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Viola's Vocalizations

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BRRRRRRRR!!! It was REALLY cold here!

January 15th 2013 4:44 pm
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Night before last it was pretty cold here, daddy said it was 21 degrees outside, and 59 in the house. I don't know what a degree is, but I know it was really cold. Usually Saphira and I sleep in bed with meowmy and daddy, it's heated so it's nice and warm. Sometimes I sneak under the covers and nibble daddy's toes a bit, but always before I came right back out when I was through playing. I guess since it was so cold, daddy let me get under the covers again with him. He fell asleep, and he seemed a bit surprised when he woke up in the morning and found that I was still down there by his feet. It was so nice and warm under the covers! I think I might do this again on cold nights!


Viola has a new way of dispatching fuzzy mice

January 12th 2013 5:40 pm
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Viola's dad again, she has a new way of (I think) dispatching the fuzzy mouse toys after she catches them and is through playing with them. In the last week I have "rescued" eight of them from her water dish, sometimes in pairs. Not sure whether she is trying to drown them or just thinks they need a bath. She does like to toss them in the air and then try to catch them, as does her sisfur Saphira. It is a bit of a stretch to believe that in a bedroom that measures over four hundred square feet, eight mice could land in a dish that measures less than half a square foot by pure chance. They had some feline help, the only question is why? Anyone have any ideas, Viola is not talking!

Update: Last night she brought me back a mouse that was totally soaked! I assume she dunked it in the water bowl and then returned it to me, dropping it into the bowl and then fishing it out again would be really hard for her.


My first trip to have my nails done

January 8th 2013 6:22 pm
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I got a surprise this morning, after breakfast daddy picked me up, which I like, he usually gives me some pets and scratchies and I start purring in two seconds. This time, after a few pets, he put me into my kitty carrier. I did not fight or complain much, after all the last time I rode in it was to bring me here to my furever home. Out to the car and a short ride to a place they called Petsmart. They took me to the back of the store and got in line. There was a lady in line ahead of me with a little dog, and she had two nice little girls with her who thought I was really cute. I rubbed up against the door of the carrier, and they put their fingers through and petted me. When it was my turn, daddy told the nice vet tech that I was an Ocicat, and he could not find a way to enter me into his computer! Daddy finally figured it out, he did not know anything about Ocis, and spelled it Aussiecat! Once he got it right he took me back to where they do the nail trimming, and I was a really good girl and behaved very well while my nails were trimmed. They look so nice now! After we got home I got extra kitty treats for behaving so well, I really liked that part!

I am really having fun playing with Saphira now; we chase each other all over the house and get under mewomy and daddy's feet a lot. We are two really fast kitties!


Happy Mew Year!

January 1st 2013 2:08 am
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To everycat from Viola, her sisfur Saphira, her pawrents and the rest of her two pawed family.


Viola and her sisfur Saphira are playing together a lot now

December 28th 2012 11:05 pm
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Another note from their dad:

Saphira and Viola's relationship continues to improve, still a hiss and a growl from Saphira once in awhile, but also some touching of noses and a lot of play, chasing each other around the house a lot. Of course they both sleep with us every night and also nap on our bed when we are watching TV. Usually Saphira sleeps with Terri and Viola is with me, but sometimes one of us is lucky enough to have two spotted jungle cats using us for a nap spot. Yesterday I had Saphira curled up on my legs while Viola had her head on my ankle. Of course movement on my part was impossible, but then again, with two sweet Ocis to keep me company, why would I want to move?

Another sales job from me... anyone who might enjoy a beautiful spotted jungle cat who is intelligent, loyal, loving, and very playful and entertaining should look at an Ocicat, they are just a joy! Anyone in Southern California interested can pawmail me and I can give you the contact info for the breeder we adopted our two girls from, he is just a great breeder who loves his kitties, and it shows in our two wonderful Ocis.


