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Happy New Year!!

January 1st 2010 5:48 pm
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I want to wish all my Catster Friends and their Families a very Happy New Year. I hope we all have lots of fun on Catster in 2010!!

Thank you to Your Highness, Rusty, & his Family for the New Years Pawty Balloons!!!

Thank you to Chrissy Whitesocks for the Heart, Socks & the Troop for the Snowman and Coco & Lady Vivien for the Furever Crown for the New Year!

Let's make this the best year yet!!



Goodbye 2009 & Fav Things

December 30th 2009 8:06 am
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I just want to let friends know not to give me New Years rosettes and giftees as I'm not going to be giving them out. I'm going to budget my zealies and save them for Valentines!!

My favorite things that I got in the year 2009 were the Hammacher ceramic pet fountain, my heated vibrating Safepet bed and ....

**Cozy Cushion for Cats**

I have them all over the house. I like the tan leopard the best because it matches my fur so well. It is so soft and comfy (no crinkly noises). Shipping is only $5.99 and if using the code "34254032" it takes $5 off your order. Great for napping!

Goodbye to 2009, I hope 2010 is wonderful year for all of you!!


Year In Review

December 28th 2009 1:04 pm
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A review of 2009 by JIBJAB!!

**Never A Year like 2009**


Santa Came!!

December 25th 2009 10:52 am
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Merry Christmas to all of you in Catsterland!!

Santa came last night and brought me a present. He brought me a new heated bed. This bed has magic fingers!! Yes, it is a heated vibrating bed. Mol! Santa thought I might be scared of the vibrating part but I love it. The vibrating sound is just like a purring cat. So now Mommy gives me my massages on this new bed. Easier for both of us. The other heated bed will be used for napping. I've had many massages already this morning on my new bed!

Wishing everycat a warm Christmas!!

Thank you to Ele', Gimme & Ambro for hanging a (Hello Kitty) Christmas Stocking on my page! Thank you to Chrissy Whitesocks for hanging a (Chococat) Christmas Stocking on my page!

Saturday Thank You:

Thank you so much to Rusty, Bella, Chloe & Family for hanging a Holiday Christmas Wreath on my Catster door! Thank you so much to Grover, Dexter & Family for the Deck the Howls Christmas Tree for my Catster page!


Merry Christmas Eve!!

December 24th 2009 5:16 pm
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Thank you to Teebo & Callie for sending a Gingerbread Boy over to my page as a buddie to go strolling with!

More mail! Thank you to The McLeans for the pretty Christmas Tree photo card. Thank you to Luci Fur & Mom for the cute Holiday Hello Christmas card. Thank you to Sugar, Spicey, Daisy, Ollie, Artie, Abner & their Mommy for the their photo Christmas card with all them all dressed up for the Holidays.

Go to bed early because Santy Paws comes tonite!!!

Thank you to Hunter, Munky& Ozzy for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page! Thank you to Beastie, Ben & family for baking me a yummy Gingerbread Man!


Holiday Decor

December 23rd 2009 6:08 pm
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Thank you to Rufus for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page! Thank you to Diego & LuLu for hanging a Mistletoe on my page... XX! Thank you to Elly, Jason, Emily, Angel Benny & Angel Nikki for the pawsome Sled!

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve to all the Catsters!!

Thank you to Bail & Family for playing Jingle Bells on my page! Thank you to Kitty P and Indy for putting a Snowflake on my page so we in CA can pawretend we have a white Christmas! Thank you to Tweak, Wiggy, Fafnir & Tenszing for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page! Thank you to Tigger & Family for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page! I sure hope Sants fills all these stockings. Mol! Thank you to Murray, Willie & Pearl for building a Snowman on my page! Thank you to Annie, Alex, & Bugsy for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page! Thank you to Homegirl Mercy for the cup of Hot Cocoa to keep me warm on the chilly CA winter mornings! Thank you to Truman & Phanto for the Heart, woofs, purrs and singing me "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"! Thank you to Angel Sam, KiKi & Ember for building a Snowman on my page!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


Christmas $ and Holiday Wishes

December 22nd 2009 7:23 pm
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I got more Christmas mail today. Daddy's Mommy, my Grandmaw Deanne in Wisconsin, sent me ..... $100!!!!! WoW. I must have been a super good girl this year and being 18 she probably thinks I'm more responsible with money. Thanks Grandmaw!!

