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December 14th 2006 8:46 am
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Well, Mama decided on an artificial tree. I've never seen a X-mas tree before, but I've been a pretty good boy with it so far. Beulah has climbed it at least 5 times Mama knows of. Mama took Beretta, Tipsy and Beulah to the store a couple Tuesdays ago, and Beretta got adopted and Beulah got adopted, but Beulah's new Mom can't take her until after X-mas. So Mama brought her back to the house and now she is climbing the tree. Mama got a single kitten that someone dropped off at Petco, and she hasn't named her yet. She is cute but is real whinny. Then she brought 2 more home that were already adopted and returned sick. They are named Freckles and Gus Gus, and they are almost better. The Mama in the basement had her babies a couple weeks ago. Three didn't make it though - two of them were underdeveloped. But she has 4 that seem healthy and happy so far. Mama still has Fluffy. Fluffy is real sweet with Mama but is scared of everyone else. Mama hopes to get her over that so she can be adopted. Oreo had to have a blood test yesterday for Felv/Fiv since she came home with that wound. Her test was negative so now I can torture her somemore when Mama isn't looking. Well, that's all that's exciting around here lately. Now I shall go nap.



November 27th 2006 9:09 am
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Well, it's almost X mas time and Mama has to decide pretty soon whether we are going to have a tree or not. Last year we didn't have one cause Mama was afraid I would destroy it. Now we have foster kitties in the house that will probably destroy it too. Tipsy and Beretta are still with us cause they have a cold. Mama loves them but is hoping to get them out soon. Beulah went to the vet cause she is so small and Mama was concerned something was wrong with her. The vet said she was OK as far as he could tell. So she will go up for adoption soon too. Mama took Lucy B., Candy Corn, and Peanut Brittle to Petco Sat. and all of them got adopted. Lucy B. and Candy Corn went together. Little Ringer was adopted from the store also, so Mama just has Alana down there now. Poor Alana doesn't like it there either. She hides in the back and doesn't like to be petted much. Mama got a new pregnant one too on Wed. She may name her Pippi, as in Longstockings. She is real friendly. She has already had two litters of kittens. She had 7 the first time and 9 the second time. Mama talked to her and said no more than 6 this time. Mama isn't sure when she is gonna have them yet. Probably not for a couple weeks or more. Mama also has Fluffy still. She just doesn't want to get better. Mama is going to put her up for adoption when she gets better cause she is really sweet. Well, sure hope we get a tree cause me and the foster babies sure could have alot of fun with that.



November 16th 2006 12:14 pm
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Well, Mama came back from that place called "Vegas" last week. We hardly missed her cause Trish came to check in on us and she fed us ALOT of can food. Mama tends to be more stingy. While Mama was gone, one of her feral kittens died. It was very sudden. Then the day after Mama got home, another one died. Mama just never gets used to losing them. She still has the friendliest one, and now she is a little doll. Mama let her out of the bedroom for the first time yesterday, and her and Tipsy played alot. She named her Lucy B. cause even though she is black, she has red tones on her head. Tipsy and Beretta are still with us cause they are coughing alot. Mama thinks Beulah gave them her cold. She is still here too. She is 4 1/2 mos. old and she looks like she is 10 wks. Mama is kinda worried about that. She wanted to take her to Petco this weekend, but she is not so sure. Mama also brought home two more from the kitty store Tues. They are 8 wks. old and are real cute. One is a wideband orange/wht. tabby Mama named Peanut Brittle and the other is a calico/tabby Mama named Candy Corn. She may take them to Petco this weekend. She also has a very sick girl in the basement from the barn where she is trapping them for spay/neuter and release. They named her Fluffy and Mama thinks she has pneumonia. She has already been spayed, but she got retrapped two more times. On the second time, Trish could see she was real sick. So Mama and Trish are giving her medicines, force feeding her, and trying to get her better. She is acting real nice, so Mama says she will probably be adopted instead of going back to the barn. Mama and Trish have also trapped a possum twice now too. Too bad they are not in the business of spaying possums. Bun Bun, Spooky, Mona and I are doing fine these days. Mama thinks Oreo had a little touch of that cold last week, but she is doing better. She also had to take medicines cause she was having diarrhea on the basement floor two weeks ago. Boy, if I did that I would be in big trouble. Mama is going to test her soon for FIV and Leukemia since she came home with that wound on her flank. Just in case it was a bite wound. Well, Mama will be home soon so I better get off the computer.
P.S. All the kittens Mama took to the store before she left got adopted except for Ringer. He won't last long either cause he's so cute.



