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Musings from an Aussie Kitty

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Welcome to My Diary

June 2nd 2012 2:38 am
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Hi furs! I just thought I'd tell you a little about myself and my life. I was born in Tasmania, Australia, in a litter from a Ragdoll queen and a local tomcat. My original name was Snowflake (how girlie is that?!), but my new Mum, understanding my predicament, changed my name to Samson, after the long-haired worrier, I mean warrior, in the Bible. I think this name suits me a lot better, don't you? My siblings all went to new homes around Tasmania, except for my sister Lily, who stayed with our feline mum until she was killed by a car. Before that tragic event, though, she had another litter of kittens from which came another little kitty who looked exactly like me! His name was Jaffa, because he was the colour of Jaffa chocolates. As far as I know he is still with Lily and her owners.

My family moved from Tasmania to Victoria, Australia, in December 2010. It was a big change, but there's a lot more room to roam here and a lot less cats, which is good in that there's more rabbits for me to hunt, but it also means that I have fewer cats to boss around. :( We live in a big house with a big backyard and we're surrounded by big sheep paddocks filled with rabbits, hares, birds of all sorts... and, unfortunately, snakes. Luckily, though, I haven't been bitten by a snake yet. My favourite activity is hunting birds, but my Mummy always wonders how I manage to catch so many birds considering that I'm bright white...? Just call it "skill".

I have a furiend who lives with me called Booboo and she's recently joined Catster, too, after I told her how fun it is. Booboo's mummy is my mummy's sister. Is it just me, or does "Boo-Boo" seem to be a common girl cat name? Booboo's profile page is at: .

Well, so long furs and thanks for reading!


Goldie Joins Dogster

June 2nd 2012 10:44 pm
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I live in rule over two dogs - Mikey and Goldie. You may have seen Mikey around on Dogster, but now Goldie has joined as well! Now we can all have fun together! My cat friend Booboo has recently joined Catster and she's convincing her pal Yogi to join as well. :) We're gonna have a blast!!


New "Mews"

June 5th 2012 4:10 am
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Smiley Cassanova has invited me and my Dogster "siblings" to become Administrators at the Cat & Dog Plaza. So kewl! Thanks, Smiley! I'm having a ton of fun on Catster, especially at the Cat & Dog Plaza and at Da Cat's Meow. Thanks, effuryone, for being such grreat furiends and playing with me!

Let's see, what else have I been doing? Umm... I've been playing da Cat Breed Photo Game. My Mummy is purrty good at knowing da different breeds. Booboo and Yogi are having fun on Catster, too, and Mikey and Goldie are making so many pals on Dogster!

I'm trying to add some more photos to my page. I think I'm going to run out of room soon! I'd best go now. Thanks for reading! See you around, furs!


A very boring time

June 12th 2012 12:16 am
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Hi furs! Not much has been happening here, but I felt I've been neglecting my diary. I finally figured out, thanks to Reanan, how to post pictures in the group threads on Catster, and for those of you who don't know how to do it, my meowmy's done up a video about it which you can find on my page.

Here's something interesting Meowmy found on the internet today about a "Dr. Zoe D. Katze Ph.D., C.Ht., DAPA". She found it on and it's about the panel show QI, hosted by Stephen Fry.

You should not consult Dr. Zoe D. Katze Ph.D., C.Ht., DAPA because she is a cat with bogus qualifications including hypnotherapy. Academic Steve Eichel wanted to prove just how easy it was to get qualifications over the internet. Once you get one then you can use the others to parlay until you get a whole list of them. Zoe has a doctorate in counselling psychology from a mail-order university, she has a C.Ht. meaning she is a certified hypnotherapist, she is in the National Guild of Hypnotists, and is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association. Zoe also has qualifications that allow her to be an energy therapist, a past-life regression therapist and an alien abduction therapist. There are "diploma mills" and "degree mills" which give either fake diplomas from a real university or a real diploma from a fake university. Stephen then gives the panel a fake diploma each in "Advanced Banter". The whole business of fake degrees is called "pseudo-credentialing".

How's that? Maybe I should become an "Alien Abduction Therapist". MOL!

Anyway, when I next have something interesting to report, I'll let you know! Thanks for reading!


New Toys

June 25th 2012 2:33 am
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Greetings, loyal furiends and Readers! I went bird hunting today and you'll never guess JUST HOW CLOSE that bird came to being caught! Darn! Still, maybe I'll have better luck next time. Meowmy's always saying how she wonders how a bright white kitty like me manages to catch birds and broad daylight in open country!

Meowmy bought a new pen the other day. It's a fun pen - It's got a laser light in it! Playing with the laser light is fun, but my buddy Booboo loves it even more than I do! Booboo's meowmy took a video of Booboo playing with the laser light and she's going to try and put it on Booboo's page.

