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Bluebell's Secret Diary

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meow!! meow!!

January 31st 2013 2:44 pm
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meooow, grrrrrrrrrr hiss, meow meow meow meeeeeeow! hiss hiss!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr. meow.

sorry guys, my mommy wasn't on time to write in my diary so i had to do it in cat language because i don't know how to spell in human language. but you cats out there know how to read it and i'm sure it's pretty obvious that it's about my brother, cupcake.


my mommy is hurt!

January 30th 2013 12:05 pm
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ok, a few days ago my my mommy hurt her back paw while she was at school -i told her it wasn't a good idea to go to school, but does she listen? No!- but anyways she has to wear these big, metal sticks under her arms. i don't get why though. she's always making a racket when she limps down the hall and i am terrified of big and loud things!

i remember when i hurt my paw. it was when i was just a little kitten and i was walking in the screened porch, when the door closed on my paw! i was like, "YOW!!!!!" but my mommy and the other humans were asleep, so the door was on my paw ALL NIGHT!!!!! but when it was finally morning my mommy's mommy opened the screened door. my paw was finally free!!!! but it was as flat as a pancake. it hurt SO bad, that i had to go to the vet. -that was when i lost one of my nine lives.- but when i was at the vet, my paw swelled up super big and the vet said that it wasn't broken and it would heal soon! so i got to come back home.

but as i was saying, my mommy's foot is not broken, it is sprained very badly and she has to wear this big, white thing on her foot for three to six weeks!!!!!


the little red dot

January 26th 2013 3:46 pm
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ok, so today cupcake was going crazy running around with this little red dot. he's been chasing it all over the house and it's been driving me crazy. "cupcake, why do you always chase that little red dot?" i growled. then he shrugged, "because it's fun!"

i laid down across from him to watch him play. it's amusing to watch him play when he isn't attacking me! but then the little red dot got on my paws and i had no choice but to chase it. cupcake now looked amused. "what?" i asked, "i had to get revenge on it." by then the little red dot was on cupcake's side again and he was chasing it away, but when it got in my territory again i decided to end it once and for all. and i ate it, or so i thought, because it really didn't taste like anything. but then i found it on my fur. me and cupcake chased it all around the room but then it hid under a dresser.


soft and feathery

January 21st 2013 4:48 pm
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ok, today my mommy got me and cupcake this awesome, feathery toy. it is so much fun!!!!! they also got cupcake a collar and i have to admit, it looks pretty good on him. he didn't like it though, so they took it off for tonight.


a nice way to wake up in the morning! not!!!!

January 21st 2013 6:53 am
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ok, so this morning i woke up at the end of the bed and saw that my mommy was still sleeping. so i went up to her to lick her fingers. when i got up there she started to stretch, so that meant she actually was awake so i could go back to sleep, but right as i started walking she stretched her hand right into may back! THUMP!!!! that HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i ran to the edge of the bed feeling hurt when she picked me up, put me in her lap, and started petting me. i love it when she does that!!!!

well, i see my brother being bad, got to go!



January 17th 2013 5:43 pm
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ok, so i've been hearing my my mommy talk nonstop about this thing called "snow". I'm not exactly sure what it is, i've only heard the other cats talk briefly about it, so i decided to ask Sapphire. i was like, "Sapphire what in the world is snow????? why is everybody talking about it???" so she sat next to me and told me about it, "Well bluebell, snow isn't really anything to be excited about. i don't know WHY the humans talk about it so much!" she purred. "it's pretty much just white stuff that covers the ground and whenever you step in it your paw gets all wet and sinks into the white stuff, making it hard to walk. And the worst part about it is that it gets your belly wet!" she complained.

she sounds so wise doesn't she???

but anyways, i was in awe. "so is there anything GOOD about snow?" i asked. Sapphire thought for a moment. "oh yes! when snow come school is cancelled!"

WHAT???? SCHOOL CANCELED????? WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i purred my thanks and then went out to look out the window. oooooh i hope it snows!!! it will be great!!! i just got to make a plan on how to stay in without having to touch the cold, white stuff. MOL!!!!


School is NOT cool!!!!!

January 17th 2013 12:43 pm
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sorry i haven't been writing in my diary lately. here's another entry by me!

ok, so my mommy has to go to this place called "school" everyday. i don't know why she does it, i don't even know what it is for meowing out loud!!!!! i just know that she's there a lot.

she has to get up EARLY every morning, and she's not the only one. every morning at like 6:00, when i'm snuggling with her, she will get up out of bed. i try and try to beg her to stay in bed by chewing on her fingers and trying to sit in her lap, but she always gets up anyways. then her mommy puts me out. and i was like "um, hello it's raining out here...... LET ME IN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" but of course nobody listens.

and it's not just in the mornings. when she comes home from school she has this thing called "homework". it's where you have a piece of paper and a stick and you scratch on it. i don't get the point!!! so i try to talk some sense into her by laying down on her so-called "homework" so she can't do it. she pets me for a second, picks me up and moves me, and then starts scratching on paper with a stick again.


a new blanket

January 6th 2013 5:12 pm
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ok, so my mommy made me and sapphire this really cute blanket! mine is blue and has a cat face and a heart on it and it is so adorable! sapphire's is white and it is an oval. hers comes with a pink pillow and mine does too, except mine has a cupcake on it.


i am in SO much trouble!!!

January 4th 2013 8:27 am
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i am SO grounded!!!!!

ok, so i was in the kitchen and obviously they were fixing supper, when suddenly i could smell the fresh aroma of chicken on the counter.... seeing that no one was looking i jumped up on the counter and decided i would take a little, tiny bite of it. but when i took the bite, it was SO juicy that i had to have more....... i ended up eating the whole thing before realizing that it was my MOMMY'S supper!!!!!!!! i was totally thrown outside!

well, what can i say?! it was the juiciest chicken ever! i only got a bite.... or two..... or more........



whoops! i just broke my new years resolution!!!!!

January 3rd 2013 3:30 pm
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Wow! i broke my new years resolution faster then you can say "cats rule!" i should have stuck with the first one because today, i looked in the mirror and saw that i was even more beautiful then yesterday! oh well..... i tried....

ok, so you know how my new years resolution was to keep all of the cats off my bed???? well... last night i stayed outside and went to a kitty party with all of my furiends, yeah, i totally got grounded for that one! but anyways once the party was over, it was morning and so i went home. well it turns out that when i went in my mommy's room sapphire was on my mommy's bed!!! i would snub my mommy but she wasn't on the bed.

so i'm like, "SAPPHIRE!!!!!!! why are you on MY BED?????!!!!!" i hissed. then she looked at me all innocent-like and purred, "well bluebell, she's MY mommy too you know." then she just curled up and went back to sleep.

i don't know what made me more mad, that sapphire was on my bed or that i let myself break my new years resolution so easily. well maybe next time!

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