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mine doesn't stink!

November 14th 2008 1:44 pm
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My Litter Locker doesn't stink anymore, thanks to Arnold P.! Mom says the "contents" of the Litter Locker still stink (her opinion), but once my treasures are stowed inside, the Locker doesn't sit there stinkin'. Back in September, Mom was complaining about that. Sheesh . . . she says I whine.

Arnold P.'s mom used the Litter Locker system for years, too, and recently bought a new Locker for Arn. But then she changed her mind and switched to a different method of litter disposal. Lucky for me, Arnold read about my stinky Locker and had his mom send me his almost-new, non-stinky Locker, along with 6 refills for the plastic bags. Holy mackeral! That's enough bags to last more than 6 months!

Thanks, Arnold P., for clearing the air in our house. Mom really appreciates it. I never really noticed anything stinkin' anyway. Not mine!!

gotta scoot . . .


voted for ya!

November 13th 2008 2:07 pm
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I just finished voting for every cat entry in the World's Coolest Contest! Last year I stopped after 5,000 votes, but this year I just kept on voting, for all 6,505 entries! See? There are still entries being added, though, so I'll keep checking to see if there are more cats to vote for.

Funny, my paws aren't even that tired, but Mom's complaining about a sore wrist and thumb!

And, another birthday gift came in the mail for me today. It's been "lost" for 3 weeks but finally arrived today. Thanks MacIntosh, Pixel and Popka!

Oh! I almost forgot. Skeezix and Edwina recently tagged me for a couple different games, but I'll play those another day. I need a nap right now. Dana, the vet tech, is coming tonight to give me fluids and I need to be well rested and strong so I can resist. If I'm too nice to her, she tries to kiss me!

gotta scoot . . .


Suuuuuuuuper Cat

November 8th 2008 4:07 pm
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e&e please read this one, too! :)

At 20 years old, I don't do a lot of jumping, running or flying around anymore. I can still jump 2 feet but not 3, and I can still run if I need to -- lickety-split, too, let me tell you! Last night I found out I can still fly.

About 3 feet from the end of Mom and Dad's bed is a loveseat, where I've been sleeping at night recently. I visit Mom and Dad in bed several times during the night, but I seldom sleep in the bed anymore. That makes them sad but I'm more comfortable by myself on the loveseat, so Mom finally gave up trying to coax me to stay in the bed and put one of my heating pads on the loveseat. I'm warm and comfy there and I'm still in the same room, close enough to visit Mom and Dad when I need some petting.

But to get to my petting sessions, I have to jump down from the loveseat, walk around to the side of the bed, hop up on a stool, jump on up to the bed and wake someone up to pet me. When I'm done, I have to hop down onto the stool, then down to the floor, walk back to the loveseat and jump back up onto it. Sheesh! There must be an easier way, right?

After a love session with Mom last night, I walked to the foot of the bed, looked at the loveseat 3 feet away and thought, "I can get there on a direct flight!" I carefully stepped onto the launch pad -- the slippery round rail at the foot of the bed. As I was teetering on the rail, I heard Mom say, "Please don't do it, Scooter." Mom was afraid she'd cause me to fall if she made a move to reach for me, though, so I had my chance!

One big leap and I was flying! *WHOOSH* The *whoosh* reminded me of my friend Alex (The Angel). He whooshes in and out of The Olde Furts Home.

As I was about to land, one of my lives flashed before my eyes.


I made it!

Dad woke up. "Did she just jump to the loveseat?"

"She sure did," Mom said. "I thought she was going to fall off that rail, but she made it with room to spare."

You can call me SuperCat!! If Mom had taken a photo, I could have entered the Daredevil category in the World's Coolest contest. Instead, here's a link to a photo of me resting on my landing strip this morning.

A 3 or 4 foot flight isn't a big deal when you're two, but when you're two-oh, it's pretty exciting!

gotta scoot . . .


Livin' it up a little

November 6th 2008 9:23 pm
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e&e please read this one! MOL!

I'm not sure which came first -- not enough going in or not enough coming out -- but I wasn't eating or pooping very much for a few days. Some days I wouldn't even eat all my baby food, so I didn't get all of my laxative nor all of the teeny amount of Prednisolone that helps keep my appetite bumped up, since they're usually stirred into the baby food. Without those, I had even more poopy troubles and less appetite. 'Round and 'round.

So Mom had to start giving me the Prednisolone directly in my mouth again to make sure I get all of it, plus a little extra laxative to get things moving. I've been back to eating my normal amount for a couple days now and everything's moving along well again. *crosses paws*

After I ate all the food in my dish last night and a good breakfast this morning, I got a reward! RayPod's mom brought me Liv-a-Littles freeze-dried chicken treats when she came to visit me and I love them! When Mom breaks the pieces into small bits for me, some bits turn to powder and fall to the bottom of the dish, then fly up into the air as I eat. This morning some of the powder landed on my nose. Mom thought I didn't know it was there, but I did! I just felt like wearing chicken powder on my nose so I could enjoy the smell a while longer. Of course, Mom insisted on taking a photo, which she added to my page.

