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The life of a service animal

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Airplane - a big metal bird?

August 2nd 2011 9:49 pm
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Mommy told me we are going to have to move. But right now - it's just me and her. She can't get help here in Florida - so we are going to Texas so she can get help for her head. In two weeks I'm going to go on what she called an airplane. She says it's like a big metal bird - but we go inside of it.

It's why she is making me wear this stupid harness - and makes me wear a leash for practice cause something called TSA is gonna check me over to make sure I don't have a bomb up my butt. - What is a TSA? and what is a bomb? She says the harness is so I don't run away because it's gonna be loud and scary for me.

I'm also gonna have to ride is a soft box under a seat. I'll be able to be with mommy the whole time - and cause I'm a service animal she can take me out - but mostly I have to stay in the box. :( I don't like boxes - I like to lay on the bed and cuddle! She said my ears might hurt too - and we have to go on two planes!

I'm going to miss my buddies - but right now she can only take me - not even the male human is coming. She has to get better for the little human. I am kinda scared. I've never been outta my home - unless it was to go to that vet (who took my MANHOOD!!!)

Has anyone been on a plane? Is it gonna be ok? Is that TSA a mean thing? I leave on August 16th Mommy's gonna post pics on that facebook thing - her and facebook - sheesh.


This past year

July 17th 2012 9:50 pm
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We ended up coming back to FLorida on September 11 and people made a big deal about her flying with me. They wanted to kick her off the plane because of me being unlucky? Huh. I am not unlucky. I am a good kitty. The plane people just laughed at them. I did come back to Florida without my balls. I miss them.

Shortly after I got back we moved into a big place!!!! I ran across the house but kept falling cause the floors were wood. Mommy laughed at me.

Then the human kid returned. I don't like him. I hate the way he holds me. Picks me up and pets me. Mommy tells him to leave me alone too. He tries to be nice, I let him at first but then I give warnings. I dunno, guess I am just a mommy cat cause I don't like the guy that sleeps in bed with her either. I got him in the dangly parts and mommy almost marked the bed. He was not happy.

I do see another black kitty around. She's nice. She stays by mommy and the bed. The three legged kitty was nice too. Mommy cried so much and she had a seizure. I am always there for her.

Like tonight she opened the bedroom door and goes Zeusie bedtime and I come running in. I know too dog like but what if she needs me.

Speaking of dogs, I rule that giant mutt! He may be bigger than me but I am alpha animal in this house and no stupid dog is gonna out rank me!


My mommy was away for almost two weeks

August 1st 2012 11:53 pm
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I'm kinda mad at her. I know she was sick. her belly didn't feel right. On Friday 27th I didn't even dare lay on her b/c I knew she was in pain. Saturday when Daddy got home, she left and came home with medicine but was still hurting. I tried to lay on her right size and bite at it to let her know there was still something wrong with it. Monday she went away again with Daddy. I didn't see her til two days later. Daddy put the phone next to me and I heard her voice!!! but she didn't even say goodbye!!! She left me!

When she came home Wednesday all she wanted was me and I didn't want her. when she had me lay in her room I smelled some wrong with her. She was not better.

Friday she left again - but came back with in two hours (saying the mean people didn't do anything, but she was crying b/c her side was hurting bad)

The child boy got toys in his bag and got mommys (and MINE)blanket together later that night and they went out side. A big truck took her away. Mommy didn't come back until Today

She keeps calling for me. Boy child was here. Daddy was here. and mommy just spoke thu the phone. I've been sad, but I'm mad. She left for a long time. I know she still doesn't feel well. She wants me and she's upset b/c I don't wanna cuddle with her. How do I stop being mad at her. Why couldn't I do with her?? I'm her kitty


Mommy is still sick

August 14th 2012 6:28 pm
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she can't walk well. Something is in her back. when I rub her legs she can't feel them. I bite her feet and she can't feel it!

ever since she came back from the hospital two weeks ago - she has felt funny. She cry's a lot. I try to stay away from her when she walks so she doesn't fall b/c she doesn't walk in a straight line.

I feel so bad for my mommy - she hurts so bad and I can't do anything for her.