October 30th 2006 11:20 am
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Mama is going somewhere called "Las Vegas" on Friday and she is not taking us. She is going to be gone 5 days and Trish is comming in to make sure we're behaving. So Mama has to get as many of the foster kitties out of the house that she can. Alana in the basement is going to the kitty store, as is Korbel, Baileys, Ringer, and another one called Vivian that Mama got from the store on Sat. Nellie got adopted Sat., so she's safe from the store. Her new Mama lives a couple hours up north. Mama is either gonna leave Beulah here or Trish is gonna take her. She is still sneezing and doesn't have alot of energy all the time. She is leaving Tipsy and Beretta cause they aren't ready for Petco yet, and the three semi-ferals in the back bedroom. One of the girls actually purred for Mama this a.m., the boy is just frightened, and the other girl want's nothing to do with Mama unless can food is involved. But they should came around. Mama is working on catching and fixing the other ones on that property so they don't keep having more babies. Mama got good news this weekend too - Patches got adopted. She's been at the kitty store since June. She got adopted at the Petsmart in Illinois. The same lady also took one Trish fostered named Cherry Bomb. So Mama was just overjoyed, although she is going to miss Patches when she works at the kitty store. Oh, and Mona is gonna kill me but she was jumping up on the toliet to get to the bathroom sink to get some attention from Mama and SHE FELL IN THE TOLIET. I tried not to laugh too much, but it was awful hard. Mama laughed too. She told Mona she was not laughing at her, but with her. But Mona got the last laugh cause Mama got her butt wet from the wet seat when she went to use the human "litter box."
Well, gotta go nap now.



October 19th 2006 12:18 pm
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First, some Catster news. I was selected to be a feature diary last week. Not THE diary of the day, but now I have something to aspire to. Kittens are comming in and out of the house now. Little Skyy got adopted last weekend along with one of the ones from the back bedroom named Amaretto. Mama still has the other two. They are girls, and she named them Baileys and Korbel. Mama brought a little black and white boy home last Tues. from the cat store. He is about 7 wks. and she named him Ringer cause he has a white ring around his tail. Then some lady came Wed. with 2 little boys about 6 wks. old. Mama named them Tipsy and Beretta. Mama let all three of them out last night and we all took a nap on her while she watched TV. Mama still has Beulah too. Beulah is better, but is still sneezing. Mama says she is faking it cause she doesn't want to leave the house. Last night Mama went out and came home with 4 more. Three of them are wild, and they hiss and spit and growl at Mama. Mama says they are feral. The fourth one is named Nellie and she is the sister to the black ones that died in the back bedroom. She is getting big and she is mostly friendly. She is the cousin to Barcardi who finally got adopted from the store. The Mama in the basement, Alana, is getting spayed today. Mama is going to take her back for a week or two until there is a place for her. Oreo is feeling much better. Her boo-boos are almost gone, so Mama let her out of the back bedroom. She is still not allowed to go outside. I've been a pretty good boy lately. The only thing Mama has yelled at me for lately was picking in the garbage. Oh, and eating the babies food. Oh, and going in the babies litterbox. That's it I think. Oh, and picking on Mona. That's all. Gotta nap now.