Thank you to Rusty, Chloe & Bella for their cute Orange Santa Cat card and the warm, cozy Christmas wishes! Thank you to Skeezix the Cat, Mao, Rocky, Tripper, the Food Lady & Mr Tasty Face for their festive Christmas card picturing Tree Mao & Santa Skeezix! Thank you to KiKi & Ember for their adorable Christmas picture of them sleeping together and the handsome In Loving Memory picture of Angel Sammie!

Thank you to Cleo & Sabrina for decorating my catster page with a Deck the Howls Tree Giftee! Thank you to Apollo Cream for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page!


Let It Stop Snowing & Sunday Thanks

December 19th 2009 7:31 pm
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Wow, the East Coast is really getting hit with the snow today. Always nice to have a White Christmas but sounds like enough is enough! Hope everypet & their family stays safe and warm.

Thank you to Annie, Alex, Bugsy & their Meowmy for the beautiful Christmas card with all their photos on it. Sending them some CA sunshine to TN. It is a little too warm for Christmas here!!

Thank you to Angel Ren for sending me a Christmas Wreath from the Bridge! Thank you to Bellzy for hanging the Misteltoe in my giftbox and for singing Jingle Bellz to me! X

Thank you to Mickey for hanging a Christmas Stocking on my page! Thank you to Daphne Felix for the yummy cup of Hot Cocoa she put on my page! Thank you to Pansy, Sully & Kovo for the Santy Paws Giftee! Pretty soon he'll be coming to town!!


It's A Cat's Christmas

December 18th 2009 6:24 pm
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Thank you to Anonymous for the Jingle Bells Rosette that says “Santa Claws is coming to town! He is !! Jingle all the way to your warm pink shoe bed and dream of all the prezzies you'll get! ” *runs to PINK slipper bed and dives in* And wonders who Anonymous is!

Thank you to Sweetpea for hanging a pretty Christmas Wreath Giftee on my page! Thank you to Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabby & Lucy for the Jingle Bells Rosette!

And I got more cards in the mail! Thank you to Rasta, RJ & Bailey for the super cute photo Christmas card. They are always Nice until proven Naughty! Thank you to Jordan, CJ, Spring, Rockee, 4oz, Beanie & Buckie and Mr & Mrs Jones for the adorable Christmas card of all of them. And thank you to Jordan for sending me the 3 Apples flier for my HK collection! Thank you to Elly, Jason, Emmy, Benny, Nikki & Pawrents for the funny "A Cat's Christmas Card" and sweet holiday message!

A Cat's Christmas
A Partridge in a Pear Tree, Two Fur Balls, Three Clawed Chairs, Four Furry Footstools, Five Golden Abyssinians, Six Legs a-Rubbing, Seven Siamese a-Sleeping, Eight Kittens a-Meowing, Nine Fleas Biting, Ten Toms a-Spraying, Eleven Persians Purring and Twelve Tabbies Tapping.

Catsters Rock!!

Thank you to Violet for the handsome Gingerbread Boy and the Bestest Wish for 2010 - " We hope 2010 finds you healthy, massaged, pumpkinized, strollerized, and in the pink all year long!"

That would be a purrrfect year!!


Buried Treasure

December 17th 2009 7:28 pm
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I'd like to give a shoutout of CATGRATS! to all the World's Coolest Catsters. I'm very happy for all the winners especially for Angel Lola as that was a beautiful picture. Congrats to her photographer for capturing such a wonderful memory of her. Gleek really is the coolest pirate around. I thought of him this morning because my Daddy left a note for my Mommy that he had buried my treasure. I was all excited, I was thinking of unburying it to see what it was! Then I realized that he meant the "treasure" I left in the litter box this morning. I don't cover it as I know everyone likes to see that I went. Daddy must have thought my treasure smelled and covered it up.

Thank you to Fat Face (that really is her name!) for the Hot Cocoa Giftee. That will keep me toasty warm!!

I got some great Christmas cards from catster friends yesterday and today. Thank you to Diego & LuLu for the Christmas card with their adorable pictures on it. So cute! Thank you to Pixel for the beautiful Arizona Christmas card. It reminded me so much of my younger days in Tucson. Thanks for bringing the desert to me! Thank you to Sawyer, Tessa, Percy, Sunday, Flash, Murphy, Omega, Hitch & Little Grey for the super cute Paw Humbug? Furry Christmas! card. Purrfect! Thank you to Ele' for the pretty & PINK Hello Kitty 3-d Christmas card. I love it and I love the feather! I have a slideshow of my Sanrio Collection on my catster page and added the HK card to it.

A week from tonite Santy Paws comes!!!!

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