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I have amazing powers

August 29th 2016 10:17 pm
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My mum went away at the weekend and she stole some of our toys to take with her.

"Just the ones you never play with. My friend has kittens and I think they would like them."

Now this is a friend who came to visit me back in July.

"I am using my amazing super powers and I reckon at least one of the kittens is a black one," I said. "I'm right, aren't I?"

I had impressed my mum. I could tell.

"One black, one tabby. How did you guess that?"

I didn't guess that. I knew. I have seen this before. People come to visit me and they see how awesome I am and they go home and realise that a black cat is just what they need in their lives. Obviously they want me but I'm still very busy training my mum so won't go and they have to make do with another black cat instead.

Black cats, not torties. I rest my case on who is the superior of me or Josie.


Dare we hope?

August 21st 2016 10:23 pm
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Last we heard Lady Catster was having a big think about everything and was not to be disturbed. We're been purring that she decides that our blogs can keep going but we haven't heard anything.

Not much news here. Josie went to the vet. She and I had upset tummies and I got better really fast but she didn't. She reckons she did but mum says the tray tells a rather different story so off they went.

Josie said there were two very bad moments. Having prodded and poked her and put the thermometer you know where - finally the vet released Josie. Josie jumped down off the bench to where she had seen mum put the basket but the basket had vanished. She looked all round and panicked, convinced that meant she would have to stay there for ever. But my mum had picked up the basket as Josie was jumping down.

The second moment was as my mum was paying. A woman walked in with a basket and greeted the receptionist saying, "I'm from Cats Protection League". My mum looked in the basket and said, "What an adorable kitten." Josie was afraid we might end up with another. But mum looked at the vet bill and said she can't afford another. Narrow escape!!

Josie now has medicine in her food. I think she's getting better; hard to tell with that one.


So this is goodbye

August 8th 2016 10:10 pm
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By the time my mum came back from work Josie felt well enough to come and greet her. That made my mum happy.

She fed us and Josie had a few chunks. Not me though.

"This is not soup." I got soup when I was poorly and I had been looking forward to sharing Josie's when she got hers. I was disappointed to find normal food.

Mum said she had looked for soup but they don't stock it where she works. She works in a bit of a rougher borough than where we live. (Mum wants it pointed out that she works in the only borough in the UK with its own cat protection officer. "Is that your job?" I wanted to know but she said that if she saw sad, abandoned cats all day she would bring them home so I'm glad it isn't.)

"So this is goodbye then," said my mum.

"But Josie seems so much better. I think she's going to be just fine," I said.

"Tomorrow all the Catster Blogs will be gone. All that love, all those memories, all those funny stories, all that shared heartache. Gone." My mum was sad.

But she's wrong - because love and happy and funny and sad never go. The words and pictures will go but they're on the puters. The cats and their peoples (and even the dogs some of my friends live with) they all go on, having stories and loving each other.

My mum is talking to some of the other mums on e-mail so hopefully we'll all find a new home for our blogs but until then Josie and I send purrs and thank yous to everyone.


Poorly cats

August 7th 2016 10:02 pm
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I was right as rain when we all went to bed on Saturday night but I woke up in the night feeling very peculiar. Uh oh! And I was sick. I went to sleep on the arm of the sofa and there I stayed.

I didn't want any breakfast and didn't want to move at all. My mum was sad and kept rubbing my head and saying "You're really not yourself, poor lamb."

I am pretty sure I was not a lamb. I just wanted to stay put.

I started feeling better later that morning. My mum went out and bought me some soup which I ate and then wanted another sachet.

"I have no more," she said, which was not an acceptable answer and so I told her. "It's good to hear you meow again."

But her happiness was short lived. Now Josie seems to have the same bug. She came in at supper time and went straight to bed. No supper and no breakfast either. Hopefully she will be betterer as fast as I was.


Feeling sad

August 4th 2016 10:23 pm
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"How many more Catster days?" I asked my mum.

"Not many," she said, with a sigh. "I think it goes on the 10th. So only a few left."

I am sad about this. "How will everyone know what I am doing?"

"I'm sure they'll cope," she said.

I'm not sure I will!

Josie could see how sad we were so she decided to cheer us up with some mad cat crazy leaping about. It was certainly distracting and did make my mum laugh. (She is easily amused, lucky for Josie!)


