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I Be DDP Today!!

April 20th 2014 5:19 pm
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Yep, little ol' me be diary pick on the same day Phoeniz be Cat o da Day. Must be havin' some fleas cause I cannot put up the bootiful picture Dana made for me. Maybe I can make it happen later. Thank you everyone!


A Newbie

April 16th 2014 8:12 pm
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Yep, the new kid gets to stay. She is a little sweetheart. We play sometimes and I think she is very cute. I really need to teach her things like waiting till the peeplz are not around before jumping on the table, but Ziva will get the hang of it. Here is her link.


Bob the Hero Kitty

April 5th 2014 8:43 pm
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Well, Bob's adoption family did not turn out and now we very happy it did not. April 1 the ancient grandmom suddenly got very ill, as ancient ones are prone to do. When she took to her bed, so did Bob. He stayed with her 24 hours a day, leaving just to eat and pee, until she crossed the bridge on the evening of April 3. Mom was there most of the time, too. And even when Mom and the nurse were changing the bed or caring for grandmom, they could not get Bob to leave her side. After she crossed over, he still would not leave her and would fight anyone trying to get close. At last, when the funeral people came, mom had to lock him in Stephanie's room. He was such a hero to grandmom! He is a little sad right now, keeps going back to grandmom's room looking for her, but he is getting lots of love and attention from the family. This kitty will never be adoptable. He is home forever.


Adoption? Maybe

March 12th 2014 8:11 pm
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Well, possible family came to see me this evening. They were nice, but I was afraid and kind of smackety pawed them. I was not impressed at all. Mom tried to get me to be nice, but I just walked away. I know she was disappointed that I did not show my usual charming and laid back personaltiy. Well, they may be back. They told mom they understood I had been through a lot of trauma and I don't like new people are strange things. So, we shall see.



March 11th 2014 12:21 pm
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After all this time -- mom decided it would never be -- we all accepted that --- Mom be so focused on Dolly (Phoenix' mom). Today she get an email. Someone want to adopt ME!!!!!! Don't know what to do. Someone really wants ME!!!! But this be my home for 18 months. SOMEBODY WANTS ME!!!!! Mom emailed them and said to fill out the application and come pay me a visit. SOMEBODY WANTS ME!!!!!!!!


All Good Things....

January 21st 2014 10:52 am
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This will probably be my last post here on Catster. Mom is trying to copy over everyone's diaries and so is trying not to make too many new ones.

Like nearly all of us, Mom has been finding new ways to stay connected through facebook (with Miranda as spokescat); catsterrefugees.livejournal.com; and Cathuggers. On cathuggers she only have space for 5 kitties and there more too many of us, so some of us will have to share. I won't have my own page there since I have to share with Lottie, but my picture will still be there.

She feels sad that there will be no place for our kitties who are at the Bridge like Mama Cookie and Bailey, but they will live in our hearts.

So, you may not see too much of me for awhile, but I will remember you all. And, I still live out there on Petfinder, but no one really thinks I'll ever be adopted away.

So, as they say, "All good things must come to an end."


My GOTCHA Day/Birthday

October 13th 2013 8:38 am
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Since we don't really know my birthday, Mom combined my gotcha and birthdays. Anyway - one year ago today I was near death. Now I am healthy, playful, and BIG. I actually had someone come to look at giving me a new furever home this week. She was very nice and she may still come back, but mom thinks she was more interested in the little kittens. That's okay by me. I like it here.


I Hate Petsmart

February 24th 2013 5:33 pm
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Just me...not Mom. She must LOVE Petsmart cause she is there so much! Was there all afternoon yesterday and that wasn't good enough. Went back today. Come on, Mom. Little kids poking' their fingers in the cage. Dogs barking and barking and barking. Only good thing is I could see the parrots from my cage. Yum! But I couldn't touch them. Then there were the other kitties. They didn't wanna be there either! First it was Marko who got a home. Then there was the little tabby girl...but her brother got left behind and he cried and cried. I felt so sorry for him. They should have taken him with his sis. About that time I sort of decided all the peeplz were stupid and went and hid in my litter pan. Mom tried to coax me out and I hissed at her. She talked nice to me and I still hissed. She went and bought me a feathered kitty toy bird. Not bad. Not as good as the real ones but...I played with it a little bit. Then I went back to the litter pan to catch a nap. Finally Mom put me in the carrier and we went back to car. It be quiet for while as she drove, then she told me she was sorry about it all and that we would not go back there again. That made me feel good. Not really certain what the future is, but if my purfect home be somewhere else, it isn't gonna happen that way. I think mom was as unhappy as I was - just she wasn't in the cage.


Tomorrow be a Special Day

February 22nd 2013 7:02 pm
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Tomorrow is Petsmart Adoptathon. Mom and me be very nervous. I puttin' on my very best face, my best attitude. It be really hard for us both, but sometimes I think I might like a house with less kitties. I am sure Milo and Lottie feel that way. Me and Phoenix play together alot. But, like I said, there be some days when we all think there might be this very special family just waiting for this handsome tux kitty. So, tomorrow we try one more time.


Can't Get No Respect

January 5th 2013 5:54 pm
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So, little Phoenix's tree got stolen. Mom and dad actually stole it, chopped it up and put it into a box. She tried to rescue her eggs and I came along to assist and distract, but they still took them all. She was sitting and crying in the living room as mom and dad pulled down the steps to the attic and took the box up. Now the attic be place of mystery. Ain't no kitty ever been up there. Mama Lucy says there be ghosts up there. So, I decided to be the brave brother and go rescue Phoenix' tree. I ran up the steps into the attic while dad was getting more boxes. Wow! What a place. I sad to say I forgot all about the tree. There be lots o boxes and this cool gray fluffy stuff. Dad spotted me and called to mom. I was away far away from them and the boards they could walk on. Ha! What fun! I decided to play hide n seek with them. After about half an hour Mom when and got me some treats as a reward for being so brave up there and giving them something fun to do! But when I came close dad grabbed me. HEY! He took me down the steps and put me in the bathroom. Hey, let me OUT!!! Mom came in and shut the door behind her. Ah -- she still had the treats! She gave me a couple. Then we both saw that my beautiful white feet and chest where completely gray! What followed was a terrible thing no kitty should experience. BATH.........

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