Sissy and family sent a package of Whisker Smacker's freeze-dried chicken for my birthday and I know I'll love that, too, whenever Mom opens it for me. Except for Kitty Kaviar, I never cared for cat treats, but freeze-dried chicken has changed my mind. It's mighty good!

gotta scoot . . .


baby WHAT?

October 29th 2008 10:40 pm
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Baby gate? I'm no baby and I don't need a baby gate! Hmmmph!

Last night Mom and Dad put up a gate to keep me out of the bathroom. Whaaaaa! I'm still a sometimes-active Olde Furt, but I am 20 years old, so I can't jump the gate. This morning I snuck in while the gate was down, though, and checked out what's been going on (look for photos in my Photo Book). Holes in the floor, holes in the walls -- cool!! Heehee, a leak in the shower turned into a bathroom remodel. Faucets and showers and tubs, oh my!

Contractors are not my favorite people, but I've managed to sleep through most of the noise. I'll be glad when that contractor is gone, though.

Mom finally put some photos from my birthday on my page. I wasn't feeling so hot on my birthday, so I waited for a better day to open gifts. Birthday photos are on my main page and in my Photo Book.

Another card and gift came today, too. Thanks Luke, Sissy, Cooter, Shadow, Copy and Paste.

Oh! I did hiss at RayPod's mom while she was here last week, but only because she got in my space on my sofa. It was Mom's fault, anyway, for not telling her that no one is allowed on that sofa when I'm lying on the back pillow. We made up later and she even got me a "Hiss Off" sign to warn others to stay away. She and Daisy's mom kissed me goodby before they left -- and I didn't hiss!

I better hiss off for now... uh, I mean...

gotta scoot . . .


More mail

October 23rd 2008 8:23 pm
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I'm overwhelmed by the wonderful messages, rosettes, stars and gifts and friend requests. I see friends in festive hats celebrating my birthday and even diary entries dedicated to me. THANK YOU, everyone. That doesn't seem like enough to say, but please know I appreciate all your wonderful wishes on this very special birthday for me.

I had a great birthday. Um, I slept all day... but I had my baby food treat and even some Paw Lickin' Chicken (cat food). Now I'm ready for another nap.

Dad brought me more mail this afternoon. Thank you:

Harley, Prissy, Tao and Teddy
Louis LeBeau and Ethan

gotta scoot . . .


In the news!

October 23rd 2008 6:58 am
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Happy Birthday to me! It's my 20th birthday today. If that isn't enough excitement, Skeezix meowed with me! YES! Read it on The Cat's Meow today.

Skeezix is so handsome, I didn't have enough breath left to blow out the candle on the toona cupcake he brought me. How embarrassing! I had to cover by saying it was time for my nap. How much excitement can an Olde Furt like me take? THANK YOU for the birthday wishes and THANK YOU for including me in your blog, Skeezix.

We have visitors at my house. RayPod's mom and Daisy's mom are here to celebrate my birthday with me. I hope I'm not expected to share my baby food!

Thanks for all the rosettes, stars, gifts and messages I've already received. I hope to include a list later. I received some cards and gifts in the mail, too, and have been napping so much I haven't had a chance to let all these friends know I received them. Thank you to:

Sylvia and Angel Edie for the "Royal Mail"
Elsa, Sofia, McGregor and Toulouse, Jr.
Sullivan and Pansy
Kassidy, Kayleigh, Maytag and Angel Cole
Merlin and Creatures
Arnold P.
Calvin, Spunky, Sugar, Samoa, Gleek, and Violet
Kazumi Joy

My paws are too tired to make links to everyone's page, but a special friend from that list is Sofia, who's only one year old but is struggling with a terrible illness. If you have time, stop by Sofia's page to see how beautiful she is and spend a little time purring for her.

A great big Happy 7th Birthday to my furst and best friend, Kazumi Joy!

I'm heading over to the 20/20 group now! ME! I'm 20!

gotta scoot . . .


I wonder...

October 21st 2008 7:16 am
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...who's counting down to the big day for me?

It might keep me up at night, wondering. Then I'd have to nap all day!

When will I get the anonymous rosette with the number 2, for today?

Too many puzzles! I better take a nap while I think about it...

gotta scoot . . .


cheep cheep

October 18th 2008 5:59 pm
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While I'm napping, I can still hear things. Today, Mom was going through the pile of junk mail, running that annoying shredder machine. She opened an envelope, then said to Dad, "Look what you were going to throw away. Birdie Bucks!"

"What?" Dad asked.

"It's ten Birdie Bucks, good for ten dollars at the bird store. You know, the one that has the pet store attached. I can get something for Scooter there. I'll get her something for her birthday!"


gotta scoot . . .


napping . . .

September 28th 2008 9:13 am
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Woohoo, I'm a Daily Diary Pick today! I should write something in my diary . . . but I'm too busy napping! I can't think of anything better to do in the fall, can you? Um . . . or spring, or summer, or especially winter. I love napping!

I'll be napping for a while. I don't know what's going on around here -- stuff sitting around, stuff being loaded into the car, stuff being thrown out. Whoa! I'm staying out of the way, so I don't get thrown out. I think I even saw a contractor! *shudders*

Just give me a quiet, peaceful spot where I can nap -- that's where I'll be. When it's safe to leave my peaceful napping spot, I'll be back on Catster more often.

gotta scoot . . .

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