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Farewell to the great outdoors

April 13th 2011 11:28 pm
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When we saw the vet, he said that because of my heart murmurmurmur it would be best if I lived indoors as much as possible and in all honesty, Mum is spoiling me so much, I don't mind staying in here so she can dote on me as I deserve.

But we are worried about the summer when the windows will be open and I could be tempted to explore. Mum said the windows in America are quite different and they all had these things called screens to let the outside air in, while keeping her kitty safe inside. There are no screens on our windows. So Mum put screens on some windows using... Velcro. Yup, the stuff that inspired my nickname. And she ordered something called a fan. She said it will help bring in some cool outside air so maybe she won't have to open all of the windows. And she hopes that I don't pull off the Velcroed screens.

This fan thing got me to wondering... humans want to bring in outside air, they have windows and lights to bring the sunshine inside, they grow plants inside and they even have showers so it can rain inside. Why, exactly, do they bother with houses?

Anyway, the super fancy fan she got me was delivered. It is quite impressive, and as a bonus it came with a fantastic box that I can make a fort out of. The fan scared me at first, but it's actually kind of fun. She said it is the best because her bestest buddy deserves the best. Awww... I'm going to have to show my appurrciation by going outside and catching the biggest, juiciest mouse for her.

Oh, wait....




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