October 6th 2006 9:22 am
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It's been awhile since I've written, so I'll start with the good news. Bigfoot and Sidekick both finally got adopted, but not together. Bigfoot got taken to a Pet Store in Illinois, so she is an Illinoisian now. Godiva has a cold, so Mama brought her home from the store Tues. until she gets better. She also brought two more sick ones home from the store on Sun., but one of them didn't make it. Mama held him Wed. night while he went to the Rainbrow Bridge. We all sat by her to comfort her. The other one is named Beulah and she is real nice. Stoli and Midori got adopted at Petco, and Mama took Barcardi to the store. She let Barcardi run around the house the week before he left, and we played alot. Mama got upset a couple times cause I play rough sometimes. Their little cousin Jager didn't make it either. The babies in the basement all got adopted at Petco last weekend. They went together in pairs. Mama was so happy. Mama still has the Mama in the basement. She needs to be fixed and then she will go up for adoption. Mama also had three babies in the office. They were real tiny, and the two boys didn't make it. She still has the girl. She named her Skyy, and she is a little pain in the potootie. She is always trying to play with me but she is so tiny. I sometimes get rough with her on accident, then Mama yells at me. Mama also brought 3 home from the store on Tues. They are about 9-10wks, and they are in the back BR. Mama says they are a little wild and crazy, but she is trying to socialize them a little more. Oreo is also locked in the back BR. She was limping a couple days then Mama started picking through the fur on her back flank, and all this liquid pus started flying out. Mama ended up taking her to the emergency vet since it was after supper. Oreo has two big wounds that might be bite wounds. Mama thinks I did it, but I'm not talking. So now she has to be locked up and have medicine until her boo-boos heal. Oh, I've saved the biggest thing of all for last. Mama finally adopted Mona Lisa a couple weekends ago. She used to be my girlfriend and now she is my sister. How weird is that?? That's OK, cause I mostly attack her now for reasons only I know. I think that's all since I've written last. Never a dull day in Foster Kitty Land.



September 14th 2006 1:27 pm
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Tues. Mama took me to the vet for a shot. Bun Bun went along too to get checked out. I only weighed 11 lbs., and the vet said I was very muscular. Do you hear that ladies?? Handsome and Buff. Bun Bun did not have a good check-up. The vet says she either has a congenital GI tract problem or she has FIP, which means she's not going to make it. Mama hopes it's her GI tract. The vet talked about "putting her down" but of course Mama said NO. Mama loves the Bun Bun and has known she was gonna keep her for the last 3 mo. or so. I don't mind the Bun Bun. She's OK. The rest of the house is getting quiet. Little Braveheart got adopted on Sat., and Mama took Bigfoot, Sidekick and Godiva to the store on Tues. Little Fluffy died Tues. a.m. too. Mama is keeping a close eye on his brother now. She is going to take the older three "cousins" to Petco this weekend. She named them Barcardi, Stoli, and Midori. She named the little Fluffy that is left Jager. Mama keeps them locked up in a condo or loose in the back BR. When they are loose, they run out the door and Mama has to catch them. She has learned to close her BR door so they don't run under her bed and stay there. The Mama and babies in the basement are doing good. They are not super friendly, but they are not mean either. The Mama is still kinda skinny and drinks alot, so she may need to go tot the vet before she is fixed. But that will be a while yet. Well, that's about all to report for now. I am so glad Mama can't call me fat anymore.



September 5th 2006 9:08 am
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Wow, we were almost out. Mama took Kahlua to the store, and Elwood's family came for him when he got better. Then we got Curly Q and Braveheart to keep for a couple weeks. Curly Q got adopted this weekend by another kitty volunteer, and Braveheart came back from Petco all three days Mama took him this weekend. He is so sweet and cute and all, but they had a slow weekend. Then Mama brought home from the kitty store Tues. 4 new kitties. Three of them are tiny. They were found in a trailer park and they all had fleas and bad eyes. Then Mama came home Fri. and one of them was dragging his legs behind him. Mama noticed he wasn't walking so good already on Tues. He went to the vet and they took an X-ray, and they thought he had an injury or birth defect in his spine. But then Mama woke up this a.m. and he was flat as a pancake in the cage. Mama took him to work cause she had to go, and he died this a.m. Mama is sad, but he probably couldn't have lived with his back legs not working. Mama also brough another kitty home Tues. from the store. She is a little bigger, black and white, and Mama named her Godiva. She was all growly and hissy for awhile, but she is better now. Then Mama got another Mama and 4 babies for the basement bedroom now that Jasmine is gone. The babies are about 5 wks. old or so. The mama is big, but she is real skinny. I guess she had her babies under a porch outside. But now she is warm and dry and Mama is feeding her good to fatten her up. After Mama got those babies Sun. a.m., she came home later in the day with 5 more. She has a friend whose neighbor has alot of kitties outside, and they are having babies left and right. So she took the babies they had already, and more are comming. Three of them are big enough to be adopted, and 2 are too small. Mama hasn't named them yet. We still have Bigfoot and Sidekick too. Sidekick's eye is finally getting better, so they may go to Petco or the store this weekend. So right now we have 21 in the house. 20 I guess if you don't count Oreo who is outside almost all the time.
Well, gotta go take my late morning nap.



