Office & Christmas Rosettes!!

December 12th 2009 10:47 am
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My Daddy has a home office aka Men's Den. I hardly ever go in there. Last night Mommy and Daddy were looking info up on his computer and I found a clean pile of clothes Mommy had put down in the office. I fell asleep on them. Later Daddy went to bed. Mommy brought up my midnight meal. After eating I went back to my clothes' pile. This morning when Daddy got up at 3:30 (very busy with work!) I was sleeping on his comfy office chair. So then I decided it was time for breakfast and Mommy and I went downstairs to start my every-two hour feedings.

Right now I'm back on the comfy chair in Daddy's office while he is working on the computer. Daddy went to get one of my carpeted pet steps and put it next to the chair so that I can easily get up and down. I wonder how long before he buys me another litter box and pet fountain for that room. He loves it that I'm in there and he'll want to make sure I have all my comforts :)

It is a good day for napping as it is pouring out.


Thank you to handsome Tony the Tabby for decorating my page with the pretty Deck the Howls' Giftee!!

Thank you so much to Pansy and her Pony for the Snowman Rosette and the cute picture she took of Santa RaRa and Santa HK with our new Christmas outfits on!!

Thank you to Kally Kat for hanging a Stocking Rosette on my page! Thank you to Kingsley for hanging a Stocking Rosette on my page!


Catster Store Getting Xmas Stock

December 11th 2009 8:34 pm
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I just did some window shopping at the Catster Gift Store and I see they have stocked some of their Christmas Giftees. Cute, but I'm looking to buy the 1 zealie rosettes so I can give them out to more friends. Hopefully they will be on the shelves soon!!


I Can't Get Enough

December 10th 2009 9:40 am
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I can't get enough....massages! I love love love my massages.

I go and sit by my heated massage table (pet bed) and wait for Mommy to put me in it. I will not go in it by myself when I want a massage. It is the job of my masseuse to put me on the massage table. I like massages right away in the morning, before eating and after eating, before napping and after napping and at night before going to bed. I like massages at anytime! Mommy has no idea how many massages she gives me a day. She loses count. I even let her massage my tummy sometimes too and actually enjoy it. I EVEN let my Daddy massage me, but not in the massage bed and only for short massages.

I want to thank Kitty Pryde and Indiana for the purrfectly cute Christmas card. I love the Santa Penguin's hat! And thank you to my Vet Dr. Tom and his staff for the meowy cute Tabby Christmas card signed by all of them!

Gotta go.... time for a massage!!

Thank you to BGF Sugar for the Snowflake all the way from Tennessee. Stay warm girlfriend!!

Thank you so much to Maya & Family for the handcrafted Cat card. It is adorable!!


Brrrrrr.... it's c-c-c-c-c-cold!!!

December 8th 2009 7:06 pm
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It feels like winter here finally. I'm glad I'm all snuggled toasty warm in my PINK slipper bed!!

There is even more snow on my page! Thank you to Rufus for the Washington DC Snowflake and to Oly & Family for the Kansas Snowflake and to Teebo & Callie for the Wisconsin Snowflake!!

Thank you to my Bestest Friend and his family for The 12 Ways of Catness Christmas Card. CUTE!!


O Christmas Tree!

December 6th 2009 8:14 am
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Thank you so much to Tobey, Angel Willow & Afro Ken for the beautifully trimmed Christmas Tree they decorated my page with!!

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!!


Christmas Greetings From Afar

December 5th 2009 6:38 pm
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Today I got Christmas cards all the way from Australia, Canada and Kentucky!!

Thank you to Pansy & Sullivan for their adorable photo Christmas card. Thank you to the Cat in the Clover for the beautiful Christmas remembrance card of Calvin.

And thank you to Rizza in Australia for the pretty Christmas card and the big PINK Hello Kitty canvas shopping bag! Cute! And 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the bag went to fund sterilisation, vaccination, crisis care, cruelty & extinction prevention and education programmes for animals in need globally. Thanks Rizza and Mommy Deb!!

**With Compassion & Soul**


Where Are The Christmas Rosettes ??? Some Holiday Rosettes- Are In!!

December 4th 2009 9:40 am
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It is December and time to decorate our friends' page with Christmas decorations. But where are our Christmas Rosettes???

Thank you to Colleen for the PINK Rosette and to Chrissy Whitesocks for the Christmas Brussel Ball! Thank you to Diego & LuLu for the Red Heart! Thank you to Angel Sam, KiKi & Ember for the Red Heart!

I was just sitting by the sliding glass door when my favorite truck came by!! I had so much fun watching it. He came right up to my garage and took all my garbage away. I love Fridays!!

It seems that many Catsters have the same question as I do!!

Kally Kat reports that some Holiday Rosette stock is starting to come into the store!! YAY!!

Thank you to Phanto for the Snowflake Rosette!

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