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Lucy Liu Against All Odds

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A Heartfelt Thanks

November 2nd 2015 12:31 am
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A heartfelt thanks to all who honored Lucy Liu's memory with stars, rosettes, and special gifts, and to those who made beautiful memorial pictures and left condolences on Facebook. Lucy's sudden death was a deeply painful shock to me. Lucy had overcome so many obstacles and challenges in her too-short life. She had survived being hit by a car, suffered permanent nerve damage, healed from a broken pelvis, and had been through physical therapy to enable her to use her right rear leg and learned to get where she wanted to go despite handicaps.. Lucy Liu was an inspiration to me as I went through dealing with avascular necrosis, three hip surgeries and 2 dislocations, two hip replacements and a revision, during the past year and a half. If a little cat could overcome all the problems and challenges that life after being hit by a car brought to Lucy, then surely I could overcome the physical challenges I met during all the time I spent dealing with surgeries, post-ops, physical therapy and the long times spent under physical/medical restrictions. Lucy Liu was a brave life-loving little kitty. I only wish she hadn't been called to the Bridge so soon.


Lucy Liu Suddenly Goes To The Bridge

October 29th 2015 7:31 am
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It is with deep grief and shock that I have to announce that Lucy Liu went to the Rainbow Bridge at approximately 8:45 am today. This morning I found her collapsed and dehydrated on the kitchen floor. Attempts to save her failed. As you know, Lucy Liu had a complex medical history, coming to me as a hit-by-car survivor with a broken pelvis and nerve damage to her right rear leg. She suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and had to have regular steroid injections to control iit. It's also possible her kidneys were damaged as well or that there were other injuries/damage to her internally that may have finally caught up to her and caused her sudden demise. Lucy was a brave little cat, she overcame quite a few difficulties to live a happy full life for the short time it lasted.. I will always miss her!


Doing Well, Enjoying Freedom, & Conning Mom!

October 28th 2014 10:28 am
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Hi! Lucy Liu here, enjoying my freedom of having the run of the house. I'm doing very well now. My stools aren't solid yet, but at least they're firm enough that I'm able to control them and make sure they end up in the litter pan. I don't enjoy getting my every-two-weeks shot but I guess it's a small price to pay for freedom. Otherwise, I'm doing well, in spite of the effects of the nerve damage to my right rear and the toe curl. I can jump up on things as well as a cat with four good legs. I can also outrun Mom as well as a cat with four good legs, MOL!

The one thing I can't do as well as cats with four good legs is scratch the right side of my neck. My coat, although short, tends to get a bit matted on the right side of my neck. Mom said she never realized that cats use their hind feet to groom their necks and other places their tongues and front feet cannot reach, until my inability to scratch the right side of her neck called this fact to her attention. However, I've managed to solve this problem too. I simply con Mom into scratching the right side of my neck or grooming it with out with her flea comb!


Shot Day

October 4th 2014 5:01 pm
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Uh oh! I saw on Mom's calender where today is the day I have to get my steroid shot again. Every two weeks I have to get this shot and I don't like it. I know, I know, it only takes seconds for me to get my shot, but it stings because it has to go into the muscle. Shots under the skin don't sting like a shot in the muscle does. I also know my freedom in the house depends on my having this shot. For some reason, Mom objects to my having diarrhea around the house even though it's not like much space gets dirty because the house is big. When I had diarrhea around the house, Mom got all dramatic and hauled out the steam cleaner and then I had to stay in jail until she and the vet tried this steroid shot which controls it well enough that I'm able to consistently make it to the litter pan. My stools aren't that solid yet, but at least I haven't had any more diarrhea accidents around the house. The good thing about this is that I've been able to stay out of kitty jail and keep my freedom in the house. I don't want to go back to jail but the price of freedom is having to get my shot. I'm torn between the urge to hide and the realization that I need my shot to keep my freedom. I know! I'll hide under the couch but leave my tail sticking out a little bit. That way I can at least make it a bit more challenging for Mom to find me and give me my shot.

A few minutes later....Ow! Mom found me. Within a few seconds, it's over. The shot has been administered. Woo Hoo! Two more weeks of freedom before shot day comes again!


Freedom Again at Last

September 18th 2014 6:47 am
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After months of being caged due to uncontrollable diarrhea (explosive diarrhea at that, so loud sometimes that the humans could hear it two rooms away!), Mom and the vet finally found a steroid that controls my diarrhea well enough that I can be free in the house again and still make it to the litter pan in time. The steroid is called Depo-Medrol and I have to get a shot of it every two weeks. Now I don't particularly like injections, but it's worth it to have my freedom back.

I have inflammatory bowel disease, also sometimes called Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Feline inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is not a single disease, but rather a group of chronic gastrointestinal disorders caused by an infiltration of inflammatory cells into the walls of a cat’s gastrointestinal tract. The infiltration of cells thickens the wall of the gastrointestinal tract and disrupts the intestine’s ability to function properly.
See ces/brochure_ibd.cfm
for more information on IBD.

I hope my IBD stays under control now so I can continue being free in the house. I've been having a lot of fun lately doing sneaky little things I'm really not supposed to do, such as sitting on top of the microwave oven. When Mom told me to get down, I tried to tell her I'm just making up for lost time!


Thank you! Hard to Believe It's Been a Year Already!

