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I can't believe it's not butter!

Cup's Of Butter

April 8th 2013 6:27 pm
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Buttercup is my year old cream tabby cat! I just love buttercup with all my heart! I'll have him a year on may 7th 2013, he was my birthday present from my husband. He got him at the pet store, he said we should name him peaches but I said I have to see him first. When I walked in and saw him I picked him up and said aww my little Buttercup and my hubby said that's it that's his name! Buttercup is fixed and I snip his nails and file them, I brush his teeth and groom him weekly. He is a indoor cat but I'm going to get him a leash and walk him. He is very good with my children, he never scrathes them or hurts them in any way. He is a very well behaved cat. He loves water! He sometimes jumps right in the shower with me! He is my baby and I just love my Butters to death! I hope every cat is loved as much as my buttercup!


"A Year with my Buttercup"

May 6th 2013 8:21 am
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Tomorrwo it wil be a year since I got my Butters! Tomorrow , May 7, 2013 is my 28th birthday and also marks a year that I got my cat Buttercup! I can't believe it's been a whole year I've had my baby. I took a pic of him the day we got him and tomorrow I'm gonna take a pic of him the same way to show how much he's grown in this past year. I just can't imagine life without him! He is such a good cat, he's really good with my children. My daughter is 71/2 and my son is 6 and Buttercup is so gentle with them. Even at times when he would rather be alone he will be calm with them until they put him down. I always know when my son is sleeping because Buttercup will come in my room and jump up on my lap and I'll look in on my son is he sound to sleep thanks to Butters. I just wanted to share a liitle about my baby to Caster on this special day!!! Thanks for reading and I hope every cat out there is loved as much as my Butters!!!


Butter Flipping Cup!!!

August 5th 2013 5:23 pm
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Butters is such a funny little guy! He gets wet food once or twice a week, his fav is chicken and gravy! I say you want chicken and gravy bubbies! He's not a very vocal cat ( which I sure don't mind) so when he meows he's really trying to tell you something. When he meows he sounds like a old man or it's very soft and low or he sounds like this little tiny baby! So funny when he meows either way! So anyhow last Saturday morning I was getting his wet food and he was doing his kold man meowing like crazy and he was sooo excited to get his chicken that instead of rolling on his side and flipping he was siting on his butt and did a perfect front flip and it was sooo funny! I wish I had got it on tape! Thanks for reading about my old flipping kitty! Meows to all!!!


Vet Visit

September 26th 2013 4:21 pm
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Buttercup Went to see the vet today for his yearly exam. He had to get his second dose of rabies and his distemper shot. Thank goodness the rabies is good for 3 years now he'll go in a year for a distemper. The vet said he is a very healthy kitty! Only one problem he's two pounds over weight! He should be no more than 12 pounds and he's 14.02. He's almost 2 years old but he's a indoor cat. But if he was a outdoor cat he could be closer to 15 pounds. And being that he is fixed plays A part. Oh well guess momma gotta watch how many treats I gives my bubbies! And daddy like to give him bread so now it's time to watch what he eats and keep him active. I love my Bubbie James and I want him around as long as possible and I want him to be in the best of health. Thanks for reading and I hope every kitty out there is loved as much as my Buttercup James!!!!!


Trip to the vet

November 18th 2013 10:48 am
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This past weekend was not at all a good weekend! I have a head cold my husband have a chest cold and my poor baby Butters had to go to the vet. First let me say that Butters is very well behaved, he is a good cat all around and has never had litter box problems. Well Saturday morning Buttercup was acting a little weird, he was sniffing around and he went upstairs and peed on my husband's side of the bed! Which is not like him to do at all. So I thought umm what's this about??? Well I put him in his litter box and he finished and then about 15-20 mins later he went up and peed on the bed again! This time I notice it was really dark and had a trace of red in it. My first thought was bladder infection because I really didn't think it was a behavior thing because there are no other pets in my home, nothing is different and he is fixed and he' only a year old so it was not old age. Well my hubby called the vet at they were closing at noon and it was 12:35 and the vet is almost a half hour away!! My hubby jump up (remember he has a bad chest cold) grab the keys grabbed Butters and out they went! I have never seen my hubby run so fast it was like one of my children being sick! He really loves Butters, he's like our third child. about 15 mins later he called and said Butters was crying the whole way and he vomited in his carrier. The vet said he looks good and they do not think he's going to die! THANK GOD!!! They took blood checked his temp they could not get a urine sample because he did not pee. He white blood cells were up and his temp was fine. He has a bladder infection and theer may or may not be crystals in his urinary tract and they SHOT HIM WITH PENICILLIN and shot him full of fluid and he has to be on amoxicillin for 2 weeks. He has to be on a special rx food for bladder health (Hills) for the rest of life. But he looks good and he is his self again. Pees in littler box again and is eating and drinking. Has a little diarrhea from the meds. I am soo thankful my baby is ok and I soo pleased my hubby loves Butters as much as I do!!! Thanks for reading and I hope every kitty out there is loved as much as my Butters!!


