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Fighting for life

Another vet visit

July 23rd 2005 3:08 am
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Had to go to see the vet again, I tried to tell mum I didnt need to go but she said it was just a check up.
Anyway things are still going well and I dont have to go back for another 6 weeks!!! then i have to stay over night to have samples taken to see if I am ready to move on to another diet. The vet still cant belive I am the same cat that was brought in when I was sooo ill, and she said that becouse I am getting better so quickly it could mean my kidneys are repairing themselves, so that was brilliant news and mum gave me a big hug.
As I am a lazy cat mum has to bring my food to me and she sits talking to me while I eat my food, its kinda nice and soothing but I know she is really stopping me from going and eating the other cats food.
Time to go nap.


I'm Home

July 20th 2005 5:45 am
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After a hard battle I am home where I belong. There is a little less of me to hug as I lost a lot of weight but I showed everyone what I fighter I am and mommie is so proud of me.
I have to go on a special diet...yeuk! The stuff in the tins was awful and I wouldnt eat it and mum was at the end of her tether. I had to visit the vet again for a check up to make sure my bladder was empty and she told them I wouldnt eat my food and the nurse gave me a right talking to but it didnt make any difference I am not eating it. So now they have brought me some special biscuits which are much better and now I hear in a few weeks time I will have my diet changed again, well I hope they choose the bisciut version.
One thing I do object to is being watched when I visit the litter tray, mum says its just to make sure things are still moving, but come on... a little privicy please.


July 8th 2005 3:11 am
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Sprocket was rushed to the vets on wednesday after collapsing.
His bladder was blocked. The vets needed to put a catheter in to drain off some urine, they wanted to do this with out sedating him as this could cause his kidneys to fail, but in the end they had no choice but to sedate him. There was a lot of blood in his water which was caused by stones in his bladder which have damaged the inside.
Tests have confirmed he has substanial damage to his kidneys.
He is very ill and fighting for life.
I have been in touch with the vets twice a day and up till now there there has been no change, this morning I was told he had eaten the food that was put in over night. He is progressing very slowly and the vets are pleased with the way he is going, but it is still early days.
He is a fighter and has survived a virus that attacked his heart but left him on heart tablets. I am sure he will fight this with all his might.
I have asked his mom Snuffles to look over him, which i am sure she is doing.
Sprocket, stay strong and keep fighting, your family love you, miss you and want you home.

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