Under the covers is fun... for me anyway, maybe not for dad

December 21st 2012 11:13 pm
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Yesterday daddy showed me something new that I really liked! He let me get under the covers! It has been purrty cold here lately, and it was really nice and warm down there, along with some nice toys. More about that in a bit. Later that night, after my pawrents went to sleep, I crept back under the nice warm covers again, and I decided to have some fun. Daddy woke up really surprised, and seemed a bit upset... something about me NOT chewing on his toes as he slept! Not sure he will let me under there again, but a stealth kitty like me can always find a way to sneak under there after they go to sleep.


Very sad purrs today...

December 16th 2012 1:43 am
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With tearstained paws Saphira, Viola, and their pawrents purring very sadly for all the victims of that horrible school shooting in Connecticut.

(Note from Viola's dad - I goofed and posted this to Saphira's diary twice, instead of once for each of our spotted girls,)


I think my sisfur Saphira is starting to like me!

December 11th 2012 11:52 am
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I think Saphira is finally starting to realize how nice I can be. She does not growl or hiss much anymore, and sleeps with me on their bed at night. She also hangs out with me now. Today she chased me, and all she did when she caught up was bat at my pretty striped tail! I think we are going to love playing together, and meomy and daddy are happy that I am starting to play fetch too, just like Saphira.


My sisfur is COTD!

December 5th 2012 10:47 pm
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My sisfur Saphira is Cat of the Day today! Purring for her, she DOES seem to be getting a little nicer to me lately! I have been joining her and meowmy and daddy in bed, and while she might hiss when I first jump on, she settles down and leaves me alone after that. Their bed is really nice, not only is it heated so it is nice and warm (they tell me it gets a LOT colder here than at my old home down the hill), but it is covered with all kinds of neat kitty toys for me to play with. And I can get all kinds of strokes and scratchies and tummy rubs, which I just LOVE.


Getting to know Saphira better, but still getting hissed at!

December 4th 2012 8:58 pm
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Viola's dad again...
About time for an update... Viola had really been showing that she wanted to explore the rest of the house, but we were still worried about Saphira possibly harming her, so for a time we would confine Saphira to our bedroom, not a huge problem for her as she spends a lot of time here and it is where her toys, kitty box, and bed (our waterbed!) are located, and it is where she is fed. We then let Viola have the run of the house, and she loves it! One thing her breeder failed to mention about her was her speed: When she wants to work off some energy, she is faster than a speeding bullet! "Her" room is at one end of a hall. It leads past another bedroom, then empties into the entry. On the other side is our dining room. The entry, dining room, and living room are very open, with only oak railings separating the living room from the other areas. From her room to the end of the dining room she has almost 50 feet of uninterrupted running room, and she uses ALL of it! She will tear down the hall, bump into a box at the end of the dining room, then dash into the living room and from there back into the entry, into the hall, and back to her room. She is an absolute little fireball!

We also started letting them meet in our bedroom, larger and Saphira's home turf. She still hisses and growls a bit, and sometimes chases Viola, but no injuries have resulted. Since then we have let them both loose in the house most of the day, and no further problems other than the old hissing, growling, and chases. Viola actually will walk toward Saphira, I get the impression that she might actually like to play. She now spends some time in our bed, think she is starting to like us!

Last night we had what I think was a very good thing. Viola was curled up next to Terri in bed, and I was on the other side working on my laptop. Saphira jumped up on the rail on my side, something she does often. Seeing her nemesis curled up by mommy, she hissed a couple of times, then proceeded to curl up beside me! They stayed like that for a couple of hours, about four feet apart, with no more complaints from Saphira. We are still having Viola sleep in her room at night, just in case they should tangle at the other end of the house while we are asleep, but other that they both are loose most of the time. The only exception is feeding, with Saphira tending to graze while Viola snarfs down her food in nothing flat, she would end up with most of the food and Saphira would probably starve!

And yes, she is still one of the sweetest cats we have ever seen!

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