Birthday Butters!

March 6th 2014 8:06 am
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Tomorrow (March 7th) is my Butters 2nd birthday!! Wow my baby is 2! I really don't know forsure when Buttercup James birthday is! When I got him which was May 7th 2012 he was 8-9 weeks old so I have been saying happy birthday to him since the last week of Feb. I made March 7th his birthday! I bought him a new condo but he was afaird to go in the little cut out hole and plus he was to big for it! I finally was able to find him a dog bed thaat he likes and actully fits in! I love Butters with all my heart he is my 3 child I always say! I just stock up his food and his cat sip milk which he just loves to drink and i also bought 80 some pounds of litter! So he can eat and pee all he wants! A few months ago Butters had a bad UTI and I was soo worried he may of died. But he feels all better now and he is such a good cat! My kids and hubby just love him to death, life would not be the same without Butters in our lives! So with that said I would like to wish my baby Buttercup James a very Happy Birthday! And more to come! Thanks for reading and I hope every cat is loved as much as my Butters!


Couldn't imagine life without Butter!

May 6th 2014 8:22 am
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Well tomorrow marks the day I got my baby Buttercup James! Tomorrow is my birthday and I got Butters two years agao. I just can't imagine life with out him! It's been two years and it feels life forever. He is such a good kitty besides the 2-5 am hyperness! I've been throught alot with him and I treat him like one of my kids. He lays with me when I'm not feeling well and he sits in the bathroom waiting for me to get done. He was not a big talker before but now he will hold a big long conversation with you which is just soo funny. I love sharing my birthday with Butters gotcha day! I love him dearly and always will no matter what time he wants to play! Well thanks for reading and I hope every cat out there is loved as much as my Butters!


3 years old

March 6th 2015 12:21 pm
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Tomorrow is Butters third birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUTTERCUP JAMES!! I just love my Butters, Gosh another year has gone by! Butters just went to the vet for his check up and his ditemperd shot. The vet said it looks like he ate too much butter! ha! His current weight is 14.66. But he is doing very wel. Nomore bladder problems, thank God that scared momma half to death. But this May I will be hopefully getting Bubbies a little brother yay! Hopefully for my birthday wich is May 7th so Butters and the new cat can share the same gotcha day! Butters will be getting a speacial tunna and chesse bake tomorrow! I just love my little Buttercup! I'm sooo glad he is in good health just a litle chubby but we will work on that! Thanks for reading and I hope all those pretty kitties are loved as much as my Butters!!!!!!


I gotcha!!

May 6th 2015 8:18 am
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Wow, tomorrow is my big man on campus gotcha day!!! Tomorrow is also momma b-day! Butters was on e of the best birthday presents ever! This year I got my present early!! Skittles yay! Butters was not a happy camper at first but it only took a day and a half for him to be ok! It has been two weeks today since Skiddies has been with us and I love my two boys!!! I am so proud of Butters because he was the only kitty for 3 years and now I brang in this little 2 month old baby and he has adjusted very well. They play together witch he needs because he is almost 15 pounds so he needs the play. They sleep together and Butters clean skittles! I just love my boys!!! So Give Butters a big hand for being such a big man!! So glad I have Butters and Skittles in my life!! So with that said Happy Gotcha day my big man Buttercup James!! Thanks for reading and I hope every kitty is loved as much as my Butters!!! oh and Skiddies!!!

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