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Let's Get This Diary Started - Quickly !

April 28th 2006 11:24 am
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I can't believe I'm finally getting around to starting a diary. Might have been a good idea to start 15 years ago! Better late than never.

I've been on Catster Plus almost a month and I can't believe all I have learned. Now I know something about midis, gifs, cursors, backgrounds, slideshows and even clocks. Wow, I'm impressed with myself ! My friend Violet has been so helpful. I must remember to leave him another treat. He has been great. Thats what friends are for.

Most of all I've learned how much everyone loves us and how important we, as cats, are in their lives. Gave me a nice warm feeling to know we bring that much joy. I love reading all the arrival stories, bios, nicknames and memorials. I didn't realize that there were SO many other cats in the world. Its neat that we come in all different colors, sizes, personalities and backgrounds. Sure makes Catster more interesting!

I've enjoyed the mommy and me time too. This has been a fun project for us. Whenever we go on the computer to work on my page, I sit on the desk right in front of mommy so she can kiss the top of my head over and over again. I love my mommy.

I think it is time for one of those catnaps. Every girl needs her beauty sleep!


Hello Kitty and Chococat !

April 29th 2006 8:48 am
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Yeah ! I'm finally getting some Hello Kitty stuffed animals. I noticed Hello Kitty has taken over my Catster page so I thought I might like her decorating my bedroom too. I like to snuggle next to stuffed animals on my bed. At first I had a had a hard time finding the Hello Kitty plush I was looking for but I finally found a couple of websites that had just what I wanted. I even got a stuffed Chococat. I LOVE internet shopping !! Perfect for an indoor cat like me. Never have to leave the comfort of home and everything is delivered right to my doorstep. Reminder to self to tell mommy about the new visa charges. Better yet, maybe I can talk her into my own Hello Kitty charge card ! I don't think she'd go for that. But you never know. I better butter her up by helping her with some chores around the house this weekend.

The thought of doing chores is making me hungry. Eat ! Eat !


My Name Is Rocky and I'm a Girl !!!

April 30th 2006 9:54 am
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I noticed that I am receiving so many catmails on Catster saying how handsome I am. Handsome? While I truly appreciate the compliments, I'm a girl !! I know that is not any of the cats' fault, I blame my parents for this. Rocky?? What kind of name is that for a girly girl? So to end the confusion I added my middle name to my webpage. I will now be known as Rocky Ann, Rocky for short.

I love Sundays! Weekends are fun because Mommy, Daddy, and I are all together. Daddy has more time to play with me on the weekends. Today we played our favorite game with my toy friends - Octi (Octipus), Lizzy (Lizard), Fishy and Froggy. These 4 knit animals come on a long piece of yarn aand Daddy takes one animal at a time and swings it towards me and I hit it like a tetherball. I have very strong arms (Which I also like to use to hit Daddy with when he is sometimes walking by) ! Daddy keeps swinging the animal until I bat it down. When I have "captured" the little creature, Daddy claps for me ! Yeah !! Then its on to the next animal. Over and over and over again. It is so much fun. Daddy and I are very good at this game.

On weekends Mommy, Daddy and I all take naps together. They like catnaps as much as I do !


Happy May Day !

May 1st 2006 7:08 am
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Where did April go? Oh well, I love May. My Mommy's Special Day is this month. My brother Eric and my friend Paul both celebrate their 30th birthdays. Oh, good, that means more internet shopping ! I better get going on that.

I enjoy the weekends but I really LOVE the weekdays. Mondays Mommy and I get back to our weekday routine. I know more what to expect of the day and I like it that way. You know how we cats love routine. My Daddy works very hard at his job and Mommy's job is to take care of me ! Well, maybe that is just part of her day. I'd like to think it is the most important part!

I wanted to get an early start this morning so I woke Mommy up at 5:30. I love purring her awake. She was SO happy to see me I could tell. I had a little salmon and trout for breakfast, then we went on the computer .

Yawn. Well, I'm a little tired. I think I'll take a nap while Mommy takes her walk. Then we have a full day ahead of us.

I hope May is a great month !!


The Turkey Trot !

