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Drusilla’s Taking Over The World Chronicles

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September 6th 2008 4:15 pm
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I too have been tagged to play the Olympics game!

1. My favorite Olympic Event is the figure skating. It's just so much fun.
2. I prefer Summer Olympics as I could be a gymnist myself and do all sorts of tumbles and flips.
3. The quirkiest thing I do is sleep on shoes. Can taht be an Olympic event?
4. Nope, I'm a proud bachelorette ... but I could be purrsuaded.
5.My favorite rosies/zealies are any that are given with a lots of purrs and love!

Okay you next 5. Your turn to answer:
1. Your Favorite Olympic Event
2. Do you prefer Summer or Winter Olympics
3. What is the quirkiest thing you do
4. Do you have a crush on another kitty? Who?
5. What is your favorite rosie or zealie?

I tag:
Owen Maxwell

Have fun kitties! Hope you are up for the challenge.


Birthday girl

September 4th 2008 4:19 pm
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Today's my birthday! I'm 5 years old. Can you imagine?

It's raining today, on my birthday. What insolence.

I will make sure to get extra treats today!!

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


Uninvited guests!

November 20th 2007 12:39 pm
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Well, they're uninvited in my eyes!

My captors or, mom and pop, agreed to watch 2 cats while my dad's sister moved in to a house that needed rennovation. A tabby named Fancy and a white cat named Kiki.

They didn't ask me if it was okay!! I don't understand why not.

Anyhow, they both came in crates to my house. And Peyton jumped on top of them saying, "Play with me!!" I was pleased she thought they were toys, but not pleased on how gentle she wanted to treat her toys.

Then Fancy was freed first. I started bonking her on the head and she ran to the fridge and stayed up there. Peyton chased her and waited patiently for her to come down. Her new fluffly toy was out of reach. Peyton can't jump.

Then Kiki (which the captors nicknamed Katrina aka Kat since Kiki is the name of the Pekingese that lives here-oh and they named her that becuase she's a Katrina rescue) was set free. She ran down to the basement and hasn't been spotted since.

I'm patrolling the house now making sure they don't get too comfortable.

Mikayla just hides upstairs and hisses when she sees them. She's the scaredy cat.

I'll give a full report if anything changes. In the mean time I will see if they are converts for dominating the world.

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


Diary of the Day

July 1st 2007 9:01 am
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I was Diary of the day yesterday and I MISSED it!!! I totally blame my mother. If she wasn't getting all ready for some stupide weddidng this Saturday and let me check my pawmail, maybe I could have actaully seen it! Thank you all for your rosettes and pawmails!

It's about time I got the reconition I deserve! Thank you all!

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=



June 27th 2007 9:19 am
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So Sunday I was minding my own business when the dogs who were lazily sleeping all of a sudden get up and start barking. I don't get startled, but I was so comfy and partially asleep I was taken aback. I jumped backwards clearing the chair and up onto the windowsill. And ow!!!! I hurt my 2 front paws!

I started laying down and whinning. My Mom ran up to me and I hissed, afraid she'd hurt me more. I never hiss unless I'm at the vet's office. Anyhow, I was hurt and scared. I didn't know why I was hurting. Mom started petting me trying to see what was srong. She asked me to walk to her and I crawled instead. She tried touching my paws and I hissed telling her, NO WAY!

So what happens she ends up taking me to the vet's office. The one place I hate. The vet poked around on me and had me walk. He said nothing was broken, I just twisted my paws. So I'm on pain meds. I love the pain med. Makes me happy.

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


My birthday wish

September 4th 2006 9:28 am
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Today is my birthday. And my birthday wish... the same as always WORLD DOMINATION!!!! Ha ha ha! (My evil laugh)

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


Another step in world domination!!

August 21st 2006 4:59 pm
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Yes!! My keen mind and exploits are getting recongnition!! I am one of the Cat Diaries of the Day today!! May my tales of trials and error go amongst many who can grow from them and rebel in their own way! I am proud and grateful to Catster for giving me this opportunity today to broaden the minds of many a cat out there! Cat Warriors For The World!!

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


Another step in my plan of domination!

August 14th 2006 12:47 pm
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I was minding my own business when my jailer was looking all over the house for me. I was survaying all from my new hiding spot. I jumped up on the kitchen counter (which I'm not allowed to), on top of the fridge to the top of the cabinets. I love it there. I can see everything, and EVERYONE has to look UP to see me. I like that!

So since Mom (I mean the jailer) couldn't reach me, I am superior! I am dominating the pack! I stayed up there as long as I wanted. It was brilliant!

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


My twin!!

May 18th 2006 1:47 pm
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I just got a rosette from Lily. She said, "We could be twins, we're gray, adorable, and crazy!" I mean we even have the same purple collar. Hmmm... could I have a twin out there... I know there are a lot of grey cats... but I wonder.... something to ponder... or is it a scheme to replace me! I must be wary! I must think and evaluate this matter closely!!

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=


One of my soldiers, Edgarina!!

May 11th 2006 1:12 pm
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I'm proud of one of my soldiers in my "Warriors for the World!" group (which I am the 4-paw general of!) She awarded me with a rosette saying, "To our future and our freedom. Someday we will rule the world!"

What a smart and ambitious kitty! I salute you, Edgarina! I will wear my rosette among my others on my general's uniform! It's cat's like her that gives us the chance to make glory ours!

Domination is at paw!
Drusilla: The 4-Paw General =^.".^=

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