Speaking of video's, I'm not sure if I explained in a previous entry about the video that's on my page. Meowmy put it together to help furs like me who are having trouble posting pictures in group threads. With some help from some furry helpful furs, I've figured it out and helped Meowmy do the video to help other furs. Although some still cannot figure it out (you know who you are!) and I found a forum thread about that ( rcom/thread/496025/1 ) but I don't know if it helps any more than my vid does. :)

Um, that's about all that I've been doing lately. See you around, furs and furiends!


A furry special honour!

June 30th 2012 10:14 pm
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I've been made the Rockstar of the Month at Da Cat's Meow! WHOOPEE!! Dante made the kewl pic that is on my page. He's clever at that! I was also the Cat of the Week at Kewlest Catster Kitties a while ago. Rex made the KCK Cat of the Week pic on my page. It's really good as well, isn't it?

I've been having so much fun on the different groups that a few days ago, I decided to start my own group fur Aussie kitties. But something's wrong with Catster - effury time I try to create the group, Catster says there's a problem that will be resolved within 12 hours. That was about 5 days ago I started trying and I've got the message EFFURY TIME!! Grrr.

Mikey did an Ugliest Dog Day Photo Competition on the Cat & Dog Plaza, but not many furs entered. Maybe next year he can do it again, giving more notice to photo-wielding furs and promoting it better. Meowmy's wondering if she can get a 4th of July type photo of one of us to enter in Domino's photo contest on said Plaza, but living in Aussie it's hard to come by Independence Day type props! Thinking, thinking...

Hope you all have a furtastic weekend!

Purrs, Sammyson


Felix Joins Catster!

July 1st 2012 3:08 am
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My angel furiend Felix has joined Catster now! He's an Exotic Shorthair kitty with a black smoke colour. He was one of the sweetest cats when he was alive and he's one of the gentlest kitties at the Bridge. He'd be glad fur you to stop in and say hi and make him feel welcome!

As some of you know, Meowmy helps at a website called and she's been working on that today. She looked at some of the stuff on there and realised just how far behind she is! This could take a while! But there's a lot of good stuff on Feline Frenzies.

Mikey's Ugly Dog Day photo comp seems to have gone down well. Maybe he'll do another one next year after all. I'm having fun helping as admin at the Cat & Dog Plaza and at We Love Contests. Trivia's my cup of tea. (or perhaps, "saucer of milk" would be a better expression?)

Purrs to all!


Another honour!

July 2nd 2012 3:13 am
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Yipee! I'm a DDP! My furiend Booboo has been a DDP before and her brother Yogi was DDP twice! But now it's MY turn! WHOO HOO!! This is a furtastic month! I'm making lots of furiends and joining kewl new groups and my furiend Felix has joined Catster, and I'm the Meow's Rockstar of the Month, and now I'm a DDP! Now if I can just get Diary of the Day or even Cat of the Day, THAT would be BRILLIANT!! (Missed it by *|that much!|* )

Catster says they're working on fixing the group messages and group creates. (*taps foot impatiently*)

Happy Monday, furs!



July 7th 2012 7:39 pm
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Oh! I'z so 'cited! I'z so 'cited my grammar is going!

Firstly, tomorrow iz my Gotcha Day! Meowmy sez I gets a special treat! *rubs paws in eager anticipation* I also gots rosies and pics frum my furiends. TANK MEW ALL! (Mew know who mew are!)

Seconds, I'z a detective now! Ooh, I'z gonna have fun! The group iz full of detectives who investigate anonymous rosies to find out who sents them. Which would be more fun I wonder - being the detective or the ARG? (Anonymous Rosette Giver)

Thirds - PAWTIES ABOUND! Da Cat's Meow group is having a Summerfest Pawty and I've been invited as an admin! (If I could put emoticons in diary entries, I would have a whole row of da dancing smilies!) This is gonna be fun, I can play da pawty games and maybe even do one myself. :D

I'll write more when I has more to write. Thanks mew fur reading!

Rookie Detective and Pawty Fanatic Samson "Happy, Happy"
Dept. of "Joy, Joy"


The latest on C-A-T News!

July 8th 2012 6:15 pm
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Well, the most exciting of our latest Mews is that Uncle Felix now has his wings! Aren't they purrty? I almost wish I was an angel so's I could have wings like that! Uncle Felix purrs a BIG thank-mew to Muffin and da gang from the Over the Rainbow group fur his wonnerful wings.

I would also like to thank all of my furiends who sent Gotcha Day wishes and prezzies. I don't think I have room to name them all here, so I'll just say one big THANK MEW!! (Mew know who mew are, my furiends!)

"Furiends are the furmily we choose fur ourselves."
I furget who said that, but it's a grreat quote!

Have a pawsome day, my furiends! And big purrs to you all!

Gotcha-Day Boy Samson "Over"
Dept. of "The Moon"

(P.S. Fur those who don't get it, the joke in the signature is "Over the Moon". The one in my last entry was "Happy Happy, Joy Joy". :))

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