A time for everything

August 3rd 2016 9:58 pm
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Much to my delight my mum didn't go to work yesterday. Hoorah! Not so much to my delight she said she was working from home so couldn't be talking to me all morning.

Keeping me happy is her job!

Josie wasn't around in the morning. she likes her routine, that cat. Morning times are for sleeping under mum's bed and then she emerges early afternoon to sleep on the chair in the sitting room. Weird kitty!

I was commenting on this to my mum - I mean, why would one place be only good for sleeping at particular times? Mum laughed too and started petting me.

"Ah hem," I moved away, "Petting is for first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You should know that by now!" Have I taught her nothing?

Mum says she will never understand cats.


A difficult question

August 2nd 2016 11:34 pm
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"I have a question for you Toby and I want an honest answer. I won't be angry, just be honest."

Like I would fall for that one again. But I put on my listening face.

"Is there another living thing in the flat?"

I could answer that.

"There is that strange tortie cat you insist on keeping."

She gave me the look. "No, I mean have you brought anything in while I was at work?"

"Why would you think that?"

"Did you? I just want to know."

I considered my answer. She added, "There's bits of fluff that I don't recognise and Josie seems to be stalking something behind the cooker. But I can't see or hear anything."

Safe territory at last. "That's your puny human ears. Have you tried bending them back?"

"Toby - just tell me."

But it's much more fun letting her wonder if we have a new pet or if Josie is just being a bit crazy. (Nothing new there!)


A new toy

August 1st 2016 10:32 pm
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My mum felt bad about letting Jasper steal our birdie - as indeed she should. So a few days ago she went online and ordered a new one.

"And some more feather sticks." That from Josie. Feather sticks are her absolute top favourite toy but they shed and become bald.

"And this splendid butterfly," said my mum.

You would think by now she would know better.

"Really," she said, "Look - my friends cats have this and here they are on Facebook, really enjoying it."

So the box arrived. Birdie toy? Check. Feather sticks? Check. Kitty treats? Check. (I helped with the order.) Butterfly? Yes, here it is.

Do we play with it? No. No, of course we don't. And no amount of my mum pretending to get excited and batting it will convince us of anything different. Not even watching other cats play with it.

Her optimism on the toy front is endearing but the same money could have been more kitty treats.



July 31st 2016 10:14 pm
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At the weekend my mum was saving films of Henry with a lot of help from Timo and other of my Catster friends in America. It reminded me how much I'll miss them all when the Catster blogs go. Sighs!

My mum watched the Henry films and got a bit sad and I had to be very purry and give her lots of head rubs to make her happy again. Luckily making my mum happy is what I do best!

We were just settling down when another tabby walked in our flat. Bold as brass.

"Hello Jasper," said my mum, who has no concept of territory. Would she be quite so welcoming if it was the people from next door wandering in without so much as a by your leave and helping themselves to her food? As Jasper did.

Jasper meowed back and she petted him but then she picked him up and carried him gently outside. "I don't want you upsetting my two," she apologised to him. Too late!

Three times. That's right. Three times he wandered back in and my mum put him out. That boy can't take a hint. And my mum has a massive soft spot for tabby cats. (And black ones and torties and ginger ones and white ones and ...)


Mum not sleepy

July 26th 2016 10:42 pm
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When a cat wishes to sleep he simply closes his eyes, ponders his own magnificence and bosh, asleep. People don't work like that.

It's still quite warm in our flat so my mum flings herself on top of the duvet and flails like an octopus for a while, sighing and muttering and shaking the pillows. What she needs, I realised, is Toby love, and lots of it.

I waited until she had stopped doing the octopus thing and was safely still before walking up and patting her firmly on the head and giving an encouraging purr.

The look she gave me wasn't exactly what I had hoped for but I carried on. "I had just got to sleep," she said, between gritted teeth.

That might have daunted a lesser cat but I was on a mission. Another pat and I stepped up the purrs.

She was (and is) putty in my hands. Lots of petting and love (and it is not disgusting when I dribble on her; it is a sign of my affection).

Half an hour later, and satisfied with a ob well done I left her to contemplate my magnificence and drift off to happy sleep.

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