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September 16th 2012 6:21 pm
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I don't know why but little mom brought a bloody dead squirrel into the house awhile ago and it was great. October brother was licking it, Smitty didn't really care for it, but Orbit, the big bully that he is, was scared of it! I wanted to eat it, but mom didn't let me. Then she screamed when there was a flea crawling on it and quickly took it back outside.

She was on the porch with a friend and they were talking and laughing and then she looked into the screen door and me and October were staring up at her. Then she opened the door a crack and let us smell a squirrel paw. October wanted to play with it because he is such a baby, but I wanted to eat it because I'm A PREDATOR! I successfully batted at it until it fell out of mom's hand and then she grabbed it away from me before I could do anything else to it.

More time passed and they came back inside and mom had the squirrel tail. She gave it to October and he was smelling it like he was interested in it, but he didn't do anything more. I got tired of seeing him smell it, so I went over and took it away from him.

Mom was at the kitchen sink laughing with her friend and it was awhile until she turned around and saw me gnawing on the exposed meat part of the squirrel tail. Mmm, tastes like mouse! She yelled at me and chased me. I got really low to the ground- I always do that when I know I am in trouble, but she pried it away from me. I was growling at her because I am SUCH A WILD HUNTER CAT! (I hardly ever growl.) Oh squirrel, tasty squirrel. I won't soon forget you.

(For anyone reading this, my landlord shot the squirrel- I do not condone being a moron- ie: shooting an animal because you are not able to outsmart it. I made sure he didn't die in vain, so my friend and I butchered it and he ate it, apparently, with barbeque sauce.)


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