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Just Say'in

Mom Laughed AT ME.

February 5th 2013 5:18 pm
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I was minding my own business, walking out to the kitchen because I heard mom making noise out there and thought I'd check it out. Just as I walked around the corner--BOOM there was mom FLINGING WATER on me. It surprised me so much my tail poofed! ...Did she bow down before me and beg for forgiveness? NO! She LAUGHED instead! LAUGHED! Humph! How rude-
Just say'in

Lísta's mamma here to defend myself: I was cleaning her food mat and was shaking the excess water off as I came around the corner, having no idea Miss Lísta was heading my way. When we practically collided it startled both of us, and her tail poofed to 5x it's normal size. She looked so adorable I just couldn't help myself from laughing. Her tail hasn't poofed in probably almost a decade so it is a rare sight. It reminded me of the very first day she was in my life, her gotcha day...she met my aunt's cat that day who hissed at her. Her response was a pooffy tail that was at that time bigger than the rest of her body practically. So when I startled her, I was having a mommy memory...she just didn't understand--but shame on me: I loved it.

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February 5th 2013 at 9:36 pm

Awww... I think your mom laughed because you're so adorable, Calista. I bet you were even more adorable with a poofed tail.




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