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oh no I am not so sure about the one that is called "moma"

August 1st 2011 9:11 pm
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The thing is I love my "mom" she has only two legs and no fur(well some strange fur on her head (?) and I did what Zoe suggested and loved her on and gave lots of love nips as she read the comments on my diary from yesterday (cause she cried again)

The thing is she has brought this cat in here and she calls her my "moma" ivey. I am not sure I can love her, in fact I am kinda afraid of her. The other day I went in to the office where she had been staying and she was not there but the food bowl had food in it, here at my house if there is food and no cat is eating in then it is ok to help yourself, and so I took a bite....and choked as I scrambled to get away from this crazy big haired fuzz ball that tired to kill me. ( no really I know she wanted me dead!) My real mom heard me cry out, so she came and got between us and explained that crazy cat (mom said Ivey cat) does not realize yet that she has all the food she can ever need now, so she is still scared to share, well she's BEEN eating ever since she got here, can she get a clue? Ok so I let that go (no grudges) the very next night she CHASED me (yea really) and I bolted backwards through the screen dad had put up between her room and the rest of us kitties (no I am not hurt thanks for asking). That crazy cat shoved the door open so she could get in the room with me and chase me back out. Ok so now I just wanna stay hid in mom's room if mom is not home, and if mom is home and that crazy Ivey cat is with her then I don't even wanna be with mom. This morning I was afraid to pass that cat's room (she is still closed in at sleep time and when mom and dad are not home.)to go in the bathroom where mom was. The tonight I was afraid to join mom on the bed as she chatted with dad and that has always been my favorite time of day but that cat was already in the room with them. cat oh cat why did they bring her here? Mom is sad for my fear and dad said....."oh poor 17 lb tiny might get hurt, poor thang" really sometimes he is not right. I think that cat used to be a gang leader or something she fights mean! really she's is not like any cat I ever met before.

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August 1st 2011 at 10:22 pm

Time and patience, Tiny, that's what it takes. Moma Ivey never had a home before. It's going to take a while until effuryone is comfortable.

It took Samsara and Marrakech almost a year (and lots of Feliway) until they accepted me completely. Now Samsara and I are best buds.

Hope things get easier soon. Your Meowmy is enjoying this right now just as much as you are--not.

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August 2nd 2011 at 8:20 am

The streets are a mean place. When I first came here I was very very territorial over food. With some foods I still am. I have chased Ruffy away from my food, and Ruffy is my friend.
Moma Ivey probably had to scrabble for every bit of love, food, or space to lay her head at night. She has never known food to flow freely, and in her world, a cat taking her food might mean weeks of hunger or starvation.

Patience and time. I've mostly come around. Tell your momma that Composure which comes in treats can be given out all round to everycat and enjoyed and they make you feel calm, too.
Hang in there Tiny. Things will get better. As Ivey know's she's in from the cold, for good....things will get better.
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August 2nd 2011 at 10:03 am


me gran kids tuna N sauce been livin two gether for goin on 4 yeeerz now N still act live crazed cusins boomer N dai$y has been livin two gether for eight yeers now N still act like crazed cats....

once mom noes her is safe, in her forever home, her food N water iz not gonna get taked away; her will settle down...

itz gonna take her a wee while...her had ta live out on de streets for sew long..... her iz knot gonna get her street sense outta her system for a bit....
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August 2nd 2011 at 11:47 am

Tiny, I really hope your real momma is seeking you out and giving you extra attention while you're trying to get used to all this so you don't feel left out. You know she loves you and wouldn't do anything that would hurt you. Listen to all this great advice and just take it a day at a time. Things will get better!! Luv, Tink
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August 2nd 2011 at 6:59 pm

I hope the lovin helped your Momma.

Now about Moma Ivey, she's got to get used to her surroundings and being with you guys. We can't say it enough, give it time.
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August 2nd 2011 at 11:51 pm

Thanks everfurryone for you advice I really want to get along with her, mom and dad keep saying it will be ok and yes Tink thanks for checking mom has given me lots of extra time and cuddles. In group action I am not scared of the Ivey cat, (playtime treat time group feed time,) we all get along in group interaction time, but when that cat finds me alone with out mom she get so crazy.
I will give her more time before I take her downs(MOL) Mom said little boy chased boo and she screamed for months after he first moved in here and now they are all buddy buddy, maybe mom Ivey and I will be like that one day.
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August 2nd 2011 at 11:53 pm

oh yeas thanks Smokie-boo mom never heard of that kind of treat she does use the rescue remedy, and we get little treat but she is going to look for the composure for us too.
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August 3rd 2011 at 5:58 pm

Mama says thanks also to Smokie-boo for the tip about Composure. Not that I NEED any composing, ya understand. She probably wants it for herself after she's been dealing with me - MOL!


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