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Goodbye, Zoe.

April 11th 2006 11:33 am
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Dear Zooster,

I'm writing this in your diary because I can't think of any other way.
How is your new home? I bet you're probably hiding under somebody's bed right now, you little rascal. I hope you are behaving!
I miss seeing you every day, you were such a little firecracker. You always made me laugh and would always surprise me with your tenderness when I was sad.
I really did everything I could for you and your little brother. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more. I wanted so badly for you guys to come with me to the mainland, but daddy couldn't afford it and grandma is allergic.
I think I'm allergic to not having my babies with me. :(
Thank you for keeping me company so many times over the years. You were my only friend a lot of the time when daddy was away.
I know divorce is hard on the kids, and I hope you understand a little bit of what is going on. I never wanted to hurt you.

I love you very much and pray that you are in a loving place. I hope everytime you look to the east you think of your mommy and all the love she tried to give you.



November 11th 2005 5:44 pm
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Mommy put some gravy on my food yesterday, she should do that more often! She told me that Sam's getting neutered this month. Haaaaaahahahaha!
After my eye surgery, I don't ever want to go to the vet again!


November 10th 2005 2:49 pm
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Hey, look at all the friends I'm making! It's cause I'm beautiful, right?
...I know. *stretch* You should hear my voice! I meow a lot, can't leave my adoring fans waiting. I know everybody loves to hear me, especially mommy at night. She loves my singing so much she yells in whatever language she speaks. I'm pretty sure it means "Encore!" so I try my best to be as loud as possible.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must take a nap. I was up all night!


November 9th 2005 6:03 pm
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No fair, Sam posted his entry first. He always gets treated special, cause he's the baby. Well, I have one eye! Do I get special treatment?
...Well.. I do. But still!
Stupid Sam. He always wakes me up from my naps. He's so immature and stupid. I think I'll pee on mommy's shoes and make it look like he did it. then maybe they'll throw him in the garbage and I'll be the only cat again! Muahahaha!

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