May 2nd 2006 10:49 am
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Being an indoor cat and getting a little on in age, my Mommy wanted to make sure I got enough exercise. I had to remind her that we do live in a 3 story house and I believe I get enough exercise ! My Mommy still came up with "The Turkey Trot". This turkey trot consists of my Mommy walking around the diningroom table 3 times each meal with my food dish in her hand and me trotting behind her. I'm working for my food ! Well, I guess that is what cats had to do in the olden days. My mommy divides my food into 6 small meals a day. That is 18 times I trot around the table each day ! It is kind of funny how now I'm so use to doing this. You know - routine. While my Mommy is getting my food ready in my dish I go by the table all ready for the trot. I've even been known to get ahead and do one lap all by myself ! The reason it is named the "Turkey Trot" is because turkey is my favorite food.

Well, off to read CatShape and CatFitness . I heard that 15 is the new 13 !!


I LOVE to vacuum !!

May 3rd 2006 7:49 am
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For some reason I have always had a good relationship with vacuum cleaners. I love following my Mommy from room to room cleaning and vacuuming. My Mommy even bought me a Roomba to help me with my share of the vacuuming. It is so cool ! We call him "Little Scotty Roomba". I love watching Little Scotty Roomba do his work. And it is so fun following him around. I do have to keep on my toes though, in case he quickly turns around and comes in my direction. That is the fun part ! Little Scotty is my own little robot. He picks up after my tracked litter, dropped treats, and the hair I've shed. He even cleans under the beds. One day the Roomba went thru his virtual wall beam and actually started eating my toys ! I didn't tell my mommy but I had "accidently" walked past the beam at the same time Little Scotty was near it and he got thru. I must have looked a little guilty because Mommy figured it out. Luckily all my toys survived and so did Little Scotty. My Mommy also bought me a Scooba. Her name is Mia. She washes the floors. Another toy to keep me occupied. Mommy can be on the computer and my job is to watch the irobots to make sure they do a good job.

Time for a well-deserved nap. Cleaning is hard work !!


Thank Goodness It's Friday ! !

May 4th 2006 8:09 am
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I love Fridays. Friday = Garbage Day. Believe it or not I use to be afraid of the garbage truck . It was so big and noisy and made our house shake whenever it drove up by. I would get so scared that I would run upstairs and hide under the bed everytime. My Mommy didn't like to see me so scared so one Friday she took me in her arms and we watched the truck thru the 2nd floor sliding glass doors. Mommy explained that the truck was coming to take my used litter away that I no longer needed. She said it was a good truck. So for a couple of Fridays in a row we watched the truck together. When Mommy would hear the truck driving up, she'd say in an excited voice - "Rocky the garbage truck is here" ! (in the same voice as "Daddy is Home" !) Pretty soon I started getting excited each time I heard the truck drive up. Now... I look forward to garbage day , and even sit in front of the sliding glass doors all by myself to watch. I mean, how important am I , that they send this huge truck to pick up my old nasty litter ! !

I think it is about that time again . To use the litter box that is. I have to keep my friend, the garbage man, employed ! !


Happy 30th Birthday Eric !!

May 7th 2006 7:27 am
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Today is a very Special Day. Today is my human brother Eric's birthday ! I love Eric. Even though he lives in another state from me , whenever he visits me, I remember him. He is the only one besides my mom that I will let pick me up. Eric loves animals. He adopted 2 dogs and 3 cats of his own ! Cyane and Bandit are on Dogster. Jasmine, Yoshi and Casper are on Catster. I sent Eric one of those big cookie cakes from Mrs. Fields. Yum, those always look good ! And a dozen 30th birthday balloons. I know that he knows that I love and miss him. I hope Eric has the best year ever !!

Happy Birthday to You , Happy Birthday to You , Happy Birthday Dear Eric, Happy Birthday to You !!


Home Alone !

May 9th 2006 1:22 pm
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Boy, what a big girl I am! Mommy and Daddy went to AZ to celebrate my human brother's birthday and got home yesterday. I stayed home all by myself. What fun that was ! I had the run of the house. I think I must have taken a nap in each of the rooms of the house just because I could. I left the house very clean. No big parties. I could tell Mommy was very happy. It was nice to have the place to myself for a few days but its even more fun to have mommy (and daddy too) around. I plan on being Mommy's shadow today.


My favorite things today!

May 10th 2006 3:27 pm
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Some of my favorite things today: turkey and salmon, napping on the window seat with the window open, listening to the birds sing, Daddy coming home at lunch, cleaning with mommy, internet shopping for redecorating my room, turkey, napping.

All in all a very good day !

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