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my rescue

New beginning

April 12th 2015 12:41 pm
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Me and my brothers moved 6 months ago, things are nicer and quieter at our new place, I even have a new baby sister, my two legs brought her home about 5 months ago she walked funny, but was always happy.

Two months after that , her leg that bothered her and hurt her was removed, she is nicer to play with, more my size,I get jealous sometimes but things have worked out.

We are all happy,her name is Holly Paws.



June 2nd 2014 4:20 pm
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Today, is my day. I got to sleep late with my two legs. ( after i woke her earlier to feed us). We have some new baby's at the house too. We have three this time. 2 with little nubs of tails. And one fluffy hissy thing. My two legs brings some home every now and then for me to play with. They stay in another room, I only get to play when my two legs goes in there too. She works at the place I was found . and she brings home tiny tots sometimes. I think she thinks i get bored. I do like to father them though. In fact whenever something comes home I am there to meet them. I hear my two legs tell others that I could work at Walmart as a door greeter. Whatever that is. Well time to loom there the glass at the rabbits and squirrels lots of them now. Meowser;-)



March 17th 2012 10:38 am
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today mom is staying home for the first time in a while. I am not leaving her alone, begging to drink out of the sink, wanting the light turned on last night so I could watch the bugs, My fur brothers think I am crazy when i want to be on my twolegs shoulder and get a ride around the house, but they are just as crazy for chattering at the birds outside our picture glass looking at the station our twolegs put up for us. silly brothers they can't get to those troublesome birds.



February 26th 2012 5:38 pm
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Arent I just adorable, this evening I got the better of my brother pooh! He thought he could push me around but boy did i knock him over a few times. and daisy shes a slinky thing (ferret) and we have so much fun when mom lets her out to play. she can run too. but we wrestle, and chase thrue the tubes and just have fun sometimes I have to go high just to get a break from her but I go back for more she seems to like it when I tease her.


my rescue

February 24th 2012 6:21 pm
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after being with my mom. Something scarey happened me and my two sisters, were taken in this monster to another place, there we were put putside into the yucky mucky weather and left. I say my two legs leave us. I was very scared, I was not sure what to do. Then this female two legs showed up and brought the plastic box we were in into a building, we put up a fight let me tell you I spit and I growled, but it didn't seem to bother this two legs. SHe just kept showing her teeth and growling back. but them we were giving food and water, which I didn't touch,. Not until she left anyway. that evening she came back. and I was still grumpy. But you know this two leg seemd different. She poked me with something sharp, it hurt but just a second and gave me some yucky yellow stuff to swollow.
and again left. But a couple of days later one by one my sisters left me. I was very scared. very! But with each visit this two leg made me feel happy. So I started to purr and when I did I started to drool, I don't know why but I could't help myself. but to make a long story short, I live with this two leg. I have to wake her everymorning at 5am to get her moving and to feed my three older brothers breakfast everyday. But i think it's worth it I trained her well meow

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