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August 25th 2006 7:23 pm
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This morning I played a new game. It was called "chase my tail while on the kitchen floor". Around and around and around and around and around I went after my tail. Wherever it went, I went. I did this until I got dizzy.

I looked really funny to Mommy. She never saw me chase my tail this much. I felt like a kitten the more I did it. It was great fun.

This evening Mommy turned off the kitchen lights and left on only the night light. She then made shadow creatures with her hands on the cellar door and I went bonkers jumping at the door and trying to box these shadows with my front paws.

Other than that, Mommy got home late tonight (grocery shopping). I noticed she bought some salmon.

Yummmmmmmmmm!!!!! Drooooool!

Anyhoo, I better go and let my brothers have their turns. I'm going to take a little nap and dream of Samantha, Sam I am. She and I have been communicating via IM. It's really fun!

Breep to all my Catster friends,

Sleepy Bail ~~~^- -^~~~~~



August 24th 2006 5:56 pm
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Today I tried IM'ing two friends and they apparently weren't at their computers. I'll have to try some other time. I really wanted to chat with Samantha, Sam I am, the hot Norwegian Forest Cat I met less than a week ago.

Other than that I wish Mommy would hurry up and upload those yoga position photos of me. They're still sitting in the camera. They may not come out either as they were very small in order to get my whole big body in the lense.

We'll see when it happens. If it doesn't work I'll promise Mommy I'll lay in that position again just so she can take my picture.

It's Thursday and it wasn't a very good day for Mommy. She has a lot of the wrong stuff going on lately so I'll give her some hearty PURRRRRRRS and headbutts.

Breep to all my Catster friends

Bail ~~~~^. . ^~~~~~



August 23rd 2006 7:08 pm
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WOW, Merl, you got the Diary Pick of the Day! That's great! I knew you could do it! Now you're up there with Sampy and I.

I guess all your talk about your feather toy won the judges over.

That was a sweet story too.

Tonight is an AC night (blah). I wanted the windows open. Also, I tried to escape again today, but Mommy was very alert this morning and didn't let me get past her.

It's late I know and I'm going to make it short. I wanted to check some forums too.

Breep to all my Catster friends and good night.

Bail ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 22nd 2006 6:59 pm
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Mommy added a few new photos on my site and has actually caught me on camera doing my YOGA POSITION (aka backwards feet Bail). They will be coming some time this week, perhaps tomorrow.

I just stopped my diary for about 5-10 minutes as I had an incoming IM from Ripley. We had a nice chat. He's a Norwegian type kitty. A really nice guy too. I also spoke to another really cool cat named Sunrise who is a Maine Coon, earlier today. It feels good to have friends!

Well, this is just a short note from another nice guy, the Bail.

Got to go now as Mommy has to turn off the computer and get ready for bed.

And I'll go sit in one of the open windows and listen to the crickets singing.

Breep to all my Catster friends.

Bail ~~~~^ . .^~~~~



August 21st 2006 3:50 am
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I did it again yesterday! It had rained really hard 1/2 hour ago and the grass was still wet when I flew out the back door! I felt the cool wet grass on my feet and it felt great. Mommy was after me again and caught me when I reached the side of Daria's fence. Mommy was afraid I was going to hop over it.

Soooo that was around three or four times on this weekend. We both lost count. I know I did two escapes on Saturday and another almost that day too.

Anyhoo, I know Mommy will be watching every move I make when she opens that back door because she knows I'll be contemplating my next escape . . . .

Got to go now, Mommy has to get ready for work.

Mommy told me that Mondays &&^^%$#@!

Breep to all my Catster friends,

Bail =^. .^=



August 20th 2006 6:42 am
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Yesterday afternoon, I flew out the back door. This was my second great escape that day. I was like a gray/blue streak of lightning as I shot down the steps and across the length of the backyard. Mommy, again was in hot pursuit of me. I stopped at the fence separating Daria's yard from our yard and Mommy grabbed me and brought me back in. She said if I like it so much, maybe she'll buy me a harness or a stroller. My thoughts to that are not in line with Mommy's. I WANT TO ROAM FREE LIKE SAMPY . . you know a little morning meowting and a little evening one.

This morning when Mommy let Sampy out and fed Cammie I was seriously eyeballing the back door for another quick exit. Mommy was on guard this time and walked out the door backwards carrying Cammie's food in one hand and waving me back with the other. She gets tooo smart sometimes!

Well, I will sit and plan my next escape . . . .