August 17th 2006 2:18 pm
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So much has happened since I wrote last. Mama did take Malibu and Drambuie to Petco, and they were the first ones adopted. And she talked the people into taking them TOGETHER!! They really, really loved each other. Then the next weekend Mama took Asti, Spumanti, and Merlot. Merlot was the first to be adopted on Sat. and Asti and Spumanti went TOGETHER on Sun.!!! Mama was so happy. She is suppose to see them all in the next week or so cause they need their second shot and Mama said she would do it for the people at the kitty store. She took Kahlua to Petco too, but she brought her back. She is gonna try her again this weekend. Kahlua was scared and she doesn't like other kitties. She likes me well enough, but not the other ones. Now that Jasmine is kittenless, she is real, real lonely in the basement BR by herself. Mama let her out for awhile last night but she was a little skiddish. She sure wasn't the morning she got out of the bedroom thru the closet last week. Mama also has 3 of her shed babies back - Elwood, Bigfoot, and Sidekick, cause they got the kitty cold going around the store and they said they were better off going back with Mama until they were better. Mama has them almost better and she might let them out to play tonight. Elwood already has a home, and Sidekick had one but the lady wants another kitty now. She may take Thumbelina who is not sick and still at the store. Bun Bun got locked up for a couple days this week cause she had diarrhea real bad. Mama thinks it's her fault cause she has been feeding us lots of people food. But Bun Bun is still so small. She is only 2-1/2 lbs. and is 5 mo. old. Mama is going to take her to the vet next month. I heard rumors that I am going along for a shot. Mama is going to give me one too. Mama and Trish went across the state to an animal sanctuary on Mon. to drop off a Feline Leukemia kitty named Lucky Tigger. Lucky got turned in at the store, and was living in Trish's BR for the past 2 mo. He is only about 4 mo. old. Mama says he is a real nice boy, and her and Trish cried when they left him. But the place was a real nice place and they know he will be happier there. Well, that's about all. Mama will be home soon so gotta go.


WE LOST 2 MORE :( :( :(

August 4th 2006 11:05 am
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Since I wrote last little Tia died, and little Chianti in the basement died in the middle of the night Wed. Tia went so fast that Mama doesn't know what happened. Chanti was sick for awhile, but was getting lots better. Mama made a vet appt. for him right after he turned again, but it was too late. Tia had an appt. too, but it was too late also.
Tomorrow Mama is going to take Malibu and Drambuie to Petco. They are so cute and friendly. Mama lets them out at night when she is home until she goes to bed. Mama also got another kitten on Sun. that she named Kahlua. Kahlua is a bigger kitten, about 3 mo. old, and was caught in someones backyard. She is real friendly, but shy at the same time. She has scratches all over her, and had an infected puncture wound on her throat. Mama cleaned her up and is fattening her up, and she said she will probably be ready in about a week. Mona hisses at her, but I like her.
We still have Bun Bun too. Mama calls us the Three Stooges cause we usually come running to greet Mama together, we all sit and beg for can food, and we all sit by Mama when she is eating and beg off her plate. Mona is pretty quiet about it, but me and Bun Bun will climb all over Mama and try to grab off her plate. Sometimes Mama locks herself in the bedroom to eat cause she can't take all of us on at once. Yes, there is strength in numbers. Used to be she just locked me up in my naughty box.
Well, gotta go nap now.

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