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My Birthday-Gotcha Day!

October 13th 2014 1:32 pm
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Yeah, mom doesn't really know my birthday, so we celebrate my Gotcha Day and Bday together! I have been with my family now 2 years! I remember well. It had been so long! I don't know why my human and left me in the hot summertime. He promised to come back, even wrote a note. Maybe something happened to him, he was elderly. But his children lived next door and they knew about me. Days had become weeks, then two months! One day I heard a voice and footfalls on the steps. I began crying out with the last of my strength. Then the man who is now my dad broke in the door! What a cool guy! I walked out onto the front porch - fresh air smelled sooooo good! Then I was too tired and fell down. My now mom scooped me up calling for the realtor to get a blanket. He seemed a bit odd about it all. Then they called the sheriff and the realtor called the bank that owned the trailer. Within an hour I was in mom's warm house on a heating pad getting handfed. My skin and paws were orange and it was many days before I got well. I have never wanted to step outside mom's house again. Sometime I get very angry for no reason, but mom says that's okay. Maybe I have bad dreams. I like playing with the foster kittens when I am allowed to. They jump on my back and roll around. I never want to be alone again!!!!


My Escape from the Vet

May 9th 2014 5:49 pm
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Yes, kitties! It is possible!!!! My tail had been very sore - stupid Milo bit me. Then It got this nasty abscess and bled all over mom and dad's bed. So, mom called Dr. Stacey and made me an appointment. I have been to Dr. Stacey's before, I usually see Dr. Dan who says I need a kitty shrink. Humpf. So, today, mom tricked me into the cat carrier. I complained long and loud all the way to the office. When we got there, Mom opened the carrier in the exam room, but I did not want to get out. Then they brought Ziva in. That got my attention. She saw me and started crying. She wanted to get into my cage. Mom and Dr. Stacey had their attention on Ziva. Then they realized Ziva's gray blanket was still in the surgery room, so they went to get it, forgetting my cage door was open. My moment! Just a few moments later, mom remembered my cage was open and came running back. Too late! I was out and gone. Ha! Everyone went scrambling all over the office looking for me. That was fun - until one of the vet cats, Brotie, gave me away. He was snarling at the table I was hiding under. Mom picked me up and we went back to the exam room. I was pretty annoyed and growled and snarled through the rest of my visit. But inside, I felt a little proud. I had achieved what few kitties do - escape from the vet!


Hunting Season is Open!

April 29th 2014 6:43 pm
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Yep, mom has officially started hunting season! Long, cold winter and the baby cage sit empty for too long. Call came the other day about a cluster of 30 cats needing to be TNRed.

(Ziva tugs Bob's tail): Sound like a bad thing! Hunting! I watched Bambi with mom's grandkids. Hunting not good.

Bob: This hunting is a good thing. You are alive because someone went hunting about found you. On the first three days of hunting mom observed 5 grown cats, was told of 2 kittens playing, and found 4 neonate kittens with their mom (leaving them alone for now).

Ziva: What will happen to them?

Bob: In a few weeks mom will try to catch all the kitties on the same day and get the grownups fixed. The babies will come to our house to get socialized and then get wonderful furever homes. You will like that....little ones like you to play with.

Ziva: What be fixed?

Bob: (Sigh) I think you will find out next week!!!


I Be DDP Today!!

April 20th 2014 5:19 pm
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Yep, little ol' me be diary pick on the same day Phoeniz be Cat o da Day. Must be havin' some fleas cause I cannot put up the bootiful picture Dana made for me. Maybe I can make it happen later. Thank you everyone!


A Newbie

April 16th 2014 8:12 pm
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Yep, the new kid gets to stay. She is a little sweetheart. We play sometimes and I think she is very cute. I really need to teach her things like waiting till the peeplz are not around before jumping on the table, but Ziva will get the hang of it. Here is her link.


Bob the Hero Kitty

April 5th 2014 8:43 pm
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Well, Bob's adoption family did not turn out and now we very happy it did not. April 1 the ancient grandmom suddenly got very ill, as ancient ones are prone to do. When she took to her bed, so did Bob. He stayed with her 24 hours a day, leaving just to eat and pee, until she crossed the bridge on the evening of April 3. Mom was there most of the time, too. And even when Mom and the nurse were changing the bed or caring for grandmom, they could not get Bob to leave her side. After she crossed over, he still would not leave her and would fight anyone trying to get close. At last, when the funeral people came, mom had to lock him in Stephanie's room. He was such a hero to grandmom! He is a little sad right now, keeps going back to grandmom's room looking for her, but he is getting lots of love and attention from the family. This kitty will never be adoptable. He is home forever.


Adoption? Maybe

March 12th 2014 8:11 pm
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Well, possible family came to see me this evening. They were nice, but I was afraid and kind of smackety pawed them. I was not impressed at all. Mom tried to get me to be nice, but I just walked away. I know she was disappointed that I did not show my usual charming and laid back personaltiy. Well, they may be back. They told mom they understood I had been through a lot of trauma and I don't like new people are strange things. So, we shall see.



March 11th 2014 12:21 pm
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After all this time -- mom decided it would never be -- we all accepted that --- Mom be so focused on Dolly (Phoenix' mom). Today she get an email. Someone want to adopt ME!!!!!! Don't know what to do. Someone really wants ME!!!! But this be my home for 18 months. SOMEBODY WANTS ME!!!!! Mom emailed them and said to fill out the application and come pay me a visit. SOMEBODY WANTS ME!!!!!!!!


All Good Things....

January 21st 2014 10:52 am
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This will probably be my last post here on Catster. Mom is trying to copy over everyone's diaries and so is trying not to make too many new ones.

Like nearly all of us, Mom has been finding new ways to stay connected through facebook (with Miranda as spokescat);; and Cathuggers. On cathuggers she only have space for 5 kitties and there more too many of us, so some of us will have to share. I won't have my own page there since I have to share with Lottie, but my picture will still be there.

She feels sad that there will be no place for our kitties who are at the Bridge like Mama Cookie and Bailey, but they will live in our hearts.

So, you may not see too much of me for awhile, but I will remember you all. And, I still live out there on Petfinder, but no one really thinks I'll ever be adopted away.

So, as they say, "All good things must come to an end."


My GOTCHA Day/Birthday

October 13th 2013 8:38 am
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Since we don't really know my birthday, Mom combined my gotcha and birthdays. Anyway - one year ago today I was near death. Now I am healthy, playful, and BIG. I actually had someone come to look at giving me a new furever home this week. She was very nice and she may still come back, but mom thinks she was more interested in the little kittens. That's okay by me. I like it here.

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