Later and breep to all my Catster friends and Buddie I hope you are doing better.

Bail ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 19th 2006 10:15 am
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Today, has been a busy day for the Bail:

1. Mommy let Sampy out and I followed;
2. There were many small birds flocking toward the bamboo trees and
landed in them;
3. Both of us ran toward the birds with the hopes of getting some flying
4. They all got away . . . . DARN;
5. I then ran to the end of the yard with Mommy in hot pursuit;
6. Mommy caught me and brought me back in.

"Hey, Bail, remember you have to go to the vet today" (I was hoping she'd forget). Nope! No such Luck!

She put me into the dreaded carrier and shut the door. I instantly started singing and sang all the way to the vet and also in the waiting room. I let everybody know that I didn't want to be there and in that carrier.

The vet weighed me (11.5 lbs). I gained 5 lbs from last year. They took my temperature (oh how I hate that!). It was normal. She said I was a little thin, but not nothing to be concerned about and she asked if I was eating good and Mommy told her I was. Then came the worse part: rabies shot and distemper shot. OUCH!!!!! But I was a good boy. I didn't growl, hiss or screech. I just was a little on the wiggly side.

When I got home Mommy's friend Mary came over with her grandson Jonah who I let play Cat Dancer with me (nothing else). No human child is allowed to pick up the Bail anymore. I used to let him pick me up when I was a kitten now I don't. You can say I was braver than my two brothers. They hit under the bed. Sampy and Merl are terrified of children; especially Sampy.

Well I got to go now. I got a little wordy and as I said today was a very busy day.

Breep to all my Catster friends and Buddie hang in there, please.

Bail ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 18th 2006 6:18 pm
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What a vigorous workout! Mommy brought us a new Cat Dancer from Petsmart. She put on one of her Afro Celt Sound Systems CD's (track one which was a song called "Release" featuring Sinead O'Connor). Merl, I and Mommy danced. Mommy had the Cat Dancer going in time to the music (very fast with drums and bagpipes!) Merl was leaping almost through the whole song . . . Mommy shook her stuff and I finished off with a couple of three foot flying leaps while Sinead finished singing, "Be happy for meeeeeee!"
and then the song ended. All of us had to wind down. Mommy hadn't danced like that since her brother's step-daughter's wedding four years ago.

Well, isn't that what Friday's are about; dancing and celebrating the end of the week? We can have some catnip too, but Mommy only drinks on her birthday so I guess she'll have to hit the Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!

I feel alright now and am trying not to worry about tomorrow's vet visit. I really don't feel like going through that business of being stuck with needles, etc. But it's against my control. Rabies shots have to be given. Mommy thinks her boss needs one because he's always snapping at everyone.

Well, I must go now as I got two brothers breathing down my back wanting to do their entries.

A hearty Breep to all my Catster friends and Buddie get well.

Bail ~~~~^. .^~~~~



August 17th 2006 6:16 pm
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I found out the other day that my friend Monkey can do the backwards feet thing too. Daddy Rob's cat Maxx does it too. At first I thought it was a Maine Coon thing because Maxx is a Maine Coon type like me. Monkey is a Russian Blue. Now I know it has something to do with being perhaps "double-jointed" and is not breed oriented.

We had a salmon party today and naturally I tried my best to grab the most pieces. I can't help it!

I sent dear Buddie a prayer rosette today as I heard he's having more surgery. I want him to get better. Mommy's praying, Sampy's praying, Merl's praying and so is Cammie. The power of prayer!!

Tomorrow is Friday and maybe we'll give out a few more rosettes. And then Saturday I go to the vet.

I must go now. Breep to all my Catster friends

Bail ~~~^ . .^~~~~



August 16th 2006 6:14 pm
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Mommy had the interactive feather cat teasers out and was shaking them at us and put the one that looked like a blue plume tail on the floor. I picked it up with my mouth and d r a g g e d it all the way down the stairs.

And after all that I didn't want to play with it. It was just the thrill of stealing it. It was like my catch for the day, my prey.

Mommy came downstairs to see what I was doing and where I put the feather toy. I left it in the middle of the living room and had totally forgotten about it.

By the way, it's a windows open night all night and that's going to be fun for all of us. For Mommy, it's cutting down on the electric bill, and for us, it's sitting in the windows and listening to the night life and watching the moths flappity-flapping against the window screens. It's wonderful to be a cat and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Got to go now and breep to all my Catster friends.

Bail ~~~~^ . .^~~~~

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