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What itz like beinz in charge.


April 8th 2013 10:41 am
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Weese thought weese hads a way toos gets da dog in trouble an wud neber bees foun out. Oh weese wuz soos wrong. Heese iz a trasher. An poppa always yells ats him fur dooin it. An den heese haz toos hangs hiz silly heds in shame fur bein bad. Mrowl mrowl. I likes dat part best. Soos weese (Mimi, Raggs an Isis,) all desides toos keeps hims in trubble. Weese throwed da trash alls ober da place ans ripped up momma's favorite box of dry kibble. da stuff dat smells like chocolate but is all artificial. But sheese likes it anyways. Weese reely mades a mess. Poppa came downstairs an da place was gud an recked. Heese wuz walkin roun mutterin gonna kill da dog. weese wuz alls bery prouds ob ourselves. Jake sed dat weese blew it buts weese dint beliebs him. soos heese said fine you'll sees. Momma cames home wit da dog a little while later a poppa sed do you sees wat heese did dis time? Momma looked round an sed Sam dint doos dis. dey did. She pointed her paw at usses. Weese wuz all lookin az innoscent az possible unner da circunstances. Den sheese sed Dis wasnt likes dis wens weese went out 3 hours ago. and Sam wuz wit me. She piked up the piece of hers kibble box dat Ize had reely worked hard on an sed deese are cat teeth. sam's teeth are bigger an farther apart. Dey ares settin him ups to gets yelled at bys you. Poppa wuz speechless. Weese is gonna habs toos haz a meeting an try dis agin an not leeve evidence of our involvement. Maybe weese cud knok out a dog tooth an leeve it at da sceene ob da crime. Weese hab toos wurks on it. Jake iz laffing hisses fool tail off sayin told yous so. Yous cant makes a mess an blames hims ifs heese not home. Weese reely dint tink ob dat. Well better luk nex time. hehehehe.


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Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

April 8th 2013 at 10:47 am

Busted, too...MOL! MOL!

Better going next time...

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