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Hello, Is my mic on?

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Everybody else did a diary so.....

November 9th 2011 7:45 pm
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Okay i wanted to do a diary but I don't know what to say...I know I'll play you my favorite song!

The great Adam S. singing the Thanksgiving song


Why did Mom pop my butt???!!!

November 6th 2011 5:05 pm
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Mom mentioned that it's time for me to learn to listen. So, it's training time for me. Zach says it's simple, when Mom calls out your name and snaps her fingers you stop what your doing. Then if you don't, you get the pop. He also said Mom lets us get away with a lot of stuff that some of our other kitty friends here can't do. So, we should listen.

Here I go, I'm stepping on the laptop and Mom says my name sternly. I don't flinch and pop, right across the bumpkins. What was that for????
Then I knocked Zoe's food bowl off the dresser after Mom called on me for playing slip and slide on the dresser and pop again.

So the training begins. This stinks, so humiliating!


Mommie, I don't feel good- purrs wanted

November 2nd 2011 3:40 pm
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Being a cat and dog owner all my life, I know that any animal can act a little off after getting vaccines. Heck, I've felt off after getting a vaccine especially when I got my TDap shot a year ago but poor Gris is not being his self at all. He also got flea medicine too.

We got home, I let him out of the carrier and went on with my chores. What he did I don't know, where he went I don't know. Obviously, he walked off to feel bad. I decided to feed the cats and when he ran in to eat he seemed to be okay. He ate a little, not as much as he usually does and walked off. I thought it was odd. Then I heard him in the litterbox, scratching around. Just so you know he had the D word.
Then a few seconds later, I heard him meow load and long. I thought that's a throw up call. Zoe does that when she sometimes throws up. I rushed into Zach's room. Gris is sitting on his carrier. He's not moving much, he actually looked like he was trying to sleep. Also a little odd. Then he goes back to the bathroom, pees this time and jumps on the bed with me. I realized at this point that he was looking at things like he's seeing trails. Then I noticed poopie litter on his foot. I picked him up and went to wash of his foot. He was not happy. I put him down with in a min. he starts to walk into the living room, stops. Yells out to load long deep meows and throws up. It scared the poor baby so much he tried climbing the wall.

Immediately, I called Doc. he asked me is his face swollen, is his gums pink or white. He offered to look at him again but there was no swelling that I could see and his gums were pink so I said I would just keep an eye on him. He told me to pick up the food and water for a couple hrs and to keep the other animals from bothering him. He said he would come in later if he had too. Which is good cause the 24 hr vet is a twenty minute drive from here. He also told me to bring him in tomorrow if still acting funny.

He's resting right now, being standoffish, and he didn't purr for his Daddy.

Please purr that this will pass and he will be back to his normal bouncy self within hrs. Cross your fingers and paws for us. I will be here watching him and keeping you updated.

I have stayed up all night watching Diamond after she was able to paw a bakers dozen of brownies (from the best sweet shoppe in town) to the edge of the table and decided to have her a good old feast. Now it's Gris's turn.


New friends!

November 1st 2011 3:16 pm
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Mom and I decided today to expand my friends number. Mom says my number is still less than Zach's or Zoe's friends number but that makes sense sense they have friends that have moved on in their count. So, I sent out some friends request.

Well, I told Mom "I already have kitten friends but the three amigos need other kitten friends to play with." Let's make my diary into a Mommy and Me diary. I want so many kitten friends that Zach will get jealous!

Let's see, there's Snow, Novi, Fearless, Blade, Moppie, Mallee, Spot, Sweetie, me and my new friend who have responded to my friends request and the ones that will hopefully soon. Gypsy is the only one to respond yet but the night is very, very young, Like me! Gypsy is so pretty, Mom said she will be almost as big as Diamond. Wow that's big.

Now, we already have had some "Kittens r us" diaries before, but now that Fearless and Mallee has joined our circle of friends I thank we need to have a weekly Mommy and Me type play dates at my diary.

All can join in the fun especially those cute one year olds Zach was talking about a month ago. MOL!

.................................................... ...........

I left toothmarks on Mommy's ear today trying to get her earring! She was not impressed with my baby teeth at all.

Oh! And she called the vet today and they said Doc doesn't like to neuter kits before 5 or 6 months old. Mom said as long as we can get my grapes removed before I figure out what manly ways mean. MOL!

I am due a shot so Mom went ahead and scheduled me an app. for tomorrow. I have a little cut on my foot, Mom happened to notice me limping on it yesterday afternoon. Don't remember where I got it. Mom says it doesn't seem to be bothering me now but she'll have them look at it anyway sense I'm going to be there.


