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February 6th 2013 3:27 pm
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hey, I know 2 diary entries in less than a week....geez the Mrs. doesn't know that I am on her laptop MOL

WORLD SPAY DAY is so important and all donations help the US Humane Society....please vote for my furriend TWINKLE each and every day, the link is below:

TWINKLE vote every day.....WORLD SPAY DAY

many hugs & kisses to all.....after all St Valentine is fast approaching....



:) DDP FEB 13, 2013 :)

February 13th 2013 4:10 pm
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OMC the Mrs. came running to find me at 6:00 am this morning, you would think it was another blizzard....MOL.....I was chosen as a DDP, thank you very much HQ and Diary Gal....congrats to all the other spawcial honorees today:)

Thank you to:

Anna & Family for the beautiful rose
Angela Buddy&Family for his happy and touching pawmail
Tate my Cuppycake King for his beautiful rose
Friday my new Canadian friend who made a lovely picture for me
Smiley Cassanova for his heartwarming pawmail

Catster furriends are the best and make these days so spawcial. Thank you again and may you all have a Funtastic Valentines Day tomorrow.

Hugs & Kisses


Zachs Mardi Gras Pawty, DDP and Vet Visit

February 17th 2013 12:35 pm
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WOW, DDP 2 days in a row and on Valentines Day too.....thank you HQ & Diary was so nice to connect with old friend and make new friends ..... thank you all for the wonderful pawmails, prezzies and beautiful pictures.........

Yesterday was such a traumatic day for me, I was tricked to get into my carrier, hauled out to the car then taken to this place with all sorts of other animal smells. I am happy to report that I weigh 9.2 lbs down the the 10.0 lbs last year (no lectures for mommy this time) MOL.... heart eyes and ears are good, toofies not so much.....I go for a toofie cleaning on March 20th paws crossed no extractions......

Mommy was talking to the Dr about my vaccines so we got rabies and because the Mr. works with clients who have stray and feral pets it was decided I should have a vaccine to help prevent chlamydia, panleukopenia and rhino/cal as these can be transmitted quite easily without coming into contact with the animal. I was so good at the Dr's I heard him say he wished all kitties were as good as I am.......Mommy told the Mr that if she had to drive very far with me in the car I would be SEDATED she just can't deal with the constant MRRWING........what is sedated??? it sounds like something that is convenient for the hoomans doesn't it!!!

I wasn't feeling quite 100% yesterday so when I stopped in at Zach s pawty it was a total disaster, thankfully Samhain put me in a taxi home..... I left a little prezzie from Mommy to clean up this morning too .... the party is still going on so I will be there later tonight....I missed dancing with my Sam......we shall dine and dance tonight..... see you all later

I know I haven't ' been around much lately, I miss you all but Catster is so cool because it's like you haven't been gone......we have a holiday tomorrow so maybe I might get to stay up late tonight?!

See you at Zach's...

Hugs & Kisses


Toofies and Easter

March 31st 2013 8:28 am
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Wow, when the Mrs. took me to the vet on the 20th for a toofie cleaning, I came home with 9 less teeth....MEOW.... I was quite the little drugged kitty when I came home. It was like being on a big PINK FLUFFY CLOUD with soft music and rainbows everywhere......

The next day was quite a different story!!! Dr. Shearer found a lump in the back of my throat and some sort of thing along my tongue so he took a biopsy of this.....thankfully it is benign and some sort of ?? granuloma that appears to be related to my stomatitis... The Mrs. is taking me back for a follow up on Wednesday so we'll see how my gums and teeth look.... Other than this I am a very healthy kitty that weighs 9.2 lbs MOL.

While I was having my toofies cleaned the Mrs. was having an MRI.......I freely admit that I AM DADDY'S GIRL!!! and I love my meowmy.......I will be looking after her for the next 6 to 9 months and keeping her spirits up while she recovers from surgery and treatments.......We are all very thankful that there are good benefits through work and they are very supportive and that she will have her job to return to.

I will try to keep up on her behalf, hugs and kisses to you all.

Happy Easter

Hugs & Kisses



April 6th 2013 7:34 pm
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My wonderful furriend Kaci tagged me......


1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.

When meowmy gets down on the floor all stretched out and "mews" at me trying to get me to come over!

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME.

When meowmy picks me up and coddles me like I am an infant, yuk!!! I am a cat, I don't need tobe cradled!!!

Now it's my turn to tag 5 kitties! Hope they'll all play! Here they are:




April 6th 2013 7:56 pm
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Here are some of the things I like about Spring:

1. I like that all the birds, squirrels and chipmunks are out and about....I love watching them at all the doors and windows....I really like it when the patio door is open!

2. Watching the peeps walk by with their little doggies.

3. The great smells coming in from all the open windows.

4. The green from the trees, grass and gardens.....we have 6 miserable months of winter so I LUV GREEN!!!

5. I like spring because SUMMER follows and I luv the smell of thunderstorms as they approach, not disastrous thunderstorms but.....

If you would like to play the Spring Tag game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your furiends!

I am tagging the following kitties but hope that everyone who reads this joins in to play!

1. Daisy (#1009154)
2. Charm (# 1143442)
3. Midnight DG # 9 (194287)
4. Bijou (#501620)
5. Hope (#796941)

Have Fun and anyone can play.



April 6th 2013 8:11 pm
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My good friend tagged me so I know tag all of my furriends to play and make new furriends!!!

Have Fun! Here is how to play, I will name five things I like about Spring and then "Tag" fur furiends to play,

1) April, when the snow disappears and I can see the grass

2) Sitting in the top of my tree watching all the wildlife in the back yard

3) The smell of the BBQ because I know that I will find goodies

4) Open windows to smell the fresh air.

5) A spot of sun for a cozy nap

I am tagging:

1. Frankie (#1016155)
2. Minko (#1079562)
3. QueenTallulah (#947825)
4. Patsy Marie (#1135922)
5. Texas (#1204871)



**** OOPSY****

April 18th 2013 3:26 pm
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Geez, someone totally forgot that yesterday was my GOTCHA DAY!!! Shame on Mommmy......shame!!!!! but it's ok I luv ya!!! Thank you to everyone who helped my celebrate I will send personal thank you's in the next couple of days..... have a great week everyone.



My new Sugar Rub Blanket......Luv it!!!!

August 29th 2013 3:44 pm
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Meow Furriends, it has been a while since I have been on here, my know that I can't get to the Mrs.'s laptop very often. MOL

It has been nice having both the Mr. and Mrs. home with me over the last few months, I am really getting spoiled. I now have two stools at the front window where I can keep an eye on Mr. Chipmunk and the birdies.....

I luv this new blanket, it is so soft and comfy for sleeping.

Have a great long weekend and stay safe.



Thank You for my Birthday Wishes

September 26th 2013 4:04 pm
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Thank you so much from all my furriends for the Birthday wishes..... the lovely pictures are from Friday and Family and Pipo and Minko...... what a way to celebrate my 4th!!!

When I can steal some time on the weekend I will send out a detailed thank you.


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