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Black Cats Matter

Happy Friday the 13th

June 13th 2014 9:30 am
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From the black cat on your friend list, hope you're having a purrfect day!

Last weekend mom went on a 5 day vacation to GA to hang out with family & friends. She left on the 5th and returned the 10th and flew Airtran round trip direct from MN to GA & back again. She feels lucky she landed at least an hour or so before the horrible storms started in Atlanta since she went to dinner with her cousin on a rooftop deck at a restaurant with a great view of the skyline in the distance. As they finished & returned to the car it started to thunder.

She stayed with her uncle at what used to be her grandparents' house. He has 3 cats so she spent some time with them. She also met the cat at her dad's house and snuggled with 3 & 5 week old kittens at another family members' house. She wanted to bring them all back home with her, especially the little black one that reminded her of me.

I stayed in the apartment by myself but she had my stuff set up in the living room and her mom came to feed me Fancy Feast & treats every day, then her brother did before she got home. She went to Cracker Barrel while on vacation & got me a weazel ball, that thing is wacky! She smelled a little odd when she got home but showered & got laundry done asap so now I believe she is home.




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