Just call me brows....Snow and Novi

October 31st 2011 6:20 pm
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Ever sense Mommie brought me home she has been waiting to get some good shots that show off my long eyebrows. Well, she got some last Sun. She uploaded half of the pics tonight, she'll upload the rest in a day or two.

Snow mentioned in Samhain's diary tonight that me, him and Novi being the Three Amigo's. Mom is going to try to find a Three Amigo's pic for us to put on our pages. Mommie says that works cause Chevy Chase was one of them but who will be the Steve Martin of the bunch. And what is the name for the other guy? I know! Snow, Novi tell me your favorite Steve Martin line and say which movie it is from. Mom is thinking of her favorite Steve Martin line right now. I don't get it but I haven't seen the movie yet.

Speaking of Sammhain, she has a new family member Fearless. Please welcome her to Catster and to her new family. Better yet, to our Catster family. She is so lovely. Mommie stop yelling at me! I'm not going to flirt with every Jane Doe and Harriette.


I got the bageebees scared out of me

October 30th 2011 4:28 pm
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Today was my day to learn what a bath meant. Diamond went first..she came out all wet and spunky. I figured sense she came out wanting to play it can't be that bad. I was wrong! It was horrible.

Mom would have done it earlier this week but she's been sick. She's not really getting any better but she knew it needed to be done. Mom put me in the shower with her. (Mom- luckily we have a shower with the glass door- very handy)

I didn't like it one bit but Mom said I get an A cause she doesn't have one single scratch on her from me bath.

Mom has new pics too. She said she'll upload them tonight after she starts the laundry.


Kittens-R-Us Flea questions

October 24th 2011 8:05 pm
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Grandma and Mom held me down! On my BACK! Mom held my back claws and Grandma was rubbing my belly. What are they doing? I tried to fight them. Scratching with front paws, biting and growling but they kept telling me STOP!!! What? I'm just trying to protect my bell and private parts.

So, I nicely asked Mom after I washed the horrible ordeal off, what the heck was that? Mom said she was checking for fleas and the test was positive. I have fleas. Mom said you all have fleas but Zoe and Diamond kills them with meds. Then she explained I was to young to be a flea killer for along time so I had some when I came to live here.

Why not Zach? He's not a flea killer. Turns out fleas don't like him. Hummm...does he taste bad? Maybe, it's the garlic he eats? MOL! PS- Mom is going to take me in to see about flea meds for me hopefully before the week is over (she said she is shooting for Wed. I'll be a big boy then.

Mom- Friends, how do you get rid of them when you have a kit in the house. I'm afraid to spray the carpets and upholstery like I usually do. Any suggestions?


Fell in the Zen

October 22nd 2011 6:46 pm
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We are having fun at Samhain's page....
Samhains Haiku Fest

We are making poems that are so fun.
This one was mine.

He strung the lights up,
His wife drum rolled in the snow,
Ta da and there was nothing!

The rules are on her page....come join us please


Mom has giving me an A-

October 12th 2011 4:58 pm
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Playing nicely with others B

Wrestling A

Sleeping through the night B-

Litter box use A+

Greeting visitors A

Begging for food B-

Exploring B

Loving Mom and Dad A

Loving on Grandma and Grandpa C

About the Grandma and Grandpa thing...Grandma wanted to hold me for longer than a sec. Can you believe it! I'm a kitten! Let me down so I can play! And Grandpa, that I feel bad about...I kept trying to climb his leg. He said I hurt him. Sorry Grandpa!


List of my favorite things

October 3rd 2011 5:49 pm
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Mom suggested that sense I keep finding new things to play with that I should write about them. So here goes.....

Diamond's tail- not as fun anymore. She keeps running away from me. Mom says she's scared of me. Mom says that's a good thing.

Zach- he's a great playmate. Even though he rubs it in that he can jump on the table and I can't. This makes me whiny.

My Fort- thanks to River. Zach and Zoe said I can have it.

Tp roll- shredded a whole roll, Mom for some odd reason hasn't replaced it

pen (note from Mom- with cap on)

Mom wore her hair up in what Zoe calls a side messy hair knot, all these little wispy bits of hair to play with. Actually, I play with everything Mom wears, rings, bracelets, earrings and yes even her little nose ring.

Paper bags- way fun

a speck of dirt on the floor

Da bird

There's something about the sheets that's on the bed right now that I just love! (Note from Mom- unfortunate cut in my brand new sheets that Diamond put there while playing. Dang she's got some claws!)

The cursor on the computer screen.

And last but not least, watching Mom play Frogger.

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