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Hello, Is my mic on?

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Watch me get my Gangnam on- need mouseover help

December 2nd 2012 12:17 pm
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Watch me get my Gangnam on!

PS_ our Dogster forum helper (mouseover code page) is a blank page. Anybody else tried it lately. Wish it was working. What do you guys use to make mouseovers?


Diamond gave me her holiday penguin.

December 4th 2012 4:14 pm
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Get this!

Zach, Zoe and I were all giving Mom leg love and she was leaned over giving us a good petting. Talking so sweet to us when Me and Zach decided to touch noses.Mom said awwwwwww. All of the sudden Diamond butts in and laid a squeaky toy on the floor right in front of us! Zach and I both were looking at each other like "okayyy???????"

Diamond gave me a toy! Why did she give me this toy? Zach said "little man, she was giving it to Mom to throw it" I don't believe it. And just to prove it, I played with it. A big blue penguin with a scarf and Santas hat on. Oh and don't forget about the squeaky. How does that work anyway? I tried but I just couldn't get it to squeak. And whats up with doggie toys anyway? They are boring. They don't smell, they don't taste, they don't get you high or give you the urge to raid the pantry. But they do make noises, whoopee! (that was with sarcasm, if you couldn't hear it in my voice. MOL) Just don't get it at all. Do you?

Thanks for the toy Diamond and thanks Mom for digging our Christmas toys out in the first place. Love the Catnip Christmas Mice from River and Simone. Mom had tied them up in a grocery bag and they are still good and stinky. And very potent.
Okay! whose got the remote and the Doritos? I want to watch House reruns.


Christmas is my Game

December 16th 2012 7:36 am
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Haha! Get it, Gris is the Name, Christmas is my Game.

I've been good this year and haven't messed with the tree at all. Yes, someone has been pulling the ribbon off the bottom part of the tree but Mom knows it's Zach. He's known for not being able to control himself when it comes to ribbons, especially the ribbons with the wire edging.

Last year I posted all the most wanted kit toys. This year, I going to post all the best kit pets. Pets that fascinate us. I will be hopefully showing videos of these animals.

Please Momcats never underestimate how much we want a pet.

Todays pick: Birds

This you tube channel has been approved by zach. Sorry mouseover not working again. CA5B7CD4E42FC70C&index=11


What the heck is that white stuff!!!!!!!

January 17th 2013 6:11 pm
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Mom says finally!!!! Snow!! See last year all we got was one flurry and mom said I wasn't even paying attention . Well this year I am! I like watching it fall. Mom also said we are getting thunder snow which means we should get at least three inches before the night is out. Still don't now if mom will have to go in tomorrow or not, Zachary says that probably sounds funny to our northern friends but remember we do live in the south after all. I asked Zachary what does snow feel like? He said I don't know. I asked Zoe, she said I can't remember. So I asked diamond, she said I love to play in it but it makes me want to pee in the house. Why I asked and she said because its cold! Cold? What's cold? She walked away. Do you guys know what snow feels like?

Back to the snow, mom promises to put me on the leash and take me out in it tomorrow if at home. I know me and Zachary has been calling her a shutter bug all night. Click click click. Gris and his first true snow.

Ps from mom- just a thought. Can't stand having to turn off my private browsing just to log in. Errrrrr...... Oh and my laptop wifi isn't working right so you might have to wait on those pics.


Worst time in the world to be alone

February 9th 2013 8:39 pm
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Sweet and Short....Zoe and I both are single for Valentines. We have both agreed this is fine with us. But the closer to the big heart day the more I wished I had a girl. Maybe I'm just to dang picky.


So whats up?

March 2nd 2013 5:10 pm
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Not much going on around here. Mom's bad knee is swollen and popping every time she moves. She says it just needs rest, Ibuprofen and heat.

So we are catching up on some movies....watched Argo last night (Zach gave it an standing applause for it's soundtrack). We are watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers now. So far, I like it, kinda freaky.

Mom checked the 15 day forecast and it looks like Wed is our next and last chance of snow. I would so like to see the snow once more. I got my harness ready and waiting.

PS- Mom helped me get my playlist up and going again. Chief Rooster would be proud of me. I got some great Dubstep beats going.

PSS- So happy me and my amigos can train for dreamboat status together. We are going to be the next generation of coolness.

So whats up with you guys this weekend?


Should we prank Zach? Mr. Big Shot

March 27th 2013 9:52 am
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If my big brother is Mr. Big Shot this week, then does that mean I get some perks? Can I run around catsterland getting away with (not literally) murder? How does this work?

Zoe asked me "What the heck do you want to do? I'll tell you if you can do it." I told her I want to play Truth or Dare this weekend at the Pool Hall. I wasn't around when they played it before. She said I thank that can be arranged. Zoe said on one condition...that she can ask for one dare. She wants to play a prank on Zach. Just to humble him a little.

Should we? And are you in?

I thank it would be fun. I'll tell you how to play this weekend. Also, don't forget it will be a celebratory party for his Mr. Big Shot so bring a friend. We understand with it being a holiday weekend you might not be able to hang around a lot (this is where Mom says thank God for cell phones and I pads)


Spring tag

April 7th 2013 9:37 am
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Okay so Mom has been just a little busy this week but has also tried to enjoy the warm weather this weekend. She's got a sec to help me do my tag game.

1)I like going for walks
2)love sitting in open windows
3)chasing moths around the house
4)birds...enough said
5)can't thank of a 5th (I like Christmas better. The tree, food, you know christmas)

Okay anyone who hasn't played yet can.


Playing with Di

April 28th 2013 9:47 am
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I just wanted to tell you guys, we finally got caught. Yep Mom watched us playing, Di and I. She always said she could hear us but when she would walk in the room we'd stop and look at her like "What". She also knew by the noises Di was making that she was jumping towards me in puppy dog play know front legs on the ground and hinny in the air, tail a waggin. But not the other day, She actually seen me! I was running circles around Di meowing, tail straight up in the air and putting my paws on her back. Now, this made Mom curious. This is usual dog play but how in the world does Gris know how to play like a dog?

So now she knows....I'm secretly another puppycat.


I'm still growing and gifts from Furmom and Fursis

May 5th 2013 10:53 am
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Can you believe it! I've gained another pound. I'm now 13.4, 6oz from being the same as Zach. Also Mom swears that I'm even getting longer hair these days. She says if you look at my pics from the winter I'm not as fluffy. Mom says is this possible? Could it be that it is still chilly outside and Mom hasn't been running the heat for a month now? She says it has to be the heat factor. We have gas heat so when it is on it's very very warm.

Or can I still be changing?

Also yesterday, Mom came home with two cans of my favorite Fancy Feast.....both are the Chicken with sauce one without, I loves them very much. She said they were a gift from Furmom and Ellie. That they had gotten Mariette to take them to work to give to Mom to give me. What a surprise! I'll have to get them something soon.

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