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Dedicated To My Sweet Angel Girl...

An Angel Cat's Poem...

June 11th 2007 4:08 pm
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I recently read a really good poem about kitty cats going to the Rainbow Bridge written by my good furriend Tyler's Meowmie. It is such a touching ode, that I asked Tyler (Mr. Boombastic) if I could have a copy to put into my diary. He said that I could, so here goes...

I have friends who are Angels, don’t you know?
Some of them left before wanting to go,
Others knew that it was the right time
To be with God and the Angel Cat-Kind;

Some angels are new and still testing their wings
Chasing flutterbies, mouses and other cool things,
While others are mellow and sit in the shade
Of the great Rainbow Bridge that by God was made.

They wait for their owners, their earthly best friends
Their love is forever and knows no end;
When their person’s time comes, they will wait by the Light,
And welcome them home where the Rainbow glows bright.

But until then, they will play in the sun,
Chase clouds and chew flowers and run, run, run!
For sure they all miss you, their love runs deep,
But yours are the memories to treasure and keep.

It’s the Circle of Life going on you see,
So rest in the knowledge your friends are free:
Free from old age, disease, cruelty and pain,
And the Circle of Life means you’ll see them again;

So smile sweet friends, because now you know
That when your dear kitty cats Heavenward go,
They are still having fun and getting into things
All that’s different is their gossamer wings…

Written by Jill Jones

Thank you Tyler, thank you Tyler's mom!

That's all for me kitties,

Stay Cool,



~George~ {In Loving Memory}


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