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Black Cats Matter

Purrs & head bonks to Boston

April 15th 2013 7:17 pm
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I've never been there but mom was near there about 10 yrs ago on vacation one summer with her cousin and their grandparents. They went to Cape Cod and it was just so awesome. She and her cousin got a whole beach day on their own. Had I been around and on the trip I probably would've tried making the beach my big litter box hahaha.

Anyhow we were watching tv just after 2 pm central this afternoon and we didn't get much original programming because they cut in with the breaking news of the explosions at the marathon. Thankfully we don't know anyone there because mom is not a long distance runner. The closest thing we've ever heard bomb wise is either a sonic boom or fireworks.

Mom doesn't like loud things and figures that bomb would've done major damage to so many in earshot of that. We are keeping to ourselves and she is still attending her 2 concerts and maybe a MLB baseball game but will be very aware of who's around and of any suspicious looking things.

Mom has a relative down in GA having serious health problems that require surgery this week and was transferred to another hospital.




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