December 6th 2013 10:26 am
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I would like to thank everyone for your rosettes and pawmails and the beautiful pics you gave me for my Gotcha Day Anniversary. It's hard to believe I've been here a year already. I've sure come a long way since that day a year ago when my owner wanted to call animal control to come take me and euthanize me because I had been hit by a car at least 2 weeks earlier, couldn't walk, and didn't die from being hit and Angie, my owner's helper, stepped in and said she knew someone that might take me so I didn't have to be put down. Thankfully my owner agreed to let Angie make the phone call, my now forever Mom agreed to take me, and here I am, alive and well. I've learned how to compensate for my residual nerve damage and curled toes of my right rear leg and Mom says I do well. When I want to run really fast, I just lift my right rear leg off the ground and fly on my three good legs.

Mom's learned to scratch the right side of my neck for me because with my curled toes, I can't scratch very well with my right rear foot. I've got Mom well trained to scratch me!

My favorite place to lay is in a cat bed on the foot of Mom's bed. My other favorite place to be is under Mom's bed. I can get under the bed really fast if I see Mom coming with anything that resembles my steroid pill. Mom hasn't been giving me steroids lately because mysteriously, my stools are usually formed now and I only occasionally have puddle stools. Nobody, not even the vet, really knows what the cause of my diarrhea is but at least now it's only occasional. If it starts to become frequent again, Mom says I'll have to go back on steroids. I'm hoping it stays better. I hate the process of being pilled. It's not the pill I hate, it's the process. Mom said if I have to go on steroids again, she may see if she can get an injectible steroid for me since I hate being pilled so much.

Thanks again to everyone for all your appreciation of me and my diary and for all your caring, gifts, stars, rosettes, pawmails, and positive comments you've given me over this past year. Headbutts and purrs to you all!


How Great It Is!

October 27th 2013 10:55 pm
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How great it is to be free! Right now there's nothing more pleasant I can think of than laying on Mom's lap while she scratches behind my right ear, my head, and the right side of my neck. It's very hard for me to scratch my right side myself because of my curled toes problem. Until that $%&! dog interrupts things, I'm going to stay right here on Mom's lap. Keep scratching Mom, you won't interrupt my typing.

When Mom first sprung me from kitty jail, I hid under her bed thinking that as long as she didn't see me, she wouldn't put me back in jail. Then Mom told me that as long as I consistently make it to the litter and don't leave any poo puddles anywhere else AND that if/when I have to go back on my steroid again I'll let her pill me without running/hiding/fighting, I can stay free. Sure Mom, right now I'm so happy I'm willing to agree to whatever you say!


Free! (On Probation)

October 26th 2013 6:57 pm
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Earlier tonight Mom let Classy out of her crate but unfortunately for her, Classy proved to be still too fearful of the other cats to keep her freedom. In her fear she was trying to attack other cats, afraid they would get her if she didn't get them first. When Mom picked up Classy, Classy was so scared she even swatted Mom once. After Mom put Classy back in the crate, Classy calmed right back down again and was purring wanted petted.

Mom decided that this time, however, Classy needs to go into the bottom crate, that she needs to be at floor level where she has to see the other cats coming and going all the time and learn that they aren't going to hurt her. This was a big break for me! I was in the floor level crate below Classy's.

Now that I'm spayed, healing very well, and although I still have diarrhea, I'm getting all my stools into the litter pan consistently, Mom decided to let me out of kitty jail "on probation". Mom says this means that I get my freedom as long as I'm able to be clean but that if I start making messes anyplace else except the litter pan I'll have to go back to kitty jail again. Mom says she hopes I don't screw up because she wants me to be able to stay loose in the house so I get good consistent exercise.

So now Classy's back in kitty jail and I'm the one who's FREE. Mom doesn't have to worry about ME getting along with the other cats either. I get along fine with almost everyone, anyone who's a grouch I just stay out of their way.


Spay Day

October 21st 2013 8:28 pm
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I was the first one at the door when the Spay Neuter Clinic opened at 7 am today. I also was the only person there who was bringing more than one individual cat or dog in to be altered. With me were all three cats: Lucy Liu, Classy, and Aurora, in 3 crates. Each crate was covered with a big towel so the cat inside it would feel more secure. I filled out all the paperwork then left and drove home. Pickup time wasn't until 5:15 pm. I had a whole day to be anxious, hoping all goes well, looking forward to the relief of getting the newly spayed cats back home and settled in the comfort of their cages where they can convalesce.

Tonight Aurora, Classy, and Lucy Liu are home sleeping off the effects of anesthetic. Their spays went well without complications.
Now Aurora, Classy, and Lucy Liu are officially part of an elite group of kitties, those who someone cared enough about them to have them spayed. Proudly Aurora, Classy, and Lucy wear their eartips, the universal symbol of an altered kitty!


Keep the Positive Forces Coming, They're Working!

October 17th 2013 8:27 pm
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Keep your purrs, prayers, reiki, and the power of the paw coming for Lucy Liu!

Thank you everybody who keep sending me their positive thoughts, purrs, prayers, reiki, and the power of the paw for her.

Your purrs, prayers, reiki, the power of the paw and other positive forces definitely seem to still be helping Lucy Liu. She's still caged, still has to take steroids, but although her stools aren't solid yet, she has had a few formed stools lately which is an improvement over the previous "poo puddles." I've been giving her a little bit of honey lately too which may also be partly responsible for Lucy's recent progress.

Lucy still won't be able to be released from the crate for awhile though, because she's now well enough that most likely tomorrow or Monday, depending on when the spay-neuter clinic is able to spay all three cats, Lucy Liu, Aurora, and Classy will be spayed. After their spay surgeries, all three will have to remain crated for awhile. After that, if Lucy is still having formed stools, she should finally be able to be released from the crate although she will probably still have to be kept on steroids for awhile.

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