Plus the dog is sick, and he's being an annoying little butt. He keeps bothering me b/c I want to be near my mommy. UGH I am the leader of this pack and they are all annoying little brats.

The storms is scaring the dog and the other male cat (omg he is such a wuss - what a little baby!!!!) The human Male's female cat is also a brat she beats up the dog. (which is good but one day that dog is gonna snap back at her - which won't be good he is a big dog!!

I am so worried about mommy tho, something is wrong with her and the human doctors are missing it.


She was gone AGAIN

August 24th 2012 8:27 am
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ON Saturday I was alone with the little human. and Mommy grabbed her leg and she FELL. the thing talks into went flyin across the room. Little human tried to pick her up by her arm , she screamed, (so i bit him) He put me in mommys room an got mommys blanket

He called someone and I heard weird men in my house)

Then mommy was gone.

Little human came back with daddy that night

Turns out this time mommy was SUPER DUPER sick. I heard daddy say the CDC got involved whoever they are, Mommy has a special line in her that starts in her arm and goes to her heart. I have no idea how long she'll have it either.

Someone came by today and there was a baggie hanging from a pole with a tube hanging from it going to mommy's arm. I got in trouble for playing with it :( I got locked in the room. Daddy said it is important medicine for mommy.


Update on my human

August 29th 2012 5:29 pm
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What she got was MRSA - but a rare form. She is almost done with antibiotic treatments. We'll find out tomorrow if she has to continue. I hope not!

the problem with her legs tho, and her not being able to stand - I dont know what that is. It is scary! she falls down a lot. She she has this metal thing with wheels that she pushes around to help her walk.

Whenever she sits I'm always with her. She needs me more now than ever!! I know something is very bad going on inside - but I dont know what! It's been almost a month since she has been able to feel her legs and doctors don't seem to get it.

they blow it off

I want them to fix my mommy and fix her NOW


ugh 4 kittens, a hurt mommy, I can't win

September 21st 2012 4:24 pm
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Mommy brought in 4 kittens she found outside. I gotta teach them to cover their stinkies (tho I'll admit, mine are pretty bad too) but there are four of them! they crawl all over me because I'm the only kitty that goes in Mommy's room most of the time. I know only one is staying. She might keep a second one if the little human can show he can behave himself and show responsibility

Mommy uses a walker and a wheelchair - I keep the chair warm for her when she's out of the room - sometime she doesn't see me! hehe One time I almost went outside!!

I want Mommy better!


Mommy teases me, calls me Daddy Zeus

September 25th 2012 2:47 pm
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Those kittens, whenever I go in the room - they are ALL OVER ME - Ok, yeah I let them. They are cute. I clean them, they 'nurse' off of me. They cuddle with me, Today Mommy was laying down and she had to push me off her head b/c all 4 kittens decided to lay on her head. She burst into laughter. The male human came in and then took PHOTOS. You'll see them on here. I am so embarrassed! Why do they love me, I do not know! They don't do this to the other cats!


Kittens, what are you gonna do with them


I miss you tonight Zeusie

September 29th 2012 1:13 am
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I'm in the hospital again. I'm sure you knew something was wrong when Daddy came back and I didn't and then Daddy took my blanket away. I hope to be home soon - I was in so much pain at the doctors office today he wanted me to go to the ER. Plus I have not gone potty in 3 days - which with a back injury can mean a bigger problem!

They also want me to see the special doctor -instead of having to wait til mid october! I think they are tired of me coming in with the pain. Zeusie, they gave me a shot in the belly! It hurt!!!!

I can't sleep, I miss your purrs - I wish you were allowed in the hospital


Oh Zeusie Busie

October 4th 2012 11:29 pm
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it's been a week since I was put into Celebration Hospital,Kissimmee - and baby I am not gonna get out soon. I talked my neurologist today and I found out what is wrong with me. It's VERY Rare. It's Called Multifocal Motor Neuropathty

It'll be 5 more days of getting other human's stuff (not blood I forgot what it is)

I wish I could see u Zeusie, I'm scared.

Here's info about it

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