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Grooving With Grazie

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Taxing News About My Waistline

September 14th 2012 8:04 am
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Neato to ride in a taxi that comes right to my front door, picks me up and takes me on a ride all around San Francisco.Thought I was going on a tour of the Sardine Factory or down to Pier 39 to visit our famous Sea Lions, but SURPRISE! Taxi driver stopped at the VET's office and booted me out. Yikes!

Seems it was time for my quarterly Mani-Pawdicure. That's OK but I see no reason to have to weigh me before. My Staff goes to get her nails done and they don't put her on a scale when she walks into the nail salon! Sheesh. Mancat personal stuff is now announced all over the VET's office 'Hey Grazie has gained one huge pound since June!"

Ok Ok So I have - that means my appetite is ripe and I'm a happy kitty here in the City and was hoping I'd blow up that scale at 11 lbs. Mister VET says "if he keeps this quarterly weight gain up, he'll surpass Guido and that's HUGE!" I wouldn't pay someone a fee for announcing that stuff.

Magically the Taxi showed up to drive me home, but he never took me to Pier 39 Sea Lions & didn't let me stop for a tuna sammy. I'm blacklisting his Taxi company!


Meeting & Greeting Around The Globe

August 14th 2012 8:03 am
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Oh boy, I'm having so much fun I forgot to catnap because Worldwide Pen PAWS is keeping me busy meeting and greeting and it's open to every fur & it sends miles of smiles all around the World - even to YOUR house!

Leave your Passpurrt at home & come play the monthly contest to win FREE ZEALIES! It's a fun way to meet and greet new furs all around the Planet. See ya at Worldwide Pen PAWS where the PAWStastic mail doesn't require a stamp!
TRAVEL to Worldwide Pen PAWS now!


I Got My 1st PAWdicure !!

June 30th 2012 7:39 pm
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Reporting in to you that I'm safe from my 1st car ride to the fancy schmancy nail salon! Oh my gosh my golly gee wiz, I got swept up in the moment while I entered the adorable cat carrier and while exploring it's cool interior design, the lid got zipped and I got whisked out the door to the nail salon.

Now why is it an inky mini man cat like me needs to have a Pawdicure? Yikes - that PAWdicurist had a not so junior sized PAWzattendant about the height of an LA Lakers player! They got me in an All Star Wrestling neck lock while crooning in my lil ears that I'm so very cute way too many times, and wowee, 20 nails are clippity clipped clipped n a minute like before I could even show them my dilated pupils!

I think it's called an Express Pawdicure which means speedy job! I didn't tip them but I'll give them a tip now "Hey Pawdicurists - when I return in 3 months, get ready"!


It's My 1th Birthday - yep

April 4th 2012 9:13 pm
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Do you believe I'm turning ONE on April 5th ?- Yesiree I am and I'm ready to party hearty cuz I got my furever home now for a miraculous 7 weeks and I'm training my big brofur Guido the Italian Kitty. Pssst, that's a challenge fur shure! LIfe is catastic and I'm purring.

OK, OK, so I looks a little inky dinky to you, well that's cuz I am but I'm strong and don't do wrong and i'm excelling in wrestling matches with the brofur (shhhh .. dontcha tell anybody but I lets his star struck self think he won)

My flaming Redheaded self is so touched by all the gifties - my furst gifties in my whole life, but, well, I'm just ONE so I never ever had Happy Furst Birthday gifties - it's a treat!

Thanks friends, you sure make my life neato and you're making my 1th birthday super dooper neato and like my Angel Bro Yolo would say ... Yee Haw!


Moving & Grooving In My New Furever Home

February 25th 2012 7:07 pm
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Oh my gosh! My new life is so neato after 1o months of relocating from County to County and now I'm smack dab in the center of San Francisco where I got a fully equipped furever home. It's fully furnished with comfy sofas and lamps that I can vault on to, wall to wall carpeting for racing with traction, food Staff that insists on me having 2 nice meals a day, massage therapists for hugging and rubbing my kitten meowscles and a brofur - yes I got a brofur named Guido the Italian Kitty.

First day in the house, Guido hands me a meowster manual titled "How To Be The Brofur 101" so I'm reading it when I'm not exploring cuz lots of stuff to explore here. I've convinced Guido that I'm a good lil brofur and kind of like being a "mini him"! But,pssst, I'm gonna be more bigger than him soon - but don't tell him that.

Life is so nice and I'm grooving with the Yolo good vibrations coming down from Heaven. Oh my gosh, he sent me "The Heavenly Manual on How To Train A Big Brofur!" Now that's the book I'm gonna be reading!

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