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April 12th 2012 5:33 pm
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Two things to report:
(1) Just a reminder that Jezebel's birthday is the 16th! We've got a Birthday Stroll started for her if anyfur would like to post their pic or pics to it. It's simple - here's all you do: when you are loading your pics to Catster, there is a place to fill in "tags" which are words like "cat sleeping" or "black kitten", etc. Just add as a tag the word "Jezbellies". You can do this on any pic you've already loaded to Catster. This will add your pic to the Stroll. To see the stroll right now... WE INTERRUPT THIS DIARY TO GIVE THIS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:
Alright, we had a link posted here that clearly didn't work because the Catster computer keeps changing it - leaving out a space. Well, OK - here's a link to Samhain's diary. If you scroll down through the comments, you'll find multiple links that Zack posted that say Birthday Stroll - click on one of them! (He battled with the Catster system and won, so Yay!!!)
If all else fails, just go to "COMMUNITY" - "See the Cats" - "Advanced Search" (it's way down at the bottom), and fill in Jezbellies - the page will come up! Make sure you don't insert a space between "z" and "b".

(2) The second thing - we have a new friend: Socks! And, no, this is not the Little Socks that is the feral boy living on our porch, but a female Socks who lives in Finland. She's very cute, and new to Catster if you'd like to stop by and say "hi!"



March 5th 2012 12:59 pm
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It’s been an interesting few days. First there was Pharaoh Purrince Tao’s First Birthday Party, an elegant extravaganza thanks to our host and the party management skills of Zack McBlack and Zoey McLuv,
plus all the additional treats and prezzies provided by the many guests. For those of you who might have missed it, Zoey constructed Tao's Birthday Stroll as a memento featuring pics of the guests - including yours truly, my sisfurs and Zachery Tristan Byrne ’s own Bob the cricket! (more about HIM in a minute…)

The next night started out quietly enough. I’m relaxing on the chair in our bedroom; the pawrents are watching a DVD and having a little dinner; Fearless and Samhain are out in the cattery. Suddenly Samhain lets out a bloodcurdling scream and Fearless bursts through the cattery door like a bullet! The pawrents exchange alarmed looks and run to the cattery window with me. Two large black cats are confronting Samhain from outside the grill; one of them is actually ON TOP of the cattery! Samhain is facing the other down through the wire fence with a fierceness I have never witnessed in her before – and hope to never see again. The Mama sticks her head down by me where I’m half in the cattery door and yells at the big toms: “YOU! – GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!”

Well, that did it – they were gone in a flash! Samhain turned tail at that point and bolted back inside where the pawrents examined her and Fearless both to be sure that somehow the ferals hadn’t managed to do damage through the wire mesh – they hadn’t. But that was it for peace for the rest of the evening. Both girls were hyped up and ready for action, and can I be blamed if I was a little infected by all their craziness? Don’t let anyone tell you that just because we’ve been spayed, that we don’t have hormonal episodes! It may not be an actual “heat”, but we do appear to experience “moods” at least, and those two seemed to be affected by the advances of the black toms. They were zooming through the house on and off till 2AM, when the pawrents closed us all in the bedroom so they could get some sleep!

The next day the Mama stayed home to work on some paperwork, and witnessed an exchange between Fearless and the young Feral the pawrents call Star. He is one of the original kittens who featured in some of our stories, though we might have called him Blaze back then – Little Grey Tabby, who found a forever home, is his sister. Star managed to avoid being caught for spaying, and he must be just now starting to feel his “oats”. He and Fearless were rubbing cheeks and shoulders together through the wire mesh! Now it’s possible that this was just a family greeting; they MIGHT be brother and sister – we don’t know – so don’t go getting jealous, OK Snow?

Last bit of cat news: Little Socks is a male! The Mama got a good look at his behind finally, and, well, she doesn’t think those lumps are just fur – MOL!

Now for the other gender shocker…Bob is female!!! Just look at this photo:

"Bob" the cricket

Note the red circled area – yep, that’s an ovipositor, folks! Who woulda thunk?! Bob, what do you have to say for yourself? He, uh…she is strangely silent.

Now there IS a possible explanation: this isn’t the real Bob – this is a Bob-impersonator! But why, why the subterfuge???? Don’t you trust us? And this still leaves one OTHER mystery: female crickets don’t sing, only the males do. And I know we all heard his, uh – HER lovely voice at the party. Are there TWO of you???? We want to hear from Zach – did you know anything about this? Should we send Bobette back? Are you set up for a nursery? Please get back to us on this…

Sincerely yours - and you know I mean it! (batting her eyelashes) – Sleeper O’Sullivan



February 14th 2012 7:15 pm
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We are, like, totally out of zealies - Fearless used the last of them for Snow! We wanted to do something to celebrate our Valentine's Day with our Novi, so we made this:

Happy Valentine's Day!



February 13th 2012 10:44 am
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This is just so sweet - Novi has asked me to be his valentine, and I have said Yes! I know, I know - he's so young, but really - what does that matter? And look how cute he is in that tuxedo!!!



February 13th 2012 9:43 am
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Oh, oh! Be still my heart!!! Someone has written me an anonymous poem along with a heart giftie! It’s so romantic and sweet – someone who is shy but who cares enough to remember me for Valentine’s Day – sigh… They called me “a lovely adventuress with a heart of gold” – isn’t that just so perfect? (They must have seen me before brandishing a sword when we raided Zach’s pirate ship – MOL!)

Anyhoo – it’s nice to have someone say I have many admirers…they may be exaggerating the “many” part a bit, but that’s beside the point! The point is – some secret admirer sent me a Valentine! And they can write poetry, too. Thank you, sweet someone!



February 3rd 2012 7:49 pm
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This was too cute not to share, especially as they're doing what I do best. Enjoy!

cats sleeping



November 28th 2011 6:34 am
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In honor of Zack and Zoey's birthdays, we invited them to visit us in Michigan to sample the delights of the winter season! Hope you are enjoying the Winter Wonderland, guys! A Very Happy Birthday to you both!!! (Fearless, you're blocking the picture - GET DOWN!)

Samhain acts as hostess

[you may need to click on the ad to the right to make it disappear so you can see all the pic]



November 13th 2011 12:37 pm
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I got elected to make this diary entry, because, well…I am the GOOD kitty.
The evening started much like any other; dinner at 6 PM for us and the Borg Horde on the North porch (we get our food first, of course, before the ferals).
Then a short walk for Samhain and me since we were both being so insistent. The Mama says: “I thought this is why we built the cattery!” Yes, but there’s not as much to SEE in those 100 sq ft – nice to have the change of scenery, dontcha know?

After our walk, the folks got to settle down and have their own dinner and relax with a DVD English episode of Midsomer Murders. (They already finished the 3rd Season of Fringe. About Fringe, the Mama says: What the…????!!! I HATE season finales!)

Then they were both tired, and so were Samhain and I. Especially Samhain, who had an emotional episode earlier in the evening in which she got into a spat with Fearless which ended with Fearless chasing her over the sofa and through the house. The Papa thought Samhain won the match, but the Mama said: “Just look at the two of them and tell me which one looks the more rattled to you.” I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t Fearless, who went back to playing with mousie. Samhain was perched up above watching in irritation.

So the wood stove was stoked; the Borg juveniles got their end of the evening ration of soupy KMR mixed with some cheap canned cat food. (The Mama says: Hey! They’re kittens – if they’re going to hang around on the porch, they can at least get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.) Hummmph! Soft touch. The pawrents have retired to their beds; Samhain and I have found whatever perch we feel like sleeping in for the evening, generally depending on temperature; fullness of moon; and the approximate location of the Little Irritant. The Little Irritant is, of course, still playing with mousie, but at least being a bit quieter about it.

4 AM: Fearless (AKA: The Irritant) is on the move. The Mama is the first one to be assaulted. Snuffling in the face; little bites when the hand moves to shoo her away. Flying Mousie. Won’t just lie down and snuggle. The Mama has to get up to go to the bathroom. Comes back, lies down, pulls covers over head, and goes back to sleep. Fearless migrates to the Papa’s side. Same routine; a few sneezes in the face as well, to insure that the victim is roused. Now the Papa has to get up to go, stumbling down the hall to the bathroom, Fearless in his wake.

The Mama doesn’t see this next part; she’s asleep. She only knows about it when the Papa comes back in with a bare scratched chest, holding a wet Fearless in his shirt. It seems while the Papa was half asleep, relieving himself, Fearless decided to jump in the toilet! Now really, Samhain and I, of course, are fascinated by the whole bathroom scene – I mean, what cat wouldn’t be? But neither of us would ever go so far as to JUMP IN THE TOILET! Well, there was that time that Samhain FELL in…(snicker, snort, snork!), but that WAS, after all, an accident.

So, the Mama says: “Here, I’ll clean her, ” and the Papa hands her over so she can do the Mama Cat thing with a wet paper towel instead of her tongue, of course – humans are pretty helpless when it comes to bathing properly, so I gave the Little Irritant a few licks just to show the Mama how it was done. Fearless, the ungrateful little wretch, just said: “I can do it myself!” so we both eventually left her to it. Personally, I thought it was a great improvement on her usual smell.

By this time, it was closer to 5:30 AM, so the Mama rebuilt the fire in the woodstove, and fixed us some food. And with all the commotion, the ferals had woken up, too and were sitting looking through the window – an irritating habit some of them have acquired. A cat can hardly sit in the window to gaze out at the scenery without having a pair of eyes staring back in at her. It’s unnerving!

Well, then, after all that, the Mama said she was tired and going back to bed! Samhain and I felt a bit sleepy after eating, so we lay back down as well. As we all drifted back to sleep we could hear the gentle sounds of mousie slamming against the wall…



November 8th 2011 8:05 pm
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If you haven't seen this one, it's entertaining!
Meow Duet
(Don't forget to pause the Playlist!)



October 9th 2011 2:20 am
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[The setting for this story is at the time of THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES – PART XI: THE KITTEN MILL in Sleeper’s Diary, September 24, 2011.]

The three kittens, Novi, Griswold and Snow stared open-mouthed at the black feral with the white blaze on his chest as he finished his story of the bloodthirsty, stump-legged owl. None of them had so much as twitched a whisker in the past half hour. The waning moon cast a pale light over their faces and the surrounding grounds, and the wind blowing through the trees made a mournful whistling cry, and caused the shadows of the branches to leap over the grasses in a disturbing manner.
Snow shivered, and said a little breathlessly, “Tell us another one!”

Black-with-Blaze nonchalantly licked his left shoulder and yawned, pretending to be a little bored. Secretly, he was pleased with the attention. His own brother and sisters weren’t particularly impressed with him, living with him every day, and, in truth, he wasn’t exactly the intrepid hero-type. Despite his story of the owl, in which he portrayed himself as fearless and daring, at the time he had been flat-out terrified!!! And quite possibly, if the owl had not been rather old with a gimpy leg, Black-with-Blaze would not be sitting here today, regaling his fellows with horror stories.

“Well…” he started out slowly. “This happened some nights back. We were here on the porch after The Human fed us, the sun having set just a little before. The moon was very full that night, but the clouds had moved in and it was raining off and on in fits. Mama Cat had gone off before we’d finished eating; she’s been doing that more and more since we were weaned. Suddenly, we realized we were no longer ALONE…”
Black-with-Blaze leaned in closer so that the moonlight painted his cheeks and gleamed on his fangs as he smiled.

“Someone or some-THING had crept up on the porch and was crouched, its belly to the ground, in the deepest shadows of the farthest corner of the porch. All we could see was the gleam of its half-closed eyes, and we could hear a faint, high-pitched whimpering coming from it. And as the wind was now blowing from behind and to the north of us, we couldn’t catch even a whiff of scent.

“Lighter Grey, here,” he gestured to his sister behind him, “always the kindest and friendliest of us,” (she blushed) “called out to it: ‘Who’s there? Why are you crying?’
It answered in a sort of raspy voice, ‘I’m wet and cold, and I’m so hungry!’
Well, THAT we could all certainly relate to! So we didn’t much mind it when she answered, ‘I’m afraid we’ve finished all the wet food. However, there’s some kibble here if you want some of that.’

“It crawled over to us, still on its belly, its movements seeming so stiff and painful that even I felt sorry for it! One brief bit of moonlight broke through the clouds long enough to reveal a ginger-colored, sharp-featured face and white breast, then the dark closed in again, and all we could hear for some minutes were crunching sounds coming from the region of the kibble dish.

“Presently, the crunching stopped, and we heard lapping from the water bowl, then a contented sigh. ‘Thank you,’ it said. ‘That was more than I expected. You’re very kind.’
‘What’s your name?’ I asked.
‘Sepluv,’ it replied, ‘but you can call me Luv’, it added somewhat shyly.
‘We haven’t seen you around here before, Luv,’ Black Sister felt bolder now that her siblings had started a conversation with the stranger.
‘I was just passing through,’ Luv answered vaguely.
‘Do you want to stay here in our shelter with us?’ Darker Grey piped up, not wanting to be left out.
‘Yes, I believe I would like that - right after… a little dessert!’ Sepluv (or should I say Vulpes!) replied, seeming much bigger as he rose to his feet. The moon broke out from behind the clouds at that moment, revealing a red face with a long snout full of very sharp teeth! He sprang at us, yipping, as we dove under the tarp, screeching.

“Suddenly, the door burst open, and The-Human-That-Feeds-Us was there: ‘What the HECK is going on out here?!’ she cried in a concerned voice.
And, our visitor, Mr. Vulpes